Prowlies at the River

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Aug 222004

Below is the original uncompressed Flash movie. After the play button, just click the spider to watch the movie.

[swfobj src=”/flash/brackenwood/brackenwood004.swf” width=”720″ height=”480″ align=”center” required_player_version=”10″]ugh, Flash Player Required[/swfobj]

This was the turning point for Brackenwood. I had never personally experienced “popular demand” until the release of ‘Bitey of Brackenwood’. I was getting daily email requests for more Bitey movies so I delved into my ideas notebook and pulled out this silly gag about peeing into a river.

The result was ‘Prowlies at the River’. This movie did incredible things for my reputation and put Brackenwood on the map for good. Cold Hard Flash rated Prowlies Number 4 in “The Flash Animation 10 Most Influential” Flash films of all time. I’m still very proud of it, despite the jerky animation and ultra weird opening dream sequence!

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  1. I’ve been a devoted fan of yours for years and this particular one has always been my favorite. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more in the future!!

  2. adam you are the best!

  3. this is my old times favorite <3
    i remember first watched it when i was 11 i think, now i'm 17 (:
    bitey is AWESOME, i love him!
    i really like your stuff, it's just beautiful in all ways.
    have a nnnice day (:

    • LOL Bitey Rocks Althougth I love this episode first because Bitey gets his butt whooped by the prowlies LOL and last because Adam does such an AWESOME job Bringing Bitey Of Brackenwood to life . Keep up the good work Adam ! 😀

  4. This episode has some of the best music from the series. Especially the music that plays while the first prowlie is walking aside the river. Even that odd little piece that plays when he’s dreaming has a neat feel to it.

  5. this was relised on the day of my 8th bday =DD

  6. Oh I remember years ago this was the animation that influenced me to animate. The part where the prowlies are playing by the river is the only part I saw but it is the reason I animate.

  7. Hey Adam saw the link you had left on a reply to a comment clicked it and it had the Bio. Plants inhabitans. and episodes of the BrackenWood Series. I had clicked the episodes and saw the “Episodes In The Making” title and THEN saw “Busted” episode so my question is are you going to make that still or was Prowlies At The River the end result?


  8. Hey Adam, Quick question When the prowlies were laughing what did you use to make that sound?

  9. dang even though this is just bitey series Bing bong can still be a kicker, eh?

  10. This is the best flash saga i’ve ever seen by far.

  11. Was that bing bong peeing in the river?

  12. Because the dream sequence isn’t only weird- it’s ULTRA weird.

  13. You have to make a water tutorial, or any liquid tutorial because your water is unique! it is the coolest water i’ve seen please i want to learn some those water effects and all about water, please!

    PS: those prowlers are my favourite creatures in Brackenwood 🙂

  14. maybe just saying i have some ideas for bitey of brakenwood find my moms E-mail and send a message!
    ps-that was funny putting bitey drinkin bing-bong’s pee

  15. I love your storys and your characters. Brackenwood series is awesome.

  16. The flash downloads from newgrounds just told me they wont run without an internet connection so how would I get or pay for copies to run on my laptop? My kids love the Bitey movies and I bring my laptop over when I visit. Rather not have to take them to a wifi location to see them if possible! Of course, before you get too sympathetic, my kids ARE kinda old, but they have been fans of Bitey for three years and when the game comes out, that will make comcast internet a must have as far as they are concerned!

  17. not me, i like bitey he is so little and mean kinda like me

  18. i love this site too i wish someone could tell me how to become a member

  19. Bitey is so so so so so so so so so so so so ect AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. Quality animation?Check.Lively storyline?Double check.Bitey of Brackenwood?Triple check!Keep up the great work,Phillips!

  21. I love all of your work! It’s so amazing. I love the prowlies laugh when they notice the elf(?) boy peeing in the river… I love them overall, they are so cute!

  22. I just love the prowlies. I have made my own pictures of them. They are inspiering fantasy creature,

  23. Movie does not plat at full size

  24. that is the most funniest one you made! You make the best episodes ever!

  25. btw Adam is my uncle!

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