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Aug 102010

Alright so here I am back home after a fortnight in the US where I attended my first Comic-Con. I finally met face-to-face and partied with friends from ToonBoom, Ghostbot, Wizards of the Coast, AmplifierNewgrounds and The Behemoth, all to whom I’m grateful for showing me the town and drinking me under the table. We drank twice as hard as I thought we would and half as much as I thought I could. I certainly would love to have stayed for another week in San Diego with you people. It was amazing. There’s like a billion Comic-Con photos on Facebook from the Newgrounds crowd but I took a few of my own.

made by Morichax (Jenessa Zaragoza)
Bitey plush became my travelling companion after it was given to me at Comic-Con
MoriChax. I love it like a brother. It took her 4 hrs to make!

After Comic-Con, I flew up to San Francisco courtesy of EA2D for about 8 days  of work on Dragon Age Journeys and a little more partying. I’ve been working on Journeys for almost 2 years now so it was great to finally meet this amazingly talented, passionate and creative team. On the Journeys front, there will be an announcement soon.. until then I can’t say who what where when, but I will post info here when I can. it’s not a postcard.. I took this! EA put me up here for the duration of my stay.
Best hotel I’ve ever been in, or even near.

OK seeya!

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  1. Looks like you had fun!
    Did you see anything else at EA video game wise that you can share with us?

    I’m looking forward to the next journeys.

  2. Wow. If only I knew you were going! Id have stowed away haha. Sure looks like a great hotel. So great they (EA) put you up there for the trip. *so jealous*

  3. Looks like you had a great time man! I would have loved to have been the desk clerk at the hotel witnessing you stumble thru the lobby piss drunk mumbling incoherently about tweens!
    Nice plushie too man, that rocks! You have some pretty cool fans Adam. Hehe!

  4. Thanks for sharing…keep it coming, I don’t like the dark.

  5. Comic con, but no Gen Con. Sad Face.

  6. Lots of fun!, man I am growing thirsty for something awesome from you, anything, animations, ANYTHING….the wait is just too long, it’s unbearable!!! lol, need some inspiration to feed on

  7. Wait…………. you actually got time to sleep?

  8. That’s awesome! Glad you enjoyed the states. When are you gonna post the next bitey cartoon? Sorry to be so blunt but I check in all the time to see if ti’s up yet. They are expertly done and inspiring for anyone who wants to go into animation.

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