The Yuyu

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May 012006

After finishing LittleFoot I was about to start on Waterlollies, when it occurred to me that it might be nice to have a Brackenwood theme tune. Since my strongest influences in music were traditional Irish folk, I thought I’d see if I could get a professional Irish folk musician interested in the job.

Suddenly as I was thinking this, “The Wake of the Medusa” by The Pogues came up in my iTunes rotation. I thought ‘what the hell’ and decided to try to contact someone from The Pogues. I found Spider Stacy’s website (he’s best known as the Pogues whistle-player) and I sent him a message. A few days later, he replied!

In short, Spider wanted to give it a shot and he gathered some friends and got to work.

I wanted about 10-20 seconds of music to use as a theme tune at the front of every Brackenwood movie. What he sent me was a full 3Β½ minute SONG! I was blown away, incredibly excited and suddenly unsure of what to do. Here was this amazing piece of music but there’s no way I could edit it down to 20 seconds. No way!

So I decided to make a complete Brackenwood “episode” in the style of a music video, using the complete song. The resulting piece is ‘The Yuyu’ – an interlude between LittleFoot and Waterlollies. Enjoy!

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  1. Well, I absolutely love this particular episode.You made it a perfect match to the music (by the way I’m a new fan of the Pogues now.) and it was a thrilling experience. Believe me when I say that this piece was one of your more interesting episodes.

  2. I agree. The music matched the song perfectly. I started watching it yesterday and now i cant get enough of it. and also the whole series seems like i’m watching a movie. i wish they can allow some of the best animators on newgrounds to make movies and release them on dvd’s and see how it works out. you would make some good ones if u got one on your mind.

  3. completely agree with these two fellas!

  4. haha nice ending!
    i love all brackenwood series!!!! <3

  5. Love your films and the Music is GREAT.
    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  6. i just discovered bitey and i love already …… great work

  7. bad ass

  8. This was a very good episode… i have to say the music was well done and showed many different aspects to it and i loved the way you added such depth and bitey character to it!
    i really enjoyed it!

  9. I’ve been fallowing the series for a long time and love it. Just wish i could download it.

  10. bitey is sooo awesome by the way can i det the music somewhere like on itunes or something??

  11. You have GOT to give us a link or something so we can download the song! I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  12. Wait How old IS Bitey anyways? isn’t he an adult already? or is he mid. teen?? just wanted to know.

    • I think he’s a young adult. Dashkin mature adults have bigger horns as you can see from the Last of the Dashkin movie.

  13. Love the Animation Make more Bitey movies πŸ™‚

  14. is he steamy from all that work in the end? CUUUUTTTTEE >X3

  15. make a game please make a game just like this.

  16. Oh. My. God.

  17. hope you make more

  18. can anyone give me music sheets or link to music sheets?..

    • I was hoping someone would have this as well, or MIDI files. No luck finding a full score or sheet yet…

  19. I’ve always loved this one. Its so weird when the guy you previously thought of as a antagonist suddenly becomes the guy your rooting for, the guy your hoping wins and suddenly he manages to look totally awesome while doing it.

    I think this video is really what made me view Bitey in a more empathetic light, and I can’t wait to hear his story.

  20. I’ve watched this for the ∞ (= I don’t know) time and I am amazed by the detail once again πŸ™‚
    It was only now that I noticed he smoking/steaming/whatever at the end… Niice!

  21. Whoa. Bitey sure took a sprint to escape from those things, and when he slowed down, they suddenly popped up in front of him. Does this mean he actually circled the planet?

    Either way, sweet flash!

  22. by far, the best one in the series; possibly the only one where bitey runs at top speed. 10(X99,999!)/10

  23. Is there any chance of making Bitey’s Theme a downloadable mp3 (assuming I haven’t missed a blindingly obvious link somewhere).
    I’ve always been one for the folk music and it’s a lovely bit of music.

    p.s. kudos on the video, great bit of work *thumbs up*

  24. Unbelievably amazing. Awesome music, awesome animation, I cant get enough of Bitey.

  25. Why was he steaming at the end?

  26. This will always be my favorite brackenwood animation. I just got a copy of ToonBoom Animate 2, been wanting it for a while now n-n Keep up the great work!

  27. Wow man, my friend told me of the series and each ep just gets better and better! i may be a tad late on seeing this but nontheless great stuff! and amazing job

  28. This was totally awesome…I am also animator (beginner) and really enjoyed this piece. The speed that you conveyed in your scenes were amazing…you would think that a level of animation of this caliber would be impossible to do in a program like flash…your work is great…I wish to be just as good as you someday. I’ve always been a fan and I’ve seen all of your movies…but this one here has always stuck out to me…love the action…love the action…Great work. Peace.

  29. You sir are a agod to me also is there anywhere i can get the YuYu song free or not i totally would love to have that on my ipod πŸ˜€

    keep up the good work adam

  30. i would love this to put on my ipod!

    youre awsome adam!

  31. Dunno if it’s deliberate or not, but there’s a lesson in there; no matter how fast you can run, you can’t run from your problems; you have to face them.

  32. The best part was when he’d run all that way, fast as he could, and then on the other side of the forest and valley and crap, the smoke was already there and he had that -___- wut. expression. In my opinion.

    So pretty much that song was epic and I’m gonna join everyone else in really wanting it. ^___^ It’s so good to see epic animation, with interesting characters!

  33. He hauls so much ass. This is great animation.

  34. this is sooooooooooo mfing amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This episode is my favorite, The music fits the animation perfectly and i feel that this episode shows off Biteys skills the most out of all of them

  36. The greatest pieces are often ones like these, when artists collaborate to create one piece that speaks for both. That sounds incredibly dweeby but hey, it’s true. This is probably one of my favorites of the series. The way he leaps across expanses of forest is perfectly dream-like and watching it feels just like it does when I dream about flying.

    But, it wouldn’t work without the music. :]

  37. More than beautiful, greeaaat!!

  38. It took watching this a couple times to catch the firefly’s horrified expression just before getting swallowed. That killed me! <3
    Love you work! πŸ™‚

    • haha! You know you’re actually the only person to have ever mentioned that firefly’s expression? Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  39. Still a masterpiece and a great pleasure to watch, even after all these years have passed since it was first published.

    Adam, I really hope that one day you’ll get the opportunity to make a full length movie.

  40. Hi, my jaw is on the floor right now because of your wonderful animation πŸ˜€
    I was wondering if you’d have a sample fla file for these animations? I can’t seem to figure out how to do camera angles like those..

  41. Music is fascinating. Could you uppload it anywhere?

  42. Now I so want this song for my iTunes collection. Think there’s any way that can be done?

  43. These are so beautiful!

  44. To this day, it still amazes me that although it would take one 30 days of walking to get from pole to pole of Brackenwood’s world, it only takes Bitey 30 seconds to completely lap it. Man, I miss the little git.

  45. Is there still the old YuYu story somewhere around? Ive missed the hell out of that story, couldnt find on a random search and only found the video, while the video is an animation masterpiece, the story stood the test of time. Shook me to the core, love it, miss it. Halp?

    • Last I checked, it was still accessible, only hidden. It’s just… I’ve forgotten how I found it! I’ve looked a bit on mobile, but I might need my laptop for this- I’ll update you if I find it!

  46. Could anyone tell me if there are any hidden Sarus clues in the song? I’m not musically gifted but would love to hear if the wonderful artists managed to sneak any of it in there. If no one wants to do the work I could give it a go if someone shares a link to the sheet music.

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