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Sep 092010

I’ll embed the new D&D movie here when it’s live.. should be in a day or two. For now, here’s a coupla small pics:

This is all created with the drawing and painting tools in ToonBoom Animate Pro.


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  1. Ok… first… kudos on the redesign! Second… MAN that looks slick! I’ve got to say that I love Flash as much as the next guy, but your stuff has launched to a whole other level with TB Animate. Fan… tastic!

  2. Looks amazing mate!

    Can’t wait to see it in full swing.

  3. What about LOTD 2?
    You said it would be January/February and you wouldn’t leave it another two years.
    It’s now nearly been a year.

    • I stand by my original comment.. it won’t be another two years 😛
      I’ve had to take on work to pay the bills and save some money. It’s the only way I can take 2 months off to do a Brackenwood or BiteyCastle movie.

      • Yeah, I already thought that was the reason but I was afraid it was gonna take another two years because of your work with EA and stuff.

  4. Wow that looks great!
    I cant wait to see the finished product.

    And like Rubber Onion I’m blown away every time I see your work in Toon Boom.

    It makes me want to start using it my self. =)

  5. Beautiful, as usual; your skill is unquestionable.

  6. Hey! Nice job there hardhat!

  7. Very welcome.

  8. spectacular!…I’m so excited!

  9. I guess I’m gonna have to make the transition to Animate Pro. Great stuff.


  11. amazing 🙂 how long time that all have to make this scene from scrach to drawing with colours?!

  12. Hey Adam, is it live yet?

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