The Last of the Dashkin

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Dec 092009

broken video? Please let me know here.

2010 W3 Awards – Silver Award Winner
Category: Web Video > Animation

Where did he come from – this fleck of spite in an abandoned paradise? Who is this peace-shattering scourge of the forest? He is the last of the Dashkin, but in the rough language of wild creatures, he is known only as Bitey.

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The Last of the Dashkin fills in some of Bitey’s back story and poses a few questions about the world in which he lives.

This movie is my answer to those who said Brackenwood was nothing but a series of pointless scenes strung together. Up to this point, I’m inclined to agree so each new installment in the series from here on will be loaded with questions and answers on the history of Brackenwood and the future of her inhabitants.

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  1. i want part 2 !!!!

  2. beautiful film with beautiful music

  3. @ Gaviao
    I quite agree, I want to see the continuation of this episode, but I’m not expecting it to be out for years:P

    • it’ll be out this year. Promise!

      • For that promise, I’ll be willing to donate.

        • me too. what about a crowdfunding? don’t waste your time working for clients…

      • so that means the ETA is sometime in the next three months, FINALLY lol

      • I too desperately anticipated the anticipated the arrival of the continuation of this… you’ve made your VERY loyal fans wait over a YEAR Adam! ……. on a CLIFFHANGER, you cruel bastard!!! QQ D,=

        still, you probably have other projects that you’re working on, and you want this to come out perfect, and so do we. It’s only because your works are so flat out fantastic that we so eagerly await them… If it’s quality over quantity, please, take all the time you need. even if it’s ANOTHER year… (although, I hope not! D:)

        keep up the good work Adam, you’ve been golden. 🙂

  4. I absolutely love this episode, i really cant wait for the next one. i saw it for the first time a while ago on newgrounds and am still waiting for the sequel. I’m a huge fan of the Brackenwood series and of your style of animation.

  5. WHATTTT ? one video every years… I — I can’t wait ! :’C

  6. I have been watching your cartoons since my early teens. I am now in my early twenties. PLEASE make more, your cartoons express a very unique and interesting perspective and a remarkable knack for story telling. Brackenwood has always been a nice place to go in my head. Any embellishing of the lore of Brackenwood is welcome. Its truly a magical place.

  7. i want the game!! hahahaha

    • Ah. Thanks for the reminder. Here it is!


      • well Adam my brother told me about this animation and i love is and its only if you read this your work is awesome pleeease keep it up thank you so very much and is that the games tittle?

        PS.i would like to know when the next bitey animation would be out he he i hope im not pestering you Adam thank you a lot for making something sooooo entertaining thank you again.


  8. best vid ever finally we got a storyline up in here
    and if adam reads this. i really love these cartoons
    dont stop your doing a fantab job. im really excited
    for your next vidya

  9. Beautiful series, I’ve been following them since when bitey was introduced.
    I would really like to see more episodes very soon!

  10. I am a sound Engineer (with a Degree from SCAD) with an minor in animation. I have a high regard for sound/animation and I think the world of yours! Been watching it since at least 2005 or 2006. As much as I love Bitey, I adore your shorts films! Please make more of those as well?

    Thanks for a look into your world 😀

    • It means a lot when someone who knows sound comments on the Brackenwood stuff, cos I’m a bit of a hack with a lot to learn. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for sticking with me these past 5 years 🙂

      • I have a little trouble believing you know little about sound and animation. To me this is some of the best animation of your art type. Forgive me for being a bit forward but you shouldn’t knock yourself down when your work is so good.

  11. I can see this going forward into something big. I know this will be a while but I am in the Air Force and once I get out in 4 years, I’m using my GI Bill Money to pay for a 3D animation, Sound engineering, and an all-round collection of video gaming degrees and experience. If your still putting things out when I am good at my thing. I’ll offer my experience free of charge.

  12. A quick question, if you want to answer it: Were all the Dashkin that fast, or is Bitey special?

  13. That woman at the end, is that LemoneyWee?

  14. Очень красиво-мне понравилось.Dashkin-это старинная татарская фамилия.

    • вау! Я не знаю, что Dashkin является древней фамилии татар. Это фантастика! Спасибо, что сказали 🙂

      • why are you talking backwards

        • There talking in Russian, I think there saying: Ramil Dashkin: Красиво име.Dashkin стара фамилия.

          Adam: Да! Dashkin е древна фамилия. Тя е фантазиорска!

        • rofl. talking backwords? i never thought of russian like that.

          • is that realy russin?
            wow well that means ima idiot!
            did i spell that right russin or somr thing else eh all well

  15. I think the brackenwood series is very usable to make a 3D RPG.
    I would be interested to make such a thing some day.

  16. I love Brackenwood! The creatures and the very lanscape have their own personality, and the story is great. Did the dashkin fight with or against the wizards(or whatever they are)? I know my question will probably be answered in your next vid, but I had to ask. 🙂

  17. I’m curious, were the YuYu (I think they were the YuYu) fighting along side the Dashkin and the wizards or sages? We’ve only seen them in that one instance when they were chasing Bitey. They seem to be the only intelligent life left besides Bitey.

