The Viccan’s Hideout

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Mar 062019

Lemonee of Brackenwood lives deep in a forest hideout, safe and hidden from the Yuyu invaders. Protected by the forest’s magical defenses, she has everything she’d ever need to survive alone here until the end of her life should she choose to do so. But as a young girl she saw her people taken by the Yuyu and now works tirelessly to bring them back, dedicating her days and nights to the forest’s defenses and studying the Yuyu movements from afar. She is the only defender of Brackenwood against the vast horde of shadowy invaders, but she is unfazed by the odds.

This is The Last of the Dashkin 2 (tentative title), the current Brackenwood project on which I plan to spend most of my free time in 2019. Join me on Twitch every weekend as I write the story, build the environments and animate the characters.

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  1. Good luck mate

  2. Wow wow wow I want to live here so bad without the doom though.

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