RedBox Ninjas

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Sep 202010

My most recent assignment is now live on the Wizards website. Like the previous D&D cartoons, it’s a promo short but this one is for the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box. I storyboarded from the script and it came out at 3½ mins, so I went ahead and completed it. Just before it went live though, I was asked to edit it down to around 2½ mins to improve the pace and comic timing. The result is a much more effective, snappier short which I’ve embedded below. However, you can see my uncut version – complete with an extra gory courtesan death – on my own YouTube channel here.

The software I used was Animate Pro 2 (of course) which allowed me to do the sweet 2½D environments, lighting and filter FX.

Seems to be pretty well received so far. Discussion is happening here on the Wizards site and here on the Brackenwood forum.

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! The first comment!!!

  2. its very good!

  3. laughed a lot !! haha nice expressions ..loved it !!! am the 3rd comment ^_^

  4. Very nice! You keep getting better and better!

  5. Fantastic, there truly is no limit to your skill in effects and animation!… you’ve definitely taking animation to the next level!

  6. LMAO! That was freaking awesome.
    Great job Adam.

  7. hahaha hilarious
    White Ninja: whoo sorry guies what I miss?
    Red Ninja : Green killed the princess
    Green Ninja :Dude!
    Red Ninja : well you did.
    Green Ninja: (Phone rings)
    Red White Blue Ninja: Ahhh (throws sia, ninja stars etc)
    White Ninja : your cellphone’s not on silent? what kind of ninja are you?
    Blue Ninja: aw whch (whip sounf LOL)
    Green Ninja : (flipps off)

    Frickin Funny Sh*t Man keep up the good work!

    • @M.c : i agree with you its just ..amazing hehe.

      cant wait for another vid .

      and i will practice on this vid 😀

  8. This is cool but what of the Brackenwood Series?

    • hmmm.. i think he’s working on one recently 😀
      as i read he will publish it too in newgrounds after finishing it 🙂

  9. Epic facepalm at the end. Nice. But what happened to the uncut version on youtube? Its been removed >:-C

  10. you have a fan from Spain men! really the best, haha I love your backgrounds , animation , really congratulations on your work and hope that one day a tutorial on your backgrounds. : D


    pd: sorry for my English haha

  11. Hmm still no uncut version, says “removed by user”? Any chance of seeing the uncut version anymore?

    • I’ll be adding new music and re-uploading. Long story but I hope to get around to putting it back up on YouTube soon.

  12. I’m an amature animator in the up coming. I fell in love with the beautiful animations the team created ( Brakenwood mostly). i just learned how to use Toon boom studios TM, and I’m working on a comedic animation using my friends as voice actors. i have a couple animations done; sadly all I’ve been doing is stick figure animations – still, i always get feed-back saying “they are awesome” or “well done”, and i should start doing more inter graded stuff or be more serious with my animating. All i wanted to say is that you guys are amazing and if you have anything for me to know like tips, software, etc I’d really love to hear it.

    P.S. Also I’m trying to get into a good college for animation, if you happen to know/have information on good scholarships my email is posted

    signed your newest fanatic
    Ade C. Beatty

  13. Epic facepalm at the end. Nice. But what happened to the uncut version on youtube? Its been removed >:-C

  14. jajajajaja son unos exelentes ninjas XD

  15. the uncut version is not there anymore

  16. I cant help but think that there should be a gnome ninja. ‘Im a ninja, RAWR!”

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