    Other than that, I’ve been watching your work since prowlies. You do amazing work. I can’t wait to see part two :D!

    • I’m thinking that the YuYu are not allied with the groups you mentioned. They said they were going to steal Bitey, a Dashkin. If anyone is allied with the Dashkin, then the YuYu are not allied with that group since you normally don’t steal allies’ stuff. Also, the sages and witch seemed to be intelligent life. Check out Bitey of Brakenwood.

  18. EPIC… just epic

  19. Soooo cool *o*
    The hotness burns my ayes!! >_< ♥
    I´m waiting for the second part!


  20. NOOOOO!

  21. I’m crazy about your animations! I really think you should gather a team (a big one), make your animations faster and create a movie with the full story.

    It kind of makes me sad thinking that not everyone will live long enough to see the complete series. I think every person in this planet deserves to see how beautiful this is.

  22. hey any hints on when next brackenwood clip comes out ive been waiting all year

  23. love your animations, are full of movement and fantasy. Simply amazing, hope we can see the next chapter soon 🙂

  24. They definitely aren’t just a string of random scenes pulled together; the fact that the videos contain little dialogue only adds to their unique style. They all have story, and they’re all great. The simplicity and lack of dialogue makes for a more interesting experience, and leaves much to the watcher’s imagination.

    Not to say that this one isn’t fantastic. This was the first I saw, and I can’t wait for the next part.

  25. Love the music, especially the YuYu scene, love the characters, and love the animation. Wish I could take some of my own ideas and do the same.

  26. Absolutely LOVE all of your animations. I don’t see how others think that they are just random scenes put together. They do tell stories. I can’t wait to see your next animation, Adam. You really inspire me to become better with animating.

    • I absolutly agree with Kayla. Anyone who says that they think the Brackenwood series is just a bunch of random animations is just plain… silly, for lack of a nicer word. I absolutly LOVE all the Brackenwood animations that you do. “The Last Dashkin” is my absolute favorite so far, and I can not wait to find out what happens to Bitey!!!!!!! keep up the AMAZING work, and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful animations with us.

  27. I’ve been watching since I saw Prowlies on Newgrounds I believe. Such awesome stories. In Iraq right now I come back every so often when I think of it to check on whats been updated. This fills in the story nicely, but definately need more, any ETA on when the continuation may be done?

  28. Hey dude when are you gonna finish the series: Dashkin fxf 21-33 on youtube, or even your site thankyou for your great work. I just hope to see more.

  29. who is the little girl? and why does she want to hurt bitey?
    will his horns grow and curl like a goats’ when he gets older?
    please answer adam your the only one who can. or if you have to ask the Auld Sage.

  30. You should make more episodes, please… for TV or for what you want, but I want to know more about this character and the others… 🙂

  31. I’m fan of you who lives in Japan.
    Thank you for a lot of wonderful works up to now.
    It satisfied it though it was very reluctant to part.
    Very very thank you!!

    (I am not good at English. (;ω;))

    es genial XP

  33. OMBBQG this sure brings memories back!
    Adam you’re the best!!! Mr. Phillips your work is simply breathtaking!
    Words ain’t enough to describe it…

    I’ve know your work since the main site was green with Biographies of the characters and the story of “Brackenwood”, which first lines I will never forget: “Imagine a world so small…” and then it said something like “you could walk around it in a month” or something :/ , and there were also little descriptions about water and air and the explanation of the trees that can sing but during certain storms were dangerous… I’m getting nostalgic haha!

    I’ve been following your work since Bingbong of Brackenwood was made, oddly I found that one in a site full with games of all sort and when opened it and read the introduction I just said “wtf is this?” hahaha I think it was around 2002 or 2003… maybe 2002 cause I remember just have turned 13 years old that year… and I’m now 21 (:

    Since the first time I saw your movies I completely fell in love! The music charmed me, specially the one song at the ending of Prowlies on the river haha!

    Have to say that your stories scared the living sh*t of me when I first read them and, when I read that they were all “true stories” I was literally shaking of fear hahaha, I think that time was when the movies began to be in biteycastle, which If I’m not wrong it was with Prowlies at the River, which have gotten a prize…

    Sorry for writing this much, I’m just so excited!!! I’ve been busy internet-less and traveling for almost 3 years! (kind-a-like 2-1/2 years though…) and now that I remembered that the site was “bitey” instead of “bitten” I can stay up to date 😀 hahaha. Last time I checked updates of the Brackenwood series, The YuYu just have been released hahaha I tried so hard to learn Saurus as I thought it would be useful if the YuYu caught me the exact moment before falling to sleep, so I could tell them “I’m not going to pickup rocks for you f*ckers!” hahahaha but no one else around where I live (lived back then) wanted to “practice” it with me ): , I really feared to one day fall asleep and then be kidnapped to later wake up being 35 … I’m dead serious! haha.

