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Oct 302005

The original .swf is locked up with old ActionScript so this low quality video on the Future Shorts channel is the only playable version of Taken that I can find. If I (or someone else) can decompile some of these old  Flash movies, maybe I can get them out into the world using Swivel or something.

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  1. bloody hell i noe i shouldnt watch this but stil!!!!!!

  2. OMG!!! That was some scary shit………..but i like it.


  4. hm…. at this point it isn’t even night any more, it’s early morning… but i think i’ll give this a watch….. when i wake up :3

  5. The thing about your movies is that they’re all addictave. As soon as you see one, the next thing you know you’re watching it again.. and again… and again.

  6. bwaha! I could even tell what was going to happen and it still made me jump. Very nice, very nice indeed.

  7. I’ll admit I jumped and eep-ed.

  8. that was crazy, i was waiting for it and at the exact time i snapped my fingers it jumped out. googd job on this and all your others huge fan.

  9. woaaaah jajaja that was scary man.!

  10. scared the shit out of me, and thats pretty hard to do. You’re amazing at this stuff d(^_^)b

  11. HAHAHAH The firt time I wached this I had the volume up really high. And now I wish i wasn’t sitting in my ROLLING chair I swear I fell Backwards LOL 🙂

  12. Jeez, ive seen this a lot of times, and it still makes me jump. The first time i saw it i was sitting half under a desk in the ICT class and BOOM, next day i had this huge lump on my head. Very funny and cool, Please make more short scary clips!!!

  13. holy crap that scared the hell out of me they showed this in my animation class and jumped then too!

  14. I actually wasn’t that startled when the creature jumped out , I actually laughed at the abrupt entrance of the creature when it snatched the guy . Good Work!

  15. Okay, so I probably deserved it for watching this at 3 in the morning, but did I ever jump!
    I think I broke one of the little plastic tabs on the back of my keyboard.
    So much for getting rid of my insomnia… I may never sleep again.

  16. wow i nerly !*$# my pants but affter i laft my pants off!

  17. Still love this one! Still makes my unsuspecting friends crap themselves.

  18. Haha turned off my lamp to watch it. Scared the shit out of me. Watched it a second time, trying to freeze-frame it and not knowing whether it was stopped or not (it wasn’t!) it scared me even worse haha!

  19. Arrrgh i was drinking orange juice. Now a very large portion of it is either in my sinus cavity or on my laptop. Don’t worry, neither one has been damaged.

  20. It won’t play.

  21. Bahaha that scared the shit out of me at 2.09am. Thanks Adam 😛

  22. wht grabbed him?!?!?!?!?!?

  23. Strange thing going on within me…I want to see it again but cant muster enough courage to do it at the same time…Can u have a slo-mo version plz… i wanted to see the monster…:D

  24. without getting scared that is…

  25. Just watched this and almost shat myself.
    Had to show it to my 12 year old brother.. Same thing with him 😀
    Love your movies <3

  26. it wont play dam

  27. I think this video is f***ing wrong and the web site should be shut down

  28. Scared the crap out of me…….

  29. I loved this so much back in the day! Being halloween I had to come back and watch it, still amazing! Thank you.

  30. First look back in 2011 – seen it several times.

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