RedBox Ninjas

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Sep 202010

My most recent assignment is now live on the Wizards website. Like the previous D&D cartoons, it’s a promo short but this one is for the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box. I storyboarded from the script and it came out at 3½ mins, so I went ahead and completed it. Just before it went live though, I was asked to edit it down to around 2½ mins to improve the pace and comic timing. The result is a much more effective, snappier short which I’ve embedded below. However, you can see my uncut version – complete with an extra gory courtesan death – on my own YouTube channel here.

The software I used was Animate Pro 2 (of course) which allowed me to do the sweet 2½D environments, lighting and filter FX.

Seems to be pretty well received so far. Discussion is happening here on the Wizards site and here on the Brackenwood forum.

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