    Well, the main reason of me barging with such psychotic speech, besides the fact that now I can do it as last time I came around that option wasn’t available… is to thank you, thank you because your work was an important part of my life and helped me a lot back then when I really truly needed it, someway it inspired me to keep on dreaming and gave me the hope I was missing (: because of that childish hope I’m now halfway into becoming a Doctor, know 5 languages and have traveled into every single continent… just because I “ignored the warnings of the ancients and got lured by the faery folk music and dancing”… Really, thank you 🙂

    You gotta keep spellbounding us with your awesome work! I’m looking forward to your next masterpiece :):):):):):) although I temporaly couldn’t check your site I never forgot about your stories 🙂

    Your Christmas animation with drunken Santa always make me flip from wherever I’m sitting hahahaha and your short named “taken” or something gave my little sister a half-year fear to sinks and windows just because I followed the advise of “turning the volume of the speakers top high” hahahaha.

    P.S. 2
    NEVER make your movies/stories downloadable… they’ll lose charm.

    • thanks for sticking with me over the years Alex! Here’s the old Brackenwood world overview you were speaking of:

      Parts of it have evolved over the years so it may no longer be 100% accurate. Some day I’ll do a comprehensive Brackenwood design bible with greater depth.

      Thanks again! It’s always a great pleasure to read messages like yours 😀

      • YES! i remember that too, and lemonee wee and the auld sage, i was the weird girl that asked if you sold the music somewhere, i don’t know if i ever got an answer 🙁 and i probably haven’t been the only one, god that seems like years ago… i feel old now lol


  35. adam do you have a downloadable copy of music used in the last of the dashkin episode …because that song calms me…and i would love to have it

  36. I do love this, the animation is extremely fine and it is beautiful to hear Bitey’s story
    my one critique however is that I honestly think the narration takes a lot away from it. I always thought one of the awesome things about brackenwood was the atmosphere created by the virtual absence of any kind of dialogue (what small bits of speech or sound there might have been were little incidents within the world rather than a voice speaking about the world from outside of it). A lot of ‘magic’ is created, I feel, by the self-contained, fairy-tale isolation of this wonderful little forest world.
    so I think I’ve driven my point home 😛 and I hope that all made sense
    please do keep working on this series ^>.<^

  37. Are you working on anymore Bitey videos?
    I’ve been visiting the site every now and again to see if you have anything new up, but so far I haven’t seen anything.
    So I was wondering if you are taking a break from brackenwood?

    • Each brackenwood movie takes a long time. Even though he uses ToonBoom it looks like he animates in a more traditional way, drawing out each frame for every scene. One second of a cartoon like this takes 24 drawings so you can see where this all adds up and becomes very time consuming, not to mention this is all done in his free time, he’s not getting paid for these movies.

  38. This one is fantastic. No wonder one of his works were featured once in MTV..

  39. es increible…un buen personaje bien diseñado, escenarios acorde a las creaturas y un gran desenvolvimiento del personaje, muy buenos efectos. fellecitaciones!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I can’t wait for the next part to this! This is one of the best “cartoons” I’ve seen done and I’m hoping you keep it coming 🙂

  41. I found Bitey on Newgrounds years and years ago. I never saw it as a series of pointless scenes strung together, although I can see why someone would think that. But the fact that you have turned something that was never suppose to be anything more then a random flash into a series, and now you are taking it that last step and making it more, I can’t tell you exactly how excited I am. I can’t wait for the next installment on where it is that Bitey came from, how he came about, all of it. Great work and I hope to see it for a very long time to come.

  42. Adam. You are a genius. Ive been watching brakenwood sense i found it a few years back on newgrounds. I loved it from the second i saw it. the way you string the images togetherand along with the music, it always got to me.

  43. Wow, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Bitey since my Waterlollies was first put out. I’m soo happy I’ve finally found this again, can’t wait for the next one 😮 hope it comes soon X3 I’ll be stalkin- I mean watching you till then and beyond that OwO

  44. i’ve never seen so good animated project!

  45. whoah,that was enchanting. i didn’t even remember it’s english (im not from england or america)

  46. Personally, I think who cares if Brackenwood is “Pointless”? I absolutely LOVE watching Bitey’s adventures stirring up mischief in his lands and just being Bitey.

  47. I have been a fan for years but had drifted off. Finding a new one has more than made my day, it’s made my month! With a point or without, the Brackenwood series is nothing short of brilliant!

  48. this is the best series of them all! if you can make a book out of it i would buy all of them
    o and love how you did the story! 😀

  49. This. Is. Still/Always. Super amazing.

  50. Hei, I just want to say, your videos touch me deeply, when I get depressed, which I am a lot, your videos always cheer me up.
    The way you’ve made them, the music you have, everything you’ve done in the video makes me happy.
    So, I really hope you’ll continue to make them for as long you can.

  51. I sometimes wonder how long before a major studio tries to grab your ideas and make a major motion picture out of them. I imagine the tales of Braken Wood wouldn’t just be a delight to children, and I love every minute of your Braken Wood videos. I hope this gets continued, and truly told. Your videos always show much creativity and even more talent, often times a good sense of humor as well. Now this video and its sequel will show us depth on top of all of this, and I very much look forward to it. Please know you at least have a eternal fan in me, and I hope to learn all there is to know about Braken Wood.

  52. Of course he is surrounded by baby animals 😉

  53. Wow, Bitey is the awesomest computer animated series I have ever seen. I think you should totally make a movie of Bitey.

