Dec 022016

Most weekends I stream my current projects on Twitch. In December 2016 I conducted a couple of Q&A Toon Boom Harmony demonstrations, aimed at those Flash animators who wanted/tried to learn Toon Boom but never quite clicked. This stream covered almost all the basics, but there are still many features to see. One thing I ►►


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Jun 252010

To complement EA/Bioware’s gritty RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, EA2D created Dragon Age Journeys. It’s adventure role playing with turn-based combat in the fantasy genre (spells, swords, monsters, etc.) Built with Flash, it’s free and played directly in the browser. EA2D is a division of EA Games. They took Daniel Stradwick, a hugely successful indie ►►


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Oct 312006

[swfobj src=”/flash/biteycastle/333am.swf” width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”center” required_player_version=”10″]ugh, Flash Player Required[/swfobj] Another Halloween short. Sorry about the watermark. That’s my old site-locking ActionScript coming back to haunt me.

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