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Nov 262018

Here’s the first test scene for the next Brackenwood wildlife doc featuring prowlies. The animation was done entirely in Toon Boom Harmony. The top half is a background still from my UE4 river environment. The lower half is all hand-drawn 2D, including water FX, shadows, reflections and creature animation. Surface movement and underwater refraction was done using a noise with evolution to warp the hand-drawn reflections.

This prowlies documentary episode will be a complex one because of all the water and multiple creatures. Using 3D backgrounds should work pretty well for the static shots, but I’m still figuring out how to combine 2D animation with 3D camera movement in the 3D environment. 2D planes in 3D environments? Selected 3D characters? 2D materials on particle systems? Achieving my style of 2D will be quite a challenge in Unreal, I think.

I’m working on this in my live streams so follow me on Twitch to get a notification when I go live.

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  1. Wow this all blended together very nicely.

  2. Wow! A wonderful combination and I hate most 3d blends ( I plan to be buried with my 2d pencil in my hand). Almost makes me want to try it!

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