  54. I love your Story’s since over 6 years, more than 4 years Jiblet the fetsack was at my desktop. (and now it is again 😉 ) And now I’m being able to thank you for the hours of pleasure you gave me. My English wasn’t good enough to write my THANKS. I love everything about your movies especially Bitey. Everything fits, the music and sounds, the story and the beautiful World you created. And now I have to watch your masterpieces again!!!

    Greetings from Germany

    I hope you excuse my bad english

  55. These stories have entertained me for years; I used to watch them over and over again until I would fall asleep at the computer. I used to always try to think up ideas of why Bitey acts like he does and why he’s alone. With this new tale I can only raise further questions.

    I personally think you should get a full length movie! I’m fairly certain there are MANY people who agree.

    • (still leacing off other comments to post… sorry. :P)
      I agree with Mr P. This has full length movie potential in all its aspects. The only thing i cant wrap my mind around is where you thought up the beloved bitey. I keep thinking the Styr (if i spelled that right) from greek mythology due to appearence. If im right or wrong it dosent matter the point is your viedos are amazeing. I just love the music involved and the way you can tell exactly whats going through the little terrors’ head.

      • I totally agree this type of film could bring in a lot of income. Would take over the market and bring light to a whole different type of CGI/FMV Videos. Would change the game and give Pixar something to compete with. I would Fully support a movie about bitey and the creatures of brackenwood.

        • It isn’t CGI… or FMV… I hope that you’re aware of that FMV stands for “Full Motion Video” and hasn’t been used in video games for years. I you meant flash videos… you’re completely welcome to call me an asshole 😛

    • a full length movie would be amazing. i agree. this stories are so fun to watch but im always sad when its over. to me they seem short for such a nice story and art. =^.^=

  56. I can’t wait till you put out another part to his back story.E-mail me when you do!

  57. This work is awesome!! I want to see a movie with this stories.

  58. I completely agree with the previous comment, based on Bitey and brackenwood it would be a fantastic movie i would pay a lot to see that.

  59. Amazing works!
    You only Flash use? Or other software? For example Аfter Еffects.

  60. I’m waiting on more! I love your work.

  61. i love your animation adam. i cant wait till the next episode.. any thought into a full length bracken movie.?
    i was seriously at the edge of my seat with this one.. im waiting.. seriously amazing work..

  62. this stuff is good. REALY GOOD. i’ve just looked throgh allot of it and i can say i was glued to the screen ever since i first saw bity on newgrounds. the feel of the videos makes it feel like your on another planet with a long histoy. i would pay good money(if i had it) to see just one more bity video. i’m just a teen who loves anything,(most anything) things made by people like you “insirt animators name here”. the meaning full things that can come in any shap or size, its hard to describe, but if you made me get off my butt to rite this log coment it would make the top ten things i must see. you are realy talented and should realy work on this some more i’m sure that anyone else who saw this would agree. this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I love your work, Bitey is my favorite!!! ^^ I enjoy it a lot

  64. Just through out all your subtleness and shove in an annoying narrative voice to over-explain everything to appeal to the idiot minority and you’ll lose all your audience.

    Please for god’s sake, don’t include the voice in your next movie.

    • hey , stupid, you can turn off the narrative. jackass

      • tori… Shut up, ok you don’t say something you don’t like. Adam said you are going to need the narration in part 2 so shut up and just watch the bitey movies, OK?

    • I’ll do what I like with my movies. You don’t like it, eff-off

      • Omfg u ownz u have so good music taste for ur movies i have never been dissapointed after watching any of ur movies keep up the good work

    • if you were not interested in the voice over than your the idiot minority that can’t comprehend that he is making it deeper and more interesting than just unconnected shorts

      and I for one applaud him on trying to further his vision keep up the good work adam

      • i apologize for all of the terrible grammar but english is not my first language and sometimes i have a hard time expressing what i say

  65. Whats up with you Gregory?! Damn, I love that sexy voice! But as a fan of the Bitey of Brackenwood series, I only miss the old witch’s appearance… or is this a new character?

  66. your videos are really good. i wish i could go into a coma and come out when there are like 50more videos in brackenwood story.

  67. Well, this really explains a bit as to why he’s such a jerk to the other creatures and has no regard for them.

  68. Hi sir,I’m a teenage animator and your works re inspiring.

  69. My boyfriend and I, along with a couple of friends of ours, were merely watching videos on Newgrounds this last winter, when we all stumbled upon chluaid’s Brackenwood videos.
    We all <3 those shorts to pieces, and it makes us sad yet eager to wait for long periods of time for another…and perhaps maybe more, Brackenwood stories!
    The artwork is gorgeous, the music is inspiring, the flow and mannerisms of Bitey and all the creatures is believable – hell, there are no words to express how beautiful and fun it all is.

    And if Adam Phillips (chluaid) is reading this… Don't stop being awesome!

    with love and light,
    "Squid", "Energybound", "Doggy", "Gemsy", and "Moose"

  70. IN
    Wave people I go to the creators of this series of animation to say to them the great thing that we like here in España, Extremadura, Aldehuela Del Jerte. since our field comes being like Bitey’s territory .jajajajajajaj. it is quite for the present a greeting to all

    Ola gente me dirijo a los creadores de esta serie de animación para decirles lo mucho que nos gusta aquí en España, Extremadura, Aldehuela Del Jerte .ya que nuestro campo viene siendo como el territorio de Bitey. jajajajajjajaj . eso es todo por ahora un saludo a todos

  71. I just discovered this series.

    A cliffhanger!? No way! This was made two years ago.


