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Feb 272011

I must put in a good word for Ajar Productions who have created a Flash plug-in called SmartMouth. Even though I use Flash less and less these days, I know what a time-consuming pain it can be to manually synchronise dialogue with animation. If you’re a Flash user, you’ll value anything that saves time, alleviates some stress and generally helps with the process.

If lip-sync is a major part of your work, whether you’re a studio or a freelancer, you might wanna check it out at Ajar Productions. I also recommend watching the video demonstrations to get a feel for how it works and whether it can fill that particular gap in your workflow.


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  1. Hey thanks for this, i’m still fairly new to animating in Flash but anything that’ll help out with the process is welcome.

  2. Thanks for mentioning SmartMouth, Adam!
    Keep up the great work! We’re looking forward to the release of the Daskin game.

  3. That is really quite awesome. I’m sort of sad that I have stopped doing flash animation now and doing CGI instead 🙁 Looks like an amazing piece of software though!

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