The Hand in the Dark

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Jan 292004
My Home town of Narromine, NSW Australia
1984 -85
This story takes place in the same house as in the story of the Blackout. In fact, the incident took place in the same hallway. My mother awoke late, late one night, and got up to go to the toilet (as mums often do). She walked across the bedroom in the dark and out into the hallway. She reached blindly for the hallway lightswitch and found it, but as she flicked the switch, the light didn’t turn on.
This little annoyance hardly had time to register….for no sooner had she run her hand over the switch, than another hand grabbed her wrist roughly and shook her arm. There was a small but deep sound like a man’s grunt.
My mother screamed the house down, and my father leapt from bed and ran to meet her in the hallway. He turned the light on (!) She was terrified and hysterical, and as the hallway was illuminated, she screamed louder at the sight of my poor father, half naked, hair up and bleary eyed.
She calmed eventually and a search of the house revealed nothing unusual. All the doors were locked and the windows shut.
It took some time for the neighbourhood dogs to stop barking and my mother didn’t sleep well that night.
This story still scares the hell out of me, especially when I’m reaching for a lightswitch in the dark.

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