That Time of Year

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Dec 252010

It’s been a big year and it’s all but behind us. Looking back I’m a little disappointed that I only worked for other people. I’m lucky to be working on quality assignments with incredible people but my New Year’s resolution will definitely be to prioritise my own projects. After all, that’s why I left a dream job as an FX animator for Disney. Expect 2011 to be a year for Brackenwood and Bitey Castle.

The next project you’ll see from me is the Bitey game, but that’s for another update (very soon).

Try as I could, I didn’t get a Christmas short completed in time for Christmas. As I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook, it goes into the ‘next year’ folder. I have a decent headstart on the 2011 Bitey Castle Christmas short, at least!

(for now, why not revisit the tranquil atmosphere of BiteyCastle Christmas 2008 ?)

As far as Brackenwood is concerned, 2010 was the year of the Dashkin. LotD took a W3 Silver Award in its category of Internet Video > Animation. This big heavy shiny thing now takes pride of place alongside my Newgrounds Tank Award (Waterlollies 2007).

Finally worth a mention before NYE screams toward us, early January 2011 I’ll begin releasing FX lessons in video format on the BiteyCastle Academy pages. Unscripted but with the goodness distilled through editing, they will teach the art of 2D FX animation, like fire, water, smoke, etc. More to come.

Until next update, have an amazing holiday and see you again soon.


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  1. i gotta say, that last picture with the fire and water…it’s like, unspeakably gorgeous. I can safely say that I’m looking forward to everything you’ve got in store for us!

    • thanks Jack! That’s the new BCA logo, you can see how I did it on my livestream channel:

      • I just watched your livestream making of the logo and was wondering how you changed the fire from the end of the livestream up until you posted it here? It looks way better here while in the livestream you ended it with the fire looking way more solid and stylized. It was still awesome to watch though and see how the water effects were done!

        • I added a bit of volume to the fire with some more FX modules so I’ll probably cover it in the “Treatment” section of the FX lessons.

  2. I can’t wait for that lesson in fx. I’ve been dying to know the secret!

  3. Next year looks great. Merry Christmas Adam and a Happy New Year.

  4. That’s great to hear that we’ll be seeing more of Bitey and of Brackenwood! I can’t wait for the fx lessons! I was wondering though, are the lessons going to be for Toonboom users? Merry Christmas!

  5. woo! looking forward to those tutorials!

  6. Here’s to year 2011. Congrats on the award for LoTD.
    not sure if U know, but people still love this piece I’ve done nearly 5 or 3 years ago

    • ah, that was you! Someone sent it to me a while back and I love it. I had trouble following the page order but finally got it sorted out. I’m amazed at the work you put into it, it’s absolutely epic! I’m not surprised people still love it. Very well done 😀

  7. You’re a true inspiration to any animator/creativist out there Adam, you did the right thing to leave disney for your own projects :):

  8. YaY BEEN waiting for like ever for that fx lesson (:

  9. You keep inspiring me as always.. Great logo by the way. was really looking forward to the new brackenwood movie last year..
    but, i suppose its good to know im not the only one who suffers from chronic
    procrastination : )

    Im working on a rather large animation myself, and I have to ask you this.
    How do you stay motivated?

    Some days i just dont feel like animating.. but i usually make myself do it anyway.

  10. Gidday mate we are all good, hope all is well your end, bitey seems to be going off and everyone is looking forward to sharing some of your secrets. Have a great 2011.

    • hey mate! Great to hear from you. Everything’s going well here. You avoided the floods I hope and you’re not too soggy and/or muddy up there. You’re welcome to stay at ours any time.. we don’t get floods in the mountains 1km above sea level!

      • Adam, you are doing great successes and achievements. I really like your cartoons and illustrations. When inspecting your work and lessons learned a lot. Wishing you and continue to surprise us the brilliant work.:)

  11. Just wondering, seeing as it’s February now, how the next chapter is coming along?

  12. well adam, its half the year, want to work together?

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