We’ve Been Waiting

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Jan 152016

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  1. Awesome. My new desktop bg

  2. Holy cow that looks cool!

  3. Eee, awesome!

  4. Yes we have. <3w<3
    I'm super excited to see more of bitey again, and a post like this will keep me coming back to check for updates!

    I've always loved your work. Coming up on being a fan for nearly 10 years now :).

  5. aahhh.. thank you thank you thank you for this post. The last few posts had been so depressing, I had been going back and reading many of your old posts (particularly striking was your post about ’17 years’ since you started animation). Even though you’re still silent about what’s actually happening, it’s good to see a more cheerful post. Hope you’re fine and enjoying life.

    I’m an animation student, with my graduation in a few days. Your works were always a wonder to watch and get inspired during my schooldays, and I still watch and show them around to my friends.

    Really excited to see what you’re up to!

    • Best of luck with your animation and congrats (in advance) on your graduation. Glad my work could play a part in your early animation development and thanks for telling your friends!

  6. I had a feeling the last few posts were a swerve and I couldn’t be happier that it is.

  7. Beautiful illustration Adam :), nice to see Bitey still in good shape! You have created something really special, and I must thank you for that!

  8. Hey Adam (Chluaid) not sure if you’ll remember but we used to play Unreal back in “the day” on Optus@home. I watched The Lion King 2 recently with my children and during the credit roll I saw your name come up and it immediately jogged my memory of your old oohbitey.com site. A quick google search for oohbitey lead me here. Its been a long 16 years since then — wow has it been that long — so I thought I’d stop by and say “Hi, and hows it going”.

    I was always a fan of the animations you used to share on Croc’s old forums and I always made it a point to show your work to all of my artistic friends. I still remember the day you released “The Hitchhiker” and watching it again all these years later and it still holds up as a great piece of story telling via art work. In fact, watching it now from a more “aged” perspective, it makes me think it was far ahead of its time in terms of creating an atmosphere of suspense and tension and brings out the same feelings I get from watching another favorite TV show of mine “The Walking Dead”.

    Great to see your still active and thriving in the animation scene, and visiting this site has been a great trip down memory lane. Looking through your site brings back a long lost sense of nostalgia, from some of the best times I have ever shared with a great bunch of people, whom I had the privilege to meet during the fledgling days of the internet. Whilst on the subject of nostalgia, if after all these years you have remained in touch with any of our old Unreal friends Riko (Rick), Croc (Tom), Ziggy, Mishy, Twiggy, Sally, ShockFusion (Lee), mOrt etc. please let me know as I would dearly love to have a catch up with some of the old crew (and perhaps blow some cobwebs out of the old “ASMD”).

    In any case, keep pumping out the animations they are fantastic and have progressed a long way from the early days of flash, and let me know if you’ve added any more film credits to your list of accomplishments as I’d love to see more.

    Warmest regards and best wishes for the future mate and uh…. “Oooh Bitey!” lol.

    Damian (a.k.a. Defiance)

    ps. Im a huge fan of the “Rick and Morty” show, to which I am fairly sure you would have seen by now, but it is beyond funny and much of it reminded me of the “slightly wacky” sense of humor you instill into your animation work. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet check it out I highly recommend it đŸ˜‰ Cya around man!

    • Hey mate! Blast from the past haha. The site has changed a lot over the years but yeah everything is still here, even my earliest movies. I’m playing some of the new UT lately but gaming time is pretty scarce these days. Still in touch with a few of the old Unreal guys on FB though. ps Rick and Morty is awesome. Drop me an email on the Contact tab above!

  9. If I read between the lines, I see this screenshot as a teaser for LOTD 2? Hmmmm…

    • Yeah, it’s a metaphorical transgression. You can see the rendering of the images going from a basic sketch to a beautiful render. Like Bitey is having the dust knocked off of him so to speak. The language says a lot too, “we’ve been waiting” suggests more than one and I only see one figure besides Bitey. Perhaps the “we” is us, fans. Perhaps this is a very low key nod to what I’ve already said. I happen to know that Adam has been about as quite as a mouse as far a personal projects in the public eye, so seeing something so fleshed out can only mean good things come. plus, “Worry not”. That’s a two word confirmation!

  10. I will gladly give my left arm for another Brackenwood/Bitey animation!

  11. excite!

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