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Feb 052010

Here I’ll teach you how to get around in my favourite animation software, ToonBoom Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2. The entire introductory video series (below) is absolutely free and, coming soon, exclusive lessons intermediate to advanced.


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  1. Hey Adam, thanks for the ToonBoom animate tutorials, they are very useful. I looked everywhere for something like this, but yours is the only one that actually explains things for me. Great video, great animator, love your work -thumbs up-

  2. Adam, what happens in Animate if I try to do the whole cartoon in one file, like Flash? I think it’s possible, nesting the scenes inside the symbols in the program, but I don’t know if it’s gonna lag up or explode, or what!

    In one of your videos, you say weird things happen over 3000 frames. The cartoon I’m working on in Flash now is near 6000. What can I expect from Animate if I convert? (I’m dreading the idea of doing each scene individually and assembling it later.)

    You’re fantastic, and thank you. 🙂

  3. Hey Adam,

    have watched most of your new tutorials on TB’s Animate 2 and love them. They have really helped with the learning curve. By far the best tutorials for TB Animate 2 to date.

    I am more a traditional animator and would love to see some tutorials that are more dedicated to that with Animate 2. Your first tutorials go into it a bit with the bird animation, but I’d love to see your work process on how you would go about animating Bitey using Animate 2. I keep trying different things and trying different ways of working, but keep thinking I’m missing that perfect workflow on how exactly to approach working with individual drawings of every frame (or every other working in 2’s). Thanks again for some great tutorials.

  4. I have been looking for an animation software for a while and found you through FancyPants2. I love the tutorials. This program looks WAY easier than I thought it would be, and I have never used flash for anything.

  5. Hi, I first did my animations in flash.. and when I tried to make longer animations,, flash failed me, crashing, corrupting and more..

    so I was searching for an alternatieve and found toon boom but I didn’t know where to start
    and now I do thanks to your awesome tutorials..

    so thank you 🙂

  6. can you send me the desktop background in the first tutorial?


  7. Hey Adam, Where did you get that pen and pad thing for your computer?


  8. Hi, you video tutorials on toonboom are by far the best I have seen. I love your own animation shorts they are amazing. I have searched all over trying to find GOOD tutorials on animating frame by frame in toonboom but so far most are very lame walk cycles and mostly not even tutorials just videos. PLEASE make some tutorials on your style of frame by frame. I know most people want to use IK or cut out characters because it is easier but there are still a few of us that like the old school look of frame by frame. Thanks

  9. Very good work, I installed toon boom and you’re videos really helped.

  10. Hi Adam,
    I have really enjoyed your tutorials. You are a great animator and teacher. I have learn so much just watching you. Plus, you’re funny. Thank you for helping me.

    Natalie 🙂

  11. I’d like to know what are the main differences between Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2, just wondering If for some hobby of mine i’d better get Animate pro or just need animate and still have some pretty decent animating.
    Thanks for the response ^^
    And thanks for all these tutorials and videos

    • Animate Pro 2 has more advanced effects. Instead of working with a layer-based effect system, you work with a node-based effect system, and it comes packed in with a lot more effects than Animate. Effects can be useful not just for doing special effects, but also to create rigs for cutout characters. You can create much more effective and robust rigs when you have access to the Network View.


  12. I’ve watched the Kick Start videos, great for very beginners but not quite what I was looking for. Your tutorials are more detailed and more concise, and you’re so funny! Thanks for all your hard work, you’re truly inspiring.

  13. Adam Great tutorials easily the most user friendly on the web that i’ve seen so far (and iv’e seen a lot started going to T.T.A ( Toonboom Tutorials anonymous )” But i need a fix bro how long till you can sort me out!!”
    Actually im doing a digree in animation and need all the help i can get. looking at cutout at the moment would be great to see something from start to finish. Could you if possible let us know the month your aiming for these
    Tutorials to be released? I guess it will be in 2011 iBelieve there maybe a fee in these new ones but to be honest thats fine going by what you have allready produced i know it will be worth It. please let us know by blog or email. Thanks for all your cool work ” Your the Man! “

  14. Thanx a lot!!best toon boom tutorials!!

  15. Hay Adam. Love the tutorials. I was just wondering if you know weather or not it is possible to create a costume brush shape in ToonBoom Animate Pro 2?


    • In Animate Pro 2 you can load in custom textures for textured brushes, but there’s no way to change the brush tip to something else.