  72. “This movie is my answer to those who said Brackenwood was nothing but a series of pointless scenes strung together.”

    You should not have listened to those people. I haven’t kept up with your work, but coming back and seeing this was quite a disappointment. Part of the appeal of the earlier Brackenwood tales was that they were short, beautiful little vignettes that were very atmospheric and offered a little glimpse into another place at another time. This…feels like fan fiction. It’s like it was written by someone who watches too much anime, someone who doesn’t care so much about what they are seeing but only about what is happening. Why do we need a “backstory” to be narrated to us? Why can’t this characters story continue to be told through short stories where we can come to understand him through his actions, not be told who he is? The allure of the world you created was so strong because it was built upon image and sound, not dialogue.

    I’ve been a huge fan of your work, Adam, both as a story teller and as an animator, but I feel that I have to tell you that this is a huge step backwards. I continue to look forward to your work, but I really hope that you don’t lose the spark that made your earlier work stand out.

    • Thanks for the detailed breakdown of how much it sucked. I hope and pray that the months of etiolation, hand cramps and headaches will someday amount to pleasing everyone. At the end of each 20hr day day though, while I’m grateful for true fans, I count myself lucky that my work ignites such passionate response in over-entitled story students and animation snobs all over the world of anonymity that is the internet.

    • Adam, I used to visit this site all the time, and I truely have always enjoyed your work so much. I don’t think this was a step backwards at all. It was just as amazing as all the others in my opinion. Please continue with the animations, stories and all. I’m a musician myself, so if you’re ever in need of music to accompany your videos, feel free to send me an email and I’d be honored to help make these fantastic videos a success.

      Great stuff, please please please keep it up!

    • I don’t really understand how you could say this was ‘worse’. It’s serves an entirely different purpose, and as such can’t be judged by the same standards. Not that you should waste your time judging someones work that you get to view for free anyways.

      It definitely is a deviation, but whats wrong with that?

    • I would agree the narration isn’t the way to go. I watched it first without the narration, and then again with it, and could tell it wasn’t necessary at all. Your animation is always so narrative by itself so hearing the actual voice didn’t add much, and definitely nothing you don’t have the ample capacity to portray through visuals. So maybe if there is narration in the next one, keep in mind those who aren’t listening to it.

      I would strongly disagree, however, that it was a step backwards. Without the voice, this one fits fine with the rest, just with a different intent. I liked the slow pacing that the story was progressing at and I didn’t have any complaints about a “lack of story”, but considering how much time and effort goes into each and every one I can understand picking up the pace. All things considered, it still left me amazed.

      I see it’s hard to take criticism, especially when people have so consistently gushed over your work, but remember that despite any criticism we all still love you! As for anyone who doesn’t, dismiss them as insane because you’re fantastic.

  73. This movie was released over a year ago and I’ve heard all the “this one’s crap”, “you’ve gone downhill”, “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff” criticism. I enjoy reading/hearing why you loved or hated it but if the review isn’t constructive and borders on insulting, I’ll delete it. This ain’t YouTube.

    • Adam,

      OMGSH….Really the Movie came out a year ago….like truly? I love your stories….All of them, I love the story telling, I love the non story telling, I love how they are all little pieces of the whole picture and this last one help bring it all together to give a little is sight of the character we all love. I would like to see the movie …where do I go to see it? Is that a stupid question?

      I will tell you right now that any one who says that your stuff has taken a step backwards makes me want to cry, because they not only hurt you and your beautiful art, but they bring ugliness where it doesn’t belong. When you create something… you are always learning, always growing, there it isn’t possible to step backward in my opinion. Mr. Adam sir, I want to do as well as you do with animation, I watch your video’s over and over again, I study them as a student will study their master. Some day I hope that I can create my world, inside my head like you did.

      Please…please don’t let the mean people hurt you. I understand the work, how hard it is, so please don’t let the dark taint to blacken you pure vison. I would like to thank you, deeply and sincerely, for you hard work. For everything that you have done has inspired me, and many like me to not settle on pore quality work, and to strive for excellence.

      Please continue to inspire though your art, and I will continue to work hard in everything that I do.

      Sincerely, Nyuka

  74. Well, if there are people who can say they do not like this new way of making bitey stories, I don´t understand them…
    I think that Bitey stories are having a great evolution since the first episode, not just for the way of writing the episodes, but also for the animation and the quality and i can´t wait to see the next episode about bitey´s past.
    I think that people who prefer your “old stuff” just can´t see the hard work of this episode, so don´t let them bring you down!

    by the way, congrats for the soundtrack, i love the irish folk stuff, it would be great that the pogues wrote more songs like the yuyu for your new episodes 🙂

  75. dude brackenwood and bitey are sooooo effing awesome please make the next vid after this one.
    and uhm a little question what’s the best program if you want to start animating?
    ’cause i always have these awesome ideas but i don’t know what program’s the best.
    one more thing, are the soundtracks downloadable somewhere ,’cause i really love the music.

