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Alright, so you want to join BCA-FX and learn the scary secrets of 2D effects animation, huh?

Well for about 60 cents a day, I don’t blame you! Especially considering that animation courses of this calibre typically cost thousands, even tens of thousands. When you pay that much, the chance that you get value for your money is very slim.

$20 monthly

Price is in USD.


“I just wanted to quickly say your course has helped me grasp the fundamentals of sfx animation better than any other teacher has ever done. Thanks to you the special effects in Ronimo Games’ “Swords and Soldiers 2” are of a better quality than they’ve been ever before in the company’s history, for which I am personally incredibly grateful.” -Koen Gabriëls, The Netherlands

“I’m so glad that one year ago, I decided to subscribe to your lessons. One of the best choice I’ve done. I can live with my art now, and it also means a lot for me. Thanks for your lessons, they are awesome, thanks to that, I’m now working as an FX animator and my schedule is full for 2015! I can’t tell you how happy I am, and I’m so grateful for that , THANK YOU! “ -Quentin Cordonnier, France

Love these FX lessons. Adam does an amazing job at breaking it down for anyone to learn how to animate FX in easy, bite-sized chunks no matter your experience in animation. I always can’t wait to try out the next lesson and wish I had more time in the week to play with what is given to us!” -Josh, Ontario Canada

One can’t help but appreciate all the thought Adam’s put into this course. From leading with simple, fun stuff like lightning to laying a simple and approachable groundwork for complicated fire and water effects with candle flames and ripples, it’s a top-notch course with something to offer to pros and amateurs alike.” -Dave Shovlin, Chicago

Absolutely love it. I’m learning so much, and the explanations are clear and informative. Adam carefully explains how the various effects work in real life and why they behave in a certain way, and then shows you how to show that same effect in an artistic medium. It’s incredibly useful, give it a shot.” -Clarissa, Utah (USA)

“As a former hobbyist who had recently decided to pursue a professional career in animation this was a perfect jumping off point. The knowledge and experience this course has provided has already allowed me to impress my friends and family with wonderfully animated FX.” – Gabe, Detroit MI, USA

“These courses have erased my fears of learning animation! They have been helpful beyond words! I really highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn animation!” -Natalie, Columbus Ohio

“Brilliant, detailed tutorials packed with animation demonstrations and videos, every single one of them entertaining.” -Ben, Melbourne, Australia

Best 2D FX online courses for this price! -Berbece Nicolae , Romania

The first 3 months

There is currently over a year of course content with Year 2 in development. Here’s what you get in your first month for just $20 at BCA FX:

Wk 1: Lightning – Wk 2: Small Flame – Wk 3: Smoke Ribbons – Wk 4: Gravity

Every article is split into sections of physics, design, timing and treatment, so you not only learn how to animate the effect, but study the physics that drive its behaviour. Each week is packed with explanations, diagrams, example files, reference images, video demonstrations and lectures.

The climb steepens in month 2 with:

Wk 5: Ripples – Wk 6: Wave Motion – Wk 7: Dust – Wk 8: Surface Tension

You may cancel at any time and retain access to what you’ve paid for. For $20/month you get weekly articles, demonstrations, examples, illustrations and videos. PLUS exclusive access to the ultra-sssshh secret BCA dark arts FX club for FX wizards with FX hats.

Month 3 gets crazy with:

Wk 9: Flame – Wk 10: Reference – Wk 11: Steam – Wk 12: Light & Shadow

But that’s not the end! There is currently over 1 year of content with more in development. If you stay subscribed, you’ll continue to receive new effects articles, including live streaming events.


after 1 month, if you feel the course hasn’t been worth the money, let me know and I’ll refund your $20 in full, no questions asked.

How it works

Are you an existing member who is resubscribing? Remember to login with the “Existing members click here” link when you see it (see image below).

Existing members use this link

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  1. so @#$#$^%&#^%$&^%*&%@#$%(^%*$$%(^ cool

  2. Hi Adam,

    I just signed up – how long does it take to get your code number- waiting for email.


    • Hey John, usually the email is instant but if you don’t see it, the first thing is to check your spam/junk email. If you still can’t find it, you can drop me a message HERE, choose BCA Query as the subject and I’ll send you the link directly.

