The Final Moments

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Mar 032020

Ever wonder what happened to the people of Brackenwood? Why is Bitey the last of his kind? This new image depicts the final moments of the Dashkin, Viccans and Trogues as a portal opens from another world and the Yuyu suddenly appear. What happened next? We don’t yet know!

Click the image to get the 4k desktop wallpaper resolution

If you’re interested in watching the movie being animated from the ground up, join me live on my Twitch stream every weekend. I’m making great progress, currently around three-quarters through the forest chase sequence. Last weekend I reached the milestone of two whole minutes of animation complete, which is around 15% of the finished movie’s projected running time.

New Patreon Reward

Over on the Brackenwood Patreon I’ve updated the $6 tier with a new reward; a monthly preview link of the latest work-in-progress of animation. Not only can you watch the latest completed scenes every month, but you can also step through the video frame-by-frame, leave comments on the scenes and even draw diagrams on the frames! You can help me find and fix stuff like continuity errors, missing character parts or anything that doesn’t quite look right. Of course, you can also leave other comments, like pointing out your favourite scenes or character expressions.

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  1. beautiful picture !!!

  2. Cheers mate, came here through the Bongo post you made and I love your art, you’ve got some passion to you. Your site is in my bookmarks! Can’t donate to your Patreon but I’m behind you 100%

  3. epic

  4. Hey there, this looks great! I am glad you’re still kicking it, doing amazing animations.

    Quick question though, I was an old school animation FX Course member for many months, and then my own membership got reduced to 4 months. I didn’t turn in assignments at the time (I was a student in CalArts, already logged with work). How would I be able to access all your lessons? Your stuff is invaluable to me even years after I graduated! Hope we can keep in touch :).

  5. Looks amazing like all of your work – can’t wait to see it finished!

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