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Brackenwood Character Sketchbook

Brackenwood Character Sketchbook


The very first Brackenwood movie was submitted to Newgrounds in 2004, but for several years prior, the world of Bitey had been falling out of my head and onto paper.

My dream was to develop a children’s television series. The first step was a design bible of the forest world, the characters, the creatures and story ideas. I planned to submit that design bible as part of a series pitch to television networks.

Spanning a decade, this sketchbook is a collection of Brackenwood character and creature ideas.

The Brackenwood Sketchbook contains very few clean or finished drawings. All are scanned originals, many from crumpled and smudged paper taken from storage especially for this compilation.

Click the image to check it out on Amazon.




Dashkin and Brackenwood shirts at my Zazzle store. Want to request a design? Drop me a line.

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Other cuts:

Want v-neck? Want long sleeve? These pics are examples. You can choose your own cut and colours!



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  1. Hey! Thank you! (I actually noticed them being on the newgrounds store before I noticed this post :D)
    My shirts have shipped today, so exciting! I really like the forest green.

  2. Rather annoyingly, I prefer the ladies design.

  3. Is there any reason for the “Bitey Leap”-Design not beeing available in black?

  4. This is exciting! Now, I can walk around in a Bitey shirt and spread the Brackenwood love~

  5. Love the shirts! Wish there was more to buy. I would love to have a plushie or even a necklace of some sorts. Make more stuff so I can give you money! lol

  6. A shame international shipping costs are always so high. I’m a student and I’m starting to get really annoyed by the fact that I’m more or less always broke. As the comic lover that I am, I’d like to support some people for their work, but I guess I’ll have to wait and study until I’ll be able to pay more than half of the t-shirt’s price for slow and more-or-less-reliable delivery.

  7. I would like to buy a “Bitey Leap” shirt but the design seems small. I would like to see the design twice as big as I am a big guy and would need a
    X large shirt. Is the design made larger for the larger shirts, or can it be made larger? Can’t wait to see how the game turns out keep up the hard work:)

    • I agree with Gabe, I’m also disappointed at how small the design is. Hopefully you’ll one day decide to make the designs larger. Until than, love what you are doing, I’m a huge fan.

  8. will you be re-supplying anymore of the “Bitey Leap – asphalt” in medium to NG? I’d really like one of them >:)

  9. I’d buy a shirt if it didn’t cost me 30-35$ to get it shipped to Finland… 😮 I guess I need to win one.

  10. Bitey is the best thing on the internet. (And he’s a mean little shit.)
    Keep up the great work on Dashkin..
    May Bitey never die.
    (Or take an arrow to the knee!)

  11. I’m so glad there’s some stuff to buy, but I sincerely wish there were posters with your amazing art! I think I heard in the Dashkin sponsorship video about some being given as part of sponsorship packages, but it looks like that’s closed now. Any chance of buying a poster or 17?? 😀

  12. Boy, a lot has changed around here, but no new Bitey prints. Why?

    • mostly because I closed the store down and now all merch is sold through the Newgrounds Store. I may work on some new prints after the Dashkin game is finished.

    • Your site seems to have lost me. I am no longer able to log in. Patiently waiting for more cartoons and prints. Happy to hear you are on the mend and back to work.

      • login is currently for BCA FX course members only. If you’re a member and can’t login, drop me a message via Contact tab at the top of this page with your username and I’ll see what’s up.

  13. I’d love to grab a Bitey Leap shirt in gray (grey), size L, but it looks like they’re out – or perhaps the ‘L’ button is broken. Could I please speak to a manager? Alternatively, dispatch someone to come look at my ‘L’ button. Thanks!

  14. Is there a DVD of all the Bitey/Brackenwood episodes? I’d love to get hold of one – also are there any prints/posters of screenshots available – love Bitey and the world that is Brackenwood ^^

  15. Hi I love your shirts an would buy a Bity Leap one if you can make it in a 4X size.

  16. PLEASE make a shirt with the little yellow squishy guy.

  17. Hey do you have a cd of the bitey music for sale? Its gonna be my mom’s birthday soon and she loves your music!

  18. Just FYI, mediums are in short supply at Newgrounds (gotta love Newgrounds, great site, can’t say enough). As I am a medium sized man, this is a bummer. I initially read your Dashkin progress report on the home page and just wanted to make a donation (you are awesome BTW) and thought “hey, why don’t I make a donation and get a few shirts for it to boot?”. On that note…do you have a way for people to make donations…maybe I’m not digging through the site enough.

    Take care, may you live to be 2,000 years old,


  19. The shirts are great but Heather Green is currently out of stock in all sizes. Is there likely to be a reprint for that colour (size: Large, if possible) any time soon? Perhaps you could send me an email (to the one I put in the “required” section of this reply) when there is?


  20. Always been a fan. I’d love to get a shirt but seeing as I am a medium sized man and there are no mediums on Newgrounds (great site) Iam a bit bummed.

  21. DO WANT!
    Go to store…
    …all sold out except for extra large people

  22. Hi, if we get enough orders will they make more jumping Bitey shirts? I’d just love one, but they’re all sold out except lady sizes =(
    Thanks, love your works!

  23. somebody knows where i can purchase the bitey mask i want it for carnavals 🙂 thanks

  24. chluaid we want the mask! 🙂

  25. Can you please make some DVD’s? My kids love this.

  26. Please make more of those awesome t-shirts man!! I love the design! Just use spreadshirt or something like that! They have good quality.

  27. I came back to Newgrounds after 5+ years just to watch Bitey do his thing again. Even got hysterical when I couldn’t readily find him (mis-remembered him as “Chompy,” 🙁 ).
    Whatever heartbreak I had when I couldn’t find my way back to Brackenwood is now exacerbated ten-fold, discovering that there are no more shirts.
    I just read “Dashkin dies in the end…” Screw the selfishness, the real heartbreak is in knowing that artistic genius can easily become a burden, unable to be rectified with “how the world works (i.e. money).”
    For what it’s worth, when I was a child, you sparked my imagination in a way that few have come close to matching. Happy to report that the awe hasn’t waned any.
    Though I have drawn a few notebooks’ worth of scribbles, not really interested in animation. My appreciation for Brackenwood just led me to buy both of your books.
    Thank you.

  28. I guess the store is empty now. All I see is a roll of toilet paper there.

    Would love a Bitey shirt. 🙁

  29. Oh hello:

    Adam sent me this link, so it’s legit. I hope it’s okay to disseminate. I’d give all my dang money to Brackenwood if I could.

    • I hope it’s legit because I just ordered a shirt from them, I had bought 2 bitey shirts years ago (from the newgrounds store maybe?) but they’ve long since worn out / shrunk (or maybe I’ve just gained a few pounds in the last 10 years). Regardless, it’ll be nice to have a bitey shirt in my t-shirt rotation once again.

  30. My goodness… I am way too late for this party, but I was an avid fan, years back… That’s what I get for not keeping up with things.

    Is it still possible to support this project and/or purchase the t-shirts?

  31. Brackenwood! There’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time… A long time.
    Just went on a nostalgic Newgrounds spree and ended up here.
    Bought a shirt.

    The Brackenwood animations will always hold a special spot in me heart.
    Leap on, Bitey.

  32. Is that Brackenwood at BiteyCastle?

  33. Hi Adam,
    What is the procedure for order a T-shirt for Europe (Poland) near Germany?
    If – of course – there is still chance for it 😉
    I will be grateful for your help.


  34. Relieved I remembered your site’s name after twenty some-odd years! Still so charmed by your world and characters, thank you for preserving and continuing to produce stories!

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