Red Dragon

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Sep 102008

My work on the fourth D&D 4th Edition short “The Red Dragon’s Interview” is finished and it has been well received by various RPG communities. As it wasn’t officially uploaded to YouTube by Wizards, someone else got around to doing it. Here it is (below) but if you want to see the nicer Flash quality version, you can do so here.

Remarkably, 99% of their comments are about the characters and the writing, rather than the animation itself. I guess I can see this as a small victory, partly because while admittedly I’m a bit of a feedback addict, I’m a believer that the animation and the medium must never outshine the characters and story. An audience must never be distracted by the puppet’s strings.

Going OTT on animation & FX can be as distracting as bad animation, particularly if the characterisation is weak. The D&D characterisation is strong and the writing is good so the animation itself faded into the background. Well.. that’s what I tell myself as I cry myself to sleep each night.

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  1. That was so epic =D, great job, how did you get so good.

  2. ha, that was great! expressions on the high sycophant, the chime-ins from the others. Good short, though I am really unsure as to how one sentences a red dragon to ANYTHING.. nice sense of scale too, with perspective and sound, that background DOES seem a ways off.

  3. I love D&D! I love your animations!! Together they make a joy-gasm I just can’t hold in!!! JOOOOOOY!!!! ahem, well done adam , you continue to amaze me. just love the fluidity of your animations!

  4. Here! Hold this!


  5. So… is there anywhere that I can view the flash? I really want to show this to friends but it sounds like the converter used munched the audio quite a bit.

    Just found out about these animations. Really love them.

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