The Point of No Return

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Jan 032016


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  1. Is there some deeper meaning to these pictures? You’re not feeling depressed are you, Adam? Or are you letting go of Bitey?

    I really enjoyed all the videos when I discovered them some 10 years ago I guess. Thanks for making them. If this is goodbye to Bitey, then I hope there’ll be another world or setting to replace his.

  2. I gotta say, I’ve really been missing everything Bitey. I was always patient and secure in the fact that this was a side thing, but a love that would always be continued in time. Seeing things like this has me really worried. Bitey is my favorite animated character and story of all time… by far.

  3. Here’s hoping for a triumphant return of Bitey. I’m an animation professor and use you as my favorite example of what one person can do in an animation on their own. My students’ jaws drop when I show them your work and introduce them to your website. You’re still at the top of your game and the world needs more of your solo work–when you’re ready, of course. You’re like the George R.R. Martin of the Flash world: it arrives when it’s done but it’s always better than we could have hoped for.

  4. PLEASE let there be some more Bitey videos behind that portal. That would be most awesome.

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