  76. Adam,

    First of all I think your work is amazing.
    Second of all would you say Bitey is a teenager?
    I ask because I’m curious if the two Dashkin in the memory were his parents? Since that would mean his horns would eventually become larger. I

  77. Hey,

    Very interesting series you have here.
    I just recently found these videos surfing the net out of boredom but you are very talented.
    Im curious to see what happens next. Im sure life has you busy but hope to see the next video to continue the story sooner than later.

    I showed these to my friend and she absolutely loves the little foot character.

  78. I have a question about toonboon(really not sure where else to ask this) if you’re creating a movie that has more than one scene and each scene is a different file, how do you put them all together into one movie?

  79. Hi, Adam.
    Can I ask you. You went to art school? Or something else.

  80. adam my question is how did you come up with the idea of bitey?

    • Bingbong (the dumb goblin kid dancing on the faeries) was to be the original star of the Brackenwood series, and I created Bitey to be the bad guy, but I felt he was a much more interesting character, so I rewrote the entire history of Brackenwood so that it became all about Bitey.

  81. Congratulations! You have a fan, in Brazil. I like very much your songs *-*

  82. please dont stop here, please?!

    • look these are interesting story’s there better than animations on T.V the color the texture the idea the design just alittle more H.D. but the color the simple idea’s is great… You can remake animations, this can be the future of animations for the new generations

  83. Your movies and stories are amazing! Please make more! 😀

  84. wow just wow my jaw has hit the table with your art and story telling i mean its just amazing and i hope a nother will come along soon i hope

  85. This completely changes the context, well, every video up to this point, but Littlefoot especially.

  86. It was amazing when my suspections concerning Bitey turned out to be true. In the previous episodes he looked and behaved like a very unhapy teen from a difficult family or no family at all. He reminded me one of a boy from James Herriott’s memories. That was a boy who haunted the vet and annoyed him in different ways with no visible reason. I hardly believe that such a co-incidence with my ideas could be occasional. I myself wouldn’t have imagined the context that detailed. That could be done only by the artist. Well… if the story is exactly what it appeared… THAT’S GREAT. That’s what I meant by all the words above)

  87. I spent most of yesturday watching all of your videos and reading all of you stories and i must say that ye have me entranced by your world of Brackenwood, Bitey, musical choices, and much more so, your life’s experiences… You, Your view, and your art form all highly facinate me, I look forward to following your sites exploits into the future. may your creativity and humor never die.

  88. it’s really exciting, i can’t wait until the last of the dashkin is complete:D but you haven’t updated in nearly 2 months, can i know how far you are now?

  89. Your work is inspirational but in order for more inspiration to me and the future generation of artists you must make another video.

  90. Your work is inspirational, but in order for further inspiration you must make more video on behave of me and the next generation of artists.

  91. my friend you are very talented and as a fellow artist im amazed at the quality and detail you put into your work, also the music and story makes me feel as if this world exists, also i quite liked what u did with this movie the voice over wasnt to overpowering but provided some key points which helped me understand your world better, i look forward to seeing more of your world and works, thankyou for sharing these beautiful works 🙂

  92. *standing ovation* I am simply blown away by your art and the world you have created here. The music is awesome, the art is flawless, the story is cute and edgy at the same time, Bitey has some kind of swarthy and peter pan like charm that whisked me off of my feet! ( I know I sound a little loopy and have been known to crush on cartoon characters) Anyways, i love your work and I agree with some of the others, the world feels like it could really be out there somehow. i hope you make regular webisodes ( something like 10-15 minute episodes would be VERY COOL) and I would definitely pay for a box set of the cartoons. this type of storytelling is shaky at best on the web but yours stands out like a crimson rose in a field of white carnations. Well done, Bravisimo! i salute your ingenuity and dedication and although i’m a new fan i can already assure you that I will be a fan forever!

    • thanks for the glowing review! I’m really glad you like all my stuff and hope I can continue it for many years. Rest assured I’ll be doing this for as long as I can hold a pen 🙂

  93. Hey Adam,

    I remember a few years back to have watched these shorts on newgrounds.
    2011… At least 2 years I’ve forgotten about brackenwood. Until yesterday I saw a drawing of a faun.

    2 days it took me to come up with the name “Brackenwood”… And finally here I am 😀

    Please tell us you are still continuing the series?
    What about the sequel of the last of the Dashkins?

    Kind regards

    • hes makin a game to continue on the series, currently hes collecting donations to fund it

    • Hi Peter, welcome back 🙂
      Yep after the game’s done I’ll be finishing the LotD story and working on a few other long-overdue site projects.

  94. Hi Adam i just wanted to tell you that i am a huge fan and have been one in about a quarter of my life (5-6 years) so i decided to make a small thing to show you and the rest of the Modnation playing world that Bitey exists, i made a kart 😛
    I know it’s not much but it is what my artistic skills are to accomplish, hope you like it 😀

  95. I always come back and re read your wonderful stories and watch some of you animations.
    I was wanting to ask if you were going to do a story animation about the boy taken to the world and
    did forced labour in complete darkness for those shadow little creature…..Sorry if I got the story wrong but it’s somewhat of what I remember last time i read that.

