The Boulder Topples

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Dec 142012

First up, however you celebrate, whatever your beliefs, please now enjoy this Santa on fire. And send it to anyone who deserves it.



The Brackenwood Character Sketchbook is now available on Amazon and a bunch of other outlets. If you pledged for the Sketchbook in the Dashkin Kickstarter, please sit tight. Yours is coming early in the New Year. If you want copies for friends and family, go nuts at the direct links below!


I published independently through Createspace. A big thank you to Renae DeLiz for the recommendation.


Bananas & Blow on harps.

  1. Ween is one of my favourite bands.
  2. My daughter Kaela plays a mean harp.
  3. Combined, the world explodes.

She arranged the following song of theirs and here she plays it with her friend Morgana.


If we’re even here, next year I’ll be releasing Dashkin, writing a Toon Boom book, animating a new D&D and if all goes extremely well, learning how to throw objects with my mind power alone!

Whether it’s zombies, asteroids, a pandemic or the buckling of the Pacific Rim, I hope the internet still works and hope to see you in 2013.

Love from me



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  1. This song played by the harp duo sounds great.

  2. I check your site once every few months. I’m sure your progress bar for Dashin was at 81% last time I checked and the time before that (when it was first posted). Is that progress bar still live?

  3. Do you use toonboom animate or animate pro. Is animate good enough or should I just go all the way and get animate pro? I currently use flash.

    Have you tried out TVpaint? If so what are your thoughts?

  4. Hello Adam, theres any way to buy the sketchbook via paypal? Im from south aerica and I prefer to pay by this via.

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