  16. Adam, thank you! The tutorials that you make are as good as your animations. Impress me time control, fluidity, speed effects in your short films. Bad Drawing especially liked, but I’m watching all I can, including Bitey. Excuse my English, I’m from Salvador (Bahia), Brazil. I use flash and am trying to migrate to ToonBoom, and you have helped. Thanks again.

  17. Tell the truth Mr. Phillips, you hate rigging don’t you? lol. Great stuff btw, your scenes are stunning.

  18. you are amazing !

  19. You – are – GREAT!
    I’ve never seen someone like you, who really wants to teach other people things just because he likes to share them.
    Please keep this great work up.

  20. Adam, this is much helpful than any other tutorial I’ve found so far since it’s really straight forward and easy to understand! When will you going to continue this tutorial series? And, I really hope to see the continuation of bitey adventure. thanks for share all of this!

  21. Adam – I’m completely inspired by your work and can’t thank you enough for your generosity in teaching the community through your fantastic tutorials. I will be sharing them with my high school students as we make the shift from Flash to Animate. Quick question: What’s the keyboard shortcut you’re using to switch from the paintbrush to the bucket tool for quick fills on the fly. Seems crazy, but I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Roger, I dont see a reply from adam regarding your quickfill question, but did you ever figure it out? I’m stumped as well, and would love to know!

    • Hi guys, sorry I missed this comment. It depends what shortcut set you’re using. I use the Toon Boom set, some people use the Flash set. For me, the Paint Unpainted mode is the Y key, so I just hold down Y and strike through any closed areas to fill them with the fill colour. It’s very fast. This temporary activator mode works for most tools, it’s known as override e.g. If you have the Brush tool, hold down E to use the Eraser tool, release it to return to the Brush.

      Also, you’ll notice that whatever tool you have, the tool name appears at the bottom of the program window. When you use override, that tool name appears in red.

      By the way, the keyboard shortcuts can be found listed in the Preferences (Ctrl U).

      • All is forgiven, because I missed your reply until now! This shortcut is wonderful, I had no idea that override modes existed, ive been alt+b’ing and alt+e’ing like a chump this whole time, thanks for the info!

  22. Hey Adam, quick question… I noticed in some of your Brackenwood series (GREAT BTW) you produced in Flash, you would use what looked to be a particle system (on the gelatinous thingy stuck to the tree with little fleas hovering around it). One of the main reasons I slowed my usage of Flash was because I could not seem to render my actionscript into AVI format for editing in after effects. My actionscript would render in SWF but not AVI. I figured I’d have to go back into the production file and pull every code back onto the main timeline and it just hit me that flash was not created for ‘animators’ but mainly web developers…so i purchased TB Animate 2 recently. That being said…

    Is there a particle system in toon boom A2 that allows you to create such effects as your ‘fleas?’ Or are you going to hit me with the jaw dropping news that you never used a particle system in the first place, but frame by frame animation? lol
    (guess that wasn’t a quick question after all) but thanks. Hope to hear from you

    • about 50% of the particle swarms in Waterlollies were hand-animated. For those with a high particle count (e.g. the opening shot) those were AS3 particles. Getting it to render to video formats has always been a bitch with Flash, but most serious animators migrate to more serious animation software sooner or later.

      Animate Pro and Harmony have particle systems. You should check out their trial versions. I haven’t tried them myself but I’ve watched demos and it looks pretty straight forward.

  23. Hi Adam!

    Great job on the tutorials 🙂

    I have a question which I currently can’t find an answer to anywhere. When you draw in Animate Pro, the drawings are all saved even if you delete them from the timeline. You go through this in one of your tutorials on YouTube, commenting on how great it is (which I agree!) My question is, how do you edit these drawings? I’ve tried double clicking but even in the drawing view, I can seem to edit the ones that appear when I click the item in the Library! They are there, but uneditable 🙁

    Thanks in advance for your help and best of luck with all the projects. P.S, Bob’s Burgers FX are great!

    Adam O.

    • They are editable. Once you bring a drawing to the timeline, it’s available in the Drawing and Camera views. Maybe you’re on the wrong sub-layer? If you drew it on your Colour sub-layer for example, you can’t erase or change it from the Line sub-layer. Just a thought.

      • Thanks for the reply. It seems the different working method got me, as I was looking for a way to enter the symbol as in Flash, whereas you need to just select the drawing from the library then edit as you say. Another thing I’m struggling with is the automatic editing of a drawing that then updates every other instance of it on the X sheet. This is normally great but when I start with a cycle, I want to alter a few drawings from the ‘cycle base’ then add layers of animation to that. I guess it’s just practice!