    Anyways, looking forward to anything you conjure up!


  96. I recommend rewatching this one without narration. Although the narration is decent, it’s not fantastic and without it you can gather a better appreciation for the artistic quality of this short.

    I wish I still had the patience to animate; Brackenwood was one of the series that first inspired me to do so.

    • I wholly agree. The narration is unfortunate.

      • It isn’t that the narration isn’t professional sounding or anything, it is purely from an engagement perspective. One of the biggest strengths of Adam and the Brackenwood series is the level of communication he is capable of portraying with expressions, body language, sound, and “camera” work. I don’t think it is an insult to say the Brackenwood series shares many of the charms of WALL-E when it comes to lovability of character and engagement with plot that is born of their general silence. Every thing the narrator said is conveyed by the scenes and the actions of bitey. No need to hold our hand through it, if anything it makes it seem almost childish that we have to be told everything that is going on. We understand when he looks at a family that he is lonely, that he has no parental figure, we don’t need the Freudian analysis handed over to us. The effort of deciphering the Brackenwood stories through quiet observation is one of it’s biggest draws. Don’t take that away from us.

        • Thanks fildred. You know, I do totally agree with you. I think if I had the time I could have finished the sequel right off the back of the first one and my use of the narration would have made sense. But all I can say right now is a lot of people, when they see the next part, will go “aaaaAAAAaaah.. NOW I see why there was narration”.

          Let’s just hope I don’t die of old age (or something else) before I get a chance to finish!

          • actually in my honest opinion i first off do completely agree that Adam does a wonderful job of providing feeling and emotion as well as understanding without the use of dialogue or narration. a genius story teller, and an amazing animator. however. i myself thought that the narration was a nice touch to that particular episode. sure in many of these shorts there is no need for dialogue. but the narration did provide a lot of insight to the general concept of the idea. including information that we as viewers didn’t know about Bitey and Brackenwood in general. sure we can see has was lonely and didn’t have parental figures and that could have been figured out without narration. but until this episode was released we knew very little about Brackenwood in general. it was always just a setting. but fact is it’s a major part of the entire series. an overlooked part in my opinion. all we focus on is Bitey and what’s going on. but without Brackenwood there would really be no Bitey. and that would simply be a tragedy. the narration added a very nice touch to this series and shouldn’t be overlooked just because of Adams ability to tell a story without dialogue. it actually adds some extra feeling as well as insight. and i look forward to the sequel. simply can’t wait. great work Adam i am a huge fan of all your works. your a major inspiration. keep on doin what u do. 🙂

  97. I’ve been a fan of brackenwood for years. i remember watching the very first short ever done and falling madly in love. i checked for updates like a lost little puppy- i was so sad when i thought there wouldnt be anymore. im so glad they’ve developed this far, even today i show people just how cool bitey is. we have a friend who is just like him.

    keep making amazing work!

  98. Just stopped by to rewatch this one. Love this series and can’t believe it played on my htc merge(:

  99. Theres something wrong with the playback….

  100. I’ve always felt that this particular Brackenwood video was somehow lacking in mood. Coming back to it now, I can say with 100% certainty what it is that bothers me. It’s the dialogue.
    What has always been so amazing about this series (at least to me) is the amazing sense of place. It really feels like Bitey is a part of this huge, wondrous world. These a level of natural beauty and awesomeness in Bitey’s universe. I find it hard to describe, but I hope people can understand what I mean when I say that everything about the series just feels fresh. A HUGE part of that comes from the storytelling, and the lack of a real narrative preserves the essence this series has.
    While I do love this addition to the series, this issue is noteworthy. Brackenwood is one of my favorite flash series of all time. If this constructive criticism has any chance of helping move the series in a positive direction, it would be wrong of me not to post it.
    Thanks for the beautiful animations! Long live Brackenwood!

    • Thanks Nate. Very constructive indeed! I appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂

      • I agree that the narration is unnecessary. If you watch it without the narration, you know exactly what is going on without the need of narration. Such is the beauty of your work, Adam. Other than the narration this is a work of genius.

    • I have to agree that the narration was jarring. I had come back to watch a Brackenwood flash after several years. I watched an old one and then saw there was this new…ish Dashkin one. I was so excited, but was immediately thrown by the narration.

      One of my favorite parts of this series has always been the visual storytelling. It has always made it an awesome combination of stunning visuals and beautiful music. If there were vocals, they were primal, animal noises. The language felt intrusive, much like this human(oid?) creature onto the wild forest planet.

      It’s not that the narration itself was bad, it just felt so out of place. I would have to see more Dashkin to be convinced. Long live Brackenwood indeed.

  101. Is it just me or is the animation not as good in this one? It’s less sharp or something. I think perhaps you took away the outlines or something and I deffinately like it better with the outlines. I totally wanna see this as a full length movie though!

