Mar 092017

Update – the news is out!

The Brackenwood game “Dashkin” is officially in full-time development (!!) with a new team, new engine, new music, new story and all-new art and animation. Most exciting of all is that we’ve been secretly working on it for several months already and we aim to ship this year. In the video below, the announcement starts at around 26:30.

Weekly updates will be posted on the Dashkin Facebook page. In between, you can watch me working on game art every weekend on my Twitch channel!

Original Teaser Post below:

Brackenwood has seen its ups and downs. Somewhere in 1999 I first imagined the story of “an idiot in a perfect world” and in 2002 I created the first Brackenwood movie, “Bingbong of Brackenwood”. Building on the world, I designed for Bingbong a nemesis named Bitey, who turned out to be so appealing that the story soon shifted to revolve around him.

There were Bitey movies almost every year thereafter. Two movies in 2004 (Bitey of Brackenwood, then Prowlies at the River), 2005 (littleFoot), 2006 (the Yuyu), 2007 (Waterlollies) and 2009 (The Last of the Dashkin).

In 2010 as you may know, I teamed up with a programmer to make a Bitey game. It was to be the next big Brackenwood instalment but after 5 years of very slow progress and eventual stagnation, I cancelled it.

I set up a Patreon campaign at the start of 2016 with the goal of working more on Brackenwood. Thanks to that surge of support I’ve been able to turn down all new freelance offers this year. My only work going forward is my day job during the week (Assistant Director for Bob’s Burgers) and Brackenwood at nights and on weekends.

The Patreon campaign isn’t quite at the stage where Brackenwood can become my full time job, but behind the scenes I’ve been quietly collaborating on a new Brackenwood project. It has been incredibly difficult to keep this a secret.

This weekend I’m making a major Brackenwood announcement LIVE ON TWITCH. If you’re visiting my site because you’re a fan of the series, I think you’ll be excited to hear this news. For me it’s the biggest and best thing to happen to Brackenwood in a very long time.

My Patreon supporters always get news first and they were informed a couple of days ago. So now at Bitey Castle HERE is a countdown to the announcement. Add it to your calendar! Set an alarm! Tie reminder-bracken around your fingers! The announcement will be live on Twitch just a few days from now. I hope you can join me!

Dec 022016

Most weekends I stream my current projects on Twitch. In December 2016 I conducted a couple of Q&A Toon Boom Harmony demonstrations, aimed at those Flash animators who wanted/tried to learn Toon Boom but never quite clicked. This stream covered almost all the basics, but there are still many features to see. One thing I ►►

Patron rewards

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Apr 092016
Patron rewards

The Brackenwood Patreon continues to grow and real progress is being made on the Last of the Dashkin sequel. Here are two of the physical rewards I’ve been working on for the Brackenwood patrons. The video below is a short time lapse of the card ink process. I’m using metal Hunt nibs and black Parker Quink.

Dashkin dies in the end

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Jun 232015
Dashkin dies in the end

2009 In December 2009, I released The Last of the Dashkin and promised fans that it wouldn’t be another 3 years before the next Brackenwood story. 2010 In November 2010, I messaged Sean McGee to ask if he was interested in working with me on a Brackenwood game. My plan was that the game would be the next ►►

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