  24. Hey Adam,

    Do you know of any books that teach you the fundamentals of Toon Boom Animate Pro 2? Like navigation, tool usage, particle systems, bones, etc. I’ve looked all over Amazon and can’t seem to come across even one. Trying to finally make the transition from Flash. Though a lot of the basics are the same. Timelines, keyframes, etc. I really have no clue how to use TBA Pro 2, and would like a book. Please help.



  25. Hi Adam. I won’t “quick question” you to death, but i DO want to say how thankful i am for your taking time out to offer your TB tutorials for free, seeing how good you are and all. I’m thinking about doing it with guitar (although i’m an advanced musician – toured with Paradox in 89′ – i’m an amature pepple faced wannabe when it comes to animation). After i finally gave in and accepted the Creator (Christ), he placed me in the metal band Paradox (presently touring with Blue Oyster Cult). Dude, with your talent, and the way this old world/age is winding down, it would be such an honor (and help) if you knew Him – though you may already as i’m not referring to being a “christian” per se – as there’s more fakes than there are real ones out there. I used to play lead guitar and sing for a satanic metal act before i called out to God; afterwards, i made it big, not as big as you, but big enough to play in Paradox.

    I don’t have a question about Animate, but i do have one about your book: does it incorporate AP3 along with it’s new features or just v2, or possibly all v3? Thanks man, and thanks again for your time, gift, and work!

    Bless you bless you bless you,
    Timothy Shelton Harris

  26. If you are painting in the Harmony drawing window and you make a shape over a painted area, the shape goes behind the paint. Is there something like arrange – bring to front. Not seeing that in your book and certainly not on Toon Boom’s site.

    Thanks- Great book so far!


    • Hi Pam, thanks for getting my book! There are a number of reasons your shapes could be going behind the paint. It may be that you have the tool in “Paint Behind” mode (see brush example on page 44, this mode applies to all drawing tools). Otherwise, if you need to bring something to the front, it’s under the Drawing > Arrange menu. Hope this helps! Feel free to email me if you need help.

  27. Hi Adam,

    I just got your book and it is excellent. I’m currently using Harmony 10.3 and it is relaxing to go to one source for information.

    I am building a Deformer rig for a character I am working on and read that you recommend watching your tutorial on Deformers. I didn’t seen it in the list of videos. Is it posted or am I not looking in the correct place?


  28. I will be using your textbook next year and am currently planning. Can you please share a suggested course outline including a breakdown of the time suggested for each chapter of the Toon Boom book?

  29. Hey dude I am up to the early tutorial lesson from the official site but from youtube for toon boom animate pro 2 but i cant get any tutorial files open to follow along. the rabbit drawing

  30. Hi Adam- Well, I have been using your most excellent book now for over a year. I have 2 colleges and 4 classes working with it. Would love to see more of your methodology with files since the Toon Boom site took your stuff down and some of the other tutorials are PAINFUL to watch. I hope your royalty checks are getting better. We do what we can. Did you ever finish your special effects short? I wasn’t weened of of Flash at the time and was just dipping my toe into the water. Will you add a subscription base to your Academy for Harmony? Show us how you did your music video, etc.? I stopped doing the special effects because of lack of time and ILM pretty much dumped all their people and took the work overseas so it was disheartening…THIS business really keeps you on your toes, reinventing ever 5 years. Now Adobe’s going the toon boom model with Flash becoming Adobe Animates. Seeing how much Toon Boom “borrowed” from Flash I the ink Adobe’s new Animate will “borrow” from Toon Boom. I feel ready thanks to your book. Keep up the great work!

    Best- Pam

    • thanks Pam! I’m making more tutorials but work during the holiday break prevented me from finishing them. I didn’t know Toon Boom took my other tutorials down. I think they’re waiting on my new ones.
      The FX short hit a wall when it turned out we needed more experienced animators for the character stuff. It’s still in the works but progress is slow. Once characters are complete, students will be working on FX.
      I have a pay-per-lesson plan under construction for the Academy, similar to the pay-per-chapter model I used for Flash. It’ll be mostly Harmony tutorials. Probably Toon Boom Storyboard Pro as well.

      • Hi Adam, do you have any plans to do a 2nd edition of your book: Animate to Harmony? Also, do you have an ETA for when your Academy lessons will be up? Thanks!

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