  102. dude where to begin who were those huge things everyone was fighting what happend to the other intelligent creatures why does that little girl hate bitey and of course when is the rest of the movie coming out i cant wait im vibraating out of my seat dude hows it coming

  103. At one point of time, I had lost all sorts of interests for opening my web browser. Although i had been familiar with your work, as i myself am an animator, i really feel ashamed to say that i was unaware of the Brackenwood series and your website. Kudos to my friend who had asked me to watch ‘Prowlies at the river’ on Youtube. That changed my whole ‘Web Browsing is Boring’ point of view. Now i at least go through your work once a day…keeps my adrenalin pumping…as an animator that is…:D

    As for this movie…i loved the change in the light and shade style u have brought in as compared to your previous movies…Although i myself am not such a big fan of keeping the narrative as a part of this movie(u know!because of the fact that the visual storytelling is already awesome)…yet i find the narration quite a useful thing…u know as an entertainer, u should keep every kind of viewers in mind…

    As for me…I am hungry for more…so keep it comin’!!!!!! OR ELSE??!!

  104. Cool that you gave the choice to set the narrative off!
    The narrative is quite good, but the visual and musical storytelling is SO good that it needs no narrative for me!

  105. I have been following this since it came out in my teens. It has been my comfort and joy to watch these each week !! I’m now 26 and i still log on to watch !!

  106. Please make a part 2!!!!

  107. this is just awesome. the first time i saw this i was like 13 or 14 years old, i used to watch ‘prowlites at the river’ and ‘bitey of brackenwood’ and i always liked it. such beatiful animations now im 21 and i just discovered that there is more animations of bitey and this amazing world with great music that made my young years really happy. i like to think that i grew up watching this and has given me a really calm way to look the world and appreciate the beauty around us. im not sure i quite get the point of this amazing animation and character that is bitey but i wanted to say how i feel.

    im sorry about the problems with grammar but English is not my mother language

    Thank you for everything i hope life is and will be better for you everyday starting from now.

  108. I think there should be one where then Bitey really finds another like him but a girl andmake it a Very Happy ending in the very ending

  109. So, is there ever going to be a sequel to this? I’ve been waiting for years!

  110. Hey Bitey! Just paint a picture of yourself on a cave wall and then get in touch with your feminine side by adding ‘female things’ (unless you prefer the company of another male artform, while enjoying a gaytime from Mr Whippy?) similar to all the other critters in the Woods. What you do with that cave art is up to you? But I do suggest learning some trades and scientific certs to create a more receptive ‘android’ version. Afterall, in the realm of Art – Special FX is everything if you wish to ‘model’ your life upon success. Other than that – I suggest Bitey, that you just HTFU and find the ‘love’ of a new Race, that lacks a …God. 😉

  111. I’ve been ‘about to find out’ for years now. And I’ll keep on waiting. Bitey and it’s world are a true treasure and I can’t wait to see it’s story told.



  114. OMG I’m SO GLAD I checked this before deleting the bookmark! I LOVE your animations SO MUCH and I’m so happy you’re continuing with them! Am going to be checking back often, now!

  115. You don’t understand how long iv’e been looking for this. I was first introduced to this in, oh…the summer of 2012, by a camp counselor. And everyone who saw it was amazed. Every night many of us would huddle around the counselor’s computer and watch one single episode, a few minutes, no more. But we loved every minute of it!
    After the two weeks, I never saw it again. I could never figure out the name. Brakenwood? Bitewood? Braklewood? Castle wood? I couldn’t remember. I would look it up every once in a while. Brakenwood, it would always send me to some real-estate people or something. But then, like a heavenly light, mostly because i just had my eye appointment and my pupils were dilated so EVERYTHING was bright as hell, a friend of mine sent me a message:I FOUND IT! THE FLASH ANIMATION FROM CAMP! I either hit my head on the roof or passed out due to pure exhilaration because i woke up an hour later in my bed… But here I am! BACK TO THE GREATEST ANIMATION VIDEO IN THE WHOLE GODDAM SOLAR SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. AWESOME!!! I love the Brackenwood series! I wish you can make part 2 of the last of the Dashkin. Keep making more videos.

  117. Looks fantastic! A really compelling story. I look forward to seeing further installments in the near future. Keep up the good work! ^.=.^

    • This animation is actually some few years old, i want find out what happens after this so bad! i heard there was supposed to be a game of somesorts continue the story. been lirrarly waiting for many years. This is the animation that i really enjoy, Bity is like my hero for a very long time. I really hope there will be more animations from this guy. I hope he didnt stop

      • The game, which was called Dashkin, was cancelled about a year ago I believe, but Adam is now working on The Last of the Dashkin 2 🙂

  118. Wow just stumbled on to your page after about 10 years. I have a sound bite of my son aged about 3 saying oh yes bitey rarrr, he is now 13. My kids all loved the bitey clips and I had hoped to find the original clips to show them. Time passes so quick and I hope you get your game made and maybe more animated clips. Thanks for entertaining 4 little kids one who looked like bitey 😊

  119. It’s been a long time since I saw Bitey, it still stirs the heart like nothing before. I hope you read my suggestion I sent, I think it would be epic.Ryan Reynolds + Bitey = Greatness?

  120. I’m here since the windows 95, please, make the part 2. *_* You are brilliant. Please continue, don’t give up!

  121. Your woods are awesome

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