Feb 122012

Dashkin Progress

Last month, Dashkin was put on hold in an effort to continue getting those Kickstarter rewards out. Earlier this week however, we made some more progress on the game itself. I know I’m being too hard on poor old Bitey, but for some time I’ve been concerned that it feels somewhat repetitive. So while we’re aware of the dangers of “feature creep” we’ve been discussing one or two additions to avoid making a boring “dash-mash” game that’s too much of the same thing. We’re not giving anything away just yet but we think it’ll make a better game without causing much more delay.

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The Dashkin Facebook page now has over 5000 subscribers! Check it out for the latest updates and screenshots. Isn’t that what you want?

BCA FX enters Month 7

The BiteyCastle Academy FX course continues to grow, now in its 7th month with over 260 members. Interested in joining? Sign up HERE and if you bring some friends with you, you can get free access. Conditions apply and details are in the course forum.

Designs for a serpentine fire style



Kickstarter Rewards

Three exclusive Dashkin wallpapers have been sent as rewards to all our beloved Kickstarter backers. The high resolution wallpapers are currently only for those who pledged to our campaign, but here’s a low res thumbnail at which you’re welcome to squint. At some point in the future (probably to coincide with the game’s release) this, and other goodies, will be available to anyone who plays the game.

Wallpaper #3

Drop me a comment below! What would you like to see at the next update?


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  1. I want to see a pair of tits. One right by the other, and if you could, make them hugging eachother, that would be nice.

  2. My impressions of Dashkin are somewhat based on the ideas of Zero Shift from Zone of the Enders. Zero Shift allows you move to very high speeds from location to location (so fast its seems like teleporting). Bitey can also move super fast from location to location. I guess one idea I have is that the game should allow you to have control over Bitey’s speed. It’d be cool if it allows you to come to a complete stop and walk around and admire the beauty of a sidescrolling Brakenwood, but then ofcourse speed up to Bitey’s super speed at the will of the player to complete the levels to beat previouse speed records if that is how the player likes to play it.

    • Thanks to you I found out that they are going to release Zone of the Enders HD collection (Part one & the second runner) this year! Thank you so much! 🙂

      • There will also be a Zone of the Enders 3 at some point in the future. After many years of being left to die, ZOE is finally coming back strong!

  3. Hey Adam, i was wondering for a beta (Just 2 minutes Com’n!) platable.. I don’t like spoilers but..

    You’re Awesome

    • there’ll be an open beta eventually. Right now the only other playable beta is the closed Kickstarter’s beta which is a reward for their pledge to our campaign.

  4. I think it would be wise to submit another video of bitey before you finish the game. The last movie in the brackenwood series you’ve posted on youtube was in 2009. Even a short clip of bitey running around would boost the morale of your fans. Besides, I would hate to buy a T-shirt of a character that hasn’t been seen much in years and doesn’t seem to be coming back.

  5. I would have to strongly agree with Z on this one Adam. Most all of the love and attention has come from the flash videos of the world of Brackenwood. The idea that a game is being made out of it excites even someone that stumbled onto this page yesterday. Though, as Z said before, it has been since 2009 that a Brackenwood video has been posted. I could wait forever for your exquisite game to be released with all it’s awesomeness, but I’ll always be looking to see another video posted every time I look on your page.

    Just the same, I’m more than sure that I’ll be absolutely tickled at what ever happens next and accept it with joy and smiles 😀

    • thanks for the feedback. The main thing is that the game is almost finished, while a new movie is easily 3 month’s work. It will be silly to postpone something that’s close to completion in favour of something that I’ve barely started.

  6. I understand your point from a business perspective, after all, the bills must be paid. I honestly dont know much about your coming and goings other than what I have seen in the flash videos you have produced. I check around the web once a year or so, looking for another snipette of the incredible universe you introduced me to so many years ago. I believe that if you could share more of your creation you would, clearly you love it. Bitey especially. Thank you for all of this, even if it does not meet the demands of the many, you have added happiness to my life with your work. Best of luck to you Adam, and may you find yourself in good times and good company more often than not.

  7. how do i get that dashkin animation as a gif? it’s awesome

  8. Hello Adam I’m Eduardo the one who contacted you in twitter @cgmodeler regarding the bca fx
    Thanks for any help.


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  13. Been following young Bitey for a long time. Would love a Dashkin game! Hope there are some boss battles that lean on his prankish style. If there aren’t, think about it. Dashing to both evade and attack with fruits or other animals. Don’t forget a dramatic ending to compel players to finish. Good luck and so hope your doing well after your surgery. I had no idea until I got internet again.

  14. i’ve been out of touch for ages, it seems. i bought one of your shirts waaayyyy back when u started selling them. looking forward to the game, and looking forward to new vids eventually. didn’nt know you made a kickstarter thing, i would have had happily donated. well, good luck from puerto rico

  15. Connections
    This is a long post, but I thought you should read it. Way back when, I played a lot of dnd-esque games on the computer and was missing that more recently. The last few years I’ve been getting into flash games, so when Dragon Age: Journeys came out on Kongregate I played it immediately and enjoyed it.
    About 6mo. ago I started playing Temple of Elemental Evil (old game, but fans have kept it new), & as I was looking around for info on items I ran across the D&D 4th Edition animations. GREAT stuff!! So I watched them all and wanted more. This led me to the world of Bitey – frickin AWESOME!!! – over on New Grounds. That led me to Dragon Age: Legends Remix, which made me realize that you had done Journeys as well.
    Anyway, three years apart, I had come across your work multiple times, in different arenas, and have enjoyed it all. Keep up the great work! U ROQ!!!
    ps looking forward to a Bitey movie

  16. Great stuff, your work gives real confidence for ex-disney employees over the world! 😉

  17. i love all your work i cant wait to c more! keep up the great job.


  19. what you don’t have to thank me its the lest I can do for all the lafter you have give to me so thank you

  20. no thank you for all the fun

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