  3. Hi Adam,

    I have done my lightning shot , but how do i load it up and sent it to you. Also the next lesson is next week or do i click somewhere to move on .


    • Hey John, I saw that Chris (Bill) has alread answered your questions in chat but anyway, once you’re in the course, you have access to the forum where you can post your work and get feedback from me and other members. You’ll find a link to the forum on your course dashboard.

  4. Hello, in the video you said that if you cancel payments you still have access to the course. could you expand on that. like do do still have access to everything or only what was released up until the point that your stopped paying?

  5. Sorry I just saw that you did specify what happens when you cancel payments. signing up tomorrow 🙂

  6. Hi

    Is there any software we need to have for the course?
    Do I have to buy toonboom?

  7. Are you still doing FX courses for 2016?
    Please let me know, my email below.

    From an old Newgrounds fan, 🙂


    • Hey Henry! Yes, the FX course is always open, there’s no set start or finish date. When you sign up, you’ll start at Week 1 and it will automatically release the lessons weekly 🙂

  8. Where can I see a list of all the courses?

  9. hi. I use actionscript 3.0 to do the effect such as rain drops, snow fall in my 2d animation. then export it to swf. file and continue my animation in toonboom. But the effect using actionScript 3.0 does not appear in swf file. why?

  10. Hello,

    I’m looking to start this effects course. is it still available?


    • Hey Steve, the FX course is always open, there’s no set start or finish date. When you sign up, you’ll start at Week 1 and it will automatically release the lessons weekly. Right now there’s 56 weeks of course content.

  11. Hello Adam,

    Is there going to be more to the course eventually? I saw you wrote that more was coming, but that was a while ago. Did that ever happen?

    Thank you for your time,

    • Currently there’s no timeline on course content beyond Week 56 but there’s a ton of advanced stuff I have outlined for Year 2. I just need some room in my work schedule to make it happen. Thanks for expressing your interest!

  12. IS this course still available ? Can we post assignments ?

    • Yes the course is ongoing with just over a year of content. You can post assignments on the forum, which is always open to course members.

  13. Hi Adam,

    May i know if it will be monthly payment for one year or 3 months ?

    • Billing continues indefinitely until you cancel it. After 14 months in the course, you’ll see a reminder to cancel your subscription. This reminder will be moved/removed when more content is added. Let me know if you have any further questions!

  14. I don’t see any mention of that so can we choose what we learn ? I’d like to focus on water animation instead of what is mentioned in the first week (including lightning and gravity), is that possible ?


    • Sorry, no. I designed the course to teach FX concepts from the ground up. Most elemental FX have prerequisites, such as gravity, timing, wave motion, etc. These are fundamentals that need to be mastered first, because they underpin more complex FX taught later.

      • Okay, sad news. Maybe I’m too confident in my skills but I was asking because I already learned a lot by watching online tutorials and even if I’m sure I’ll learn things in your first month course, I also guess I’ll want to skip some parts.

        I also have a lot of free time and wonder if this course is aimed for full days of work or if it’s more of a “after school” work. This leads me to a new question :

        Would it be possible to have next assignments earlier in case you finish one module before time ? (and if needed, shortening payments according to it)

        Thanks again.

  15. I’m in first month
    how i go to the next month ?
    Note : i subscribed since month and 2 days and it’s must get me to the next month but it didn’t

  16. Hi Adam,

    I’m very interested in the FX course but I’ve a question about the minimum time to work on it a week. If there is an average calculation about this I can see how it’ll work out in combination with my other freelance work.

    Alreadyt thank you in advance 🙂
    Kees Klop

    • It will certainly depend on the individual but I would recommend spending at least an hour going over each week’s article, then putting at least a few hours a week into the assignments and examples. Like any course the more hours you dedicate to it, the better.

      This course is designed for members to work at their own pace. As weekly articles are unlocked, scheduling is entirely in your own hands. While some might prefer to throw themselves into the assignments and progress quickly through the course from month to month, others might complete an assignment or two once a month and work through the content at a more steady pace.

      • Awesome, thanks a lot for the quick reply Adam :). Looking forward to the course, will start soon with it 🙂

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