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May 012012

Random sicko


Just lately, in the few hours between going to bed and actually falling asleep, I’ve been reading a series of books by Charlie Higson, a well-known UK writer and comedian (The Fast Show and others). This particular series starts with the first instalment “The Enemy”, the premise for which is basically that everyone on earth over the age of 14 becomes afflicted with a mystery illness that devastates the body and the mind.

The only people unafflicted are kids younger than 14. With all adults horribly diseased and insane, and feel a little better if they catch and eat some kids, civilisation crumbles quickly.

So far, the three books are: The Enemy, The Dead and The Fear, with the next instalment The Sacrifice due for a UK release in September.

It seems to be written for mid teens, kind of like if Harry Potter was zombie horror, but it’s absolutely compelling reading for anyone (though I’m not sure it’d be a good bedtime story for toddlers.. just saying).

Anyway! The reason I’m telling you all this is because I was inspired to do a few drawings from the third book (The Fear) in what Charlie recently announced would be a seven book series.

I’ve used Autodesk Sketchbook for all of these, and each took roughly an hour. If you are squeamish, these may be the first step in conquering your fear. You’re welcome.

The Collector


St. George


Shadowman again. Excellent character.


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  1. Love the drawings, Adam. It looks like an interesting series. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great stuff, love the detail you put into these, especially the Collector

  3. Hey, Is this a kickback from the mutated zombie-ish images you saw behind your eyelids in a hospital drug induced state after surgery. You’re venting man it just scares me just what you are venting from. I remember you we’re calmed by the carnage you saw and it was orchestrated… I smell a movie!

  4. Great stuff, makes me want to read these books now!

  5. Key mate. Absolutely Key!

  6. Hey Adam

    I am Arko from India. I am an animator and also a big fan of your work. I am interested to get enrolled in your FX course but I am facing a few problems with payments through paypal. Can u suggest me some other ways to get into it? maybe some other payment portal…

    Do reply,,,Cheers..

  7. When I saw these I immediately became interested in these books. Way to sell them dude! If it wasn’t for this, I would have never even known these books existed. I’m not a reader, but I bought the trilogy, and man they are amazing. I’ve only just started The Fear, but I love how all 3 books intertwine, and give meaning and life to every single character.
    Reading them actually feels like I’m watching a movie inside My head, picturing everything in amazing detail, especially with the help of Your art! I hope one day when You have time, You make a tribute to these books and animate some of the key events that happen in the book, or at least draw some more pictures man!

    Thanks Adam.

  8. i read the firstbook, it was good. have you read Cordyceps? a really interesting take on a diferent kind of zombies by Ian Duncan. it was an awesome read.

  9. I think you have good pic of greg and the collector and I read all books and going to read the next and I will watch the move when it comes out
    peace out :):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. the books rock

  11. adam I over the moon you like the fear what bit or capter did you like the best mine is the last whene shadow man call’s pack the fear
    and for me that hit home hard please let me thank you

    ps you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree. Even though he was introduced relatively late in the books, Shadowman became my favourite character very quickly.

  12. Same my favourite character is shadow man and small sam and his story with him trying to get to his sister

  13. Love this book!!!! If you havent read it READ IT! but read the others first.:) Gotta love the ZOMBIES!

  14. Sounds like the same as the ST:TOS episode “Miri”…?
    It was banned in the UK for about 20 years.


  15. I’m 12 and I enjoy the book
    # ELA. Honors!😉😄😂😒

  16. Concept taken from the original Star Trek series.

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