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Pilliga Scrub

Visit any Australian trucker’s forum and search for “Pilliga”, or “Piliga”. You’ll soon be rewarded with stories of “min-min” lights (an old aboriginal legend), vicious unseen creatures, ruined vehicles and sightings of the Pilliga Princess.

A common sight reported by truck drivers is that of small lights travelling at high speed through the trees, keeping pace with the trucks. Sometimes at ground level, others rising high above the trees. Others talk of localised wind storms, like mini hurricanes that shake and rock trucks and other vehicles, while coloured lights dance and sparkle in the air.

Image of a ruined vehicle in the Pilliga. Note the signage on the
door: Coonabarabran Contracting. Image ©local-legends.net

One story I heard many years ago was that of a truck driver who stopped for a couple of hours sleep on the roadside, right in the middle of the Pilliga. During the night, he was woken by a terrific banging and screeching of twisted metal. His truck was rocking violently and terrified, he cowered in the cabin without a wink of sleep until dawn. When he finally emerged in daylight, he was struck with the sight of the trailer tarpaulin shredded and strewn for a hundred metres up the road. The metal ribs of the trailer cage were twisted and bent beyond repair.

From hankstruckpictures.com (trucker’s forum)
“On a 120 km stretch of the Newell Hwy between Coonabarabran and Narrabri is the Pilliga State Forest… It’s a beautiful drive during the day but at night, some of the toughest men fear to travel along this stretch of highway unless they know they wouldn’t have to stop, even down to hearing about drivers blowing out a tyre and driving it flat until they reach the other side.”

On a late night-early morning Australian radio programme called ‘Overnights‘ (2am – 6am), they held a few special nights dedicated to stories from the Pilliga region. Listeners could call the station and tell their Pilliga stories on the air. On that night, the radio station had two of their people in the Pilliga Scrub reporting live by satellite phone. At one point, the connection dropped and the signal wasn’t restored for some time. When it finally returned, the reporters were OK and the cut signal was unexplained.

During the programme, one caller who identified himself as “Bongo” told a harrowing story of the night he was forced to spend in the Pilliga way back in 1978. The ordeal he endured that night affected him in such a terrible way that, to this day, he remains in psychiatric care.

The recording of Bongo’s call is freely available from the radio station’s website, but it’s tough to find, so I’ve embedded it here from my SoundCloud for easier access. Hit the orange play button below.

Warning: You absolutely must NOT listen to this unless it’s late and night and you have turned off your lights. Good luck!

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  1. Holy crap! this was amazing are there anymore things like these? I really wonder what it looked like?

  2. Interesting read!! I really like the audio clip with that. Thanks for the captioning!

  3. Hold up. hes in pshyco care because of the incident?
    …Ever occured to you guys that its the other way round?? Hes a psycho in care whos condition is making up crazy stories

    • Yes I think that these people are just trying to top the other persons story . All these storytellers are some what unbalanced . Little Lite in the Loafers !

  4. Haha i only listened to like half. I stopped at like half way. and I went back and read this and it said dont listen unless its night and your lights are turned off, and its day time and now im freaked out. nice.

  5. I’ll listen this once it’s day and the lights are turned on, I’m not a big fan of horror…

  6. shit man, this guy’s really fucked up.

  7. its possible that some creature did do this to Bongo. i heard there are these creatures that are roaming the wildrness in australia called the “Yowie”. their how u say big foot like. all i can say is that there is alot of things in this world that cant be explained and when some ppl dont understand the stories that are being told by someone they assume they where high or psychotic (and i think that’s rediculous).

  8. ….Been a while since I’ve visited the blog, but (and this is no joke), the second after I finished listening to this, my TV turned on. By itself.

    I must have accidentally put on a timer for it or something but it’s still pretty random timing overall…

  9. I agree with kay, it sounds like superstition combined with animal attacks percieved through someone with a mental instability. Regaurdless i still feel sorry for the guy, whatever he thought he saw scared him shitless.

  10. Poor Bongo – I’ve listened to this a few times and my heart just goes out to him. There are similar well documented lights in Marfa Texas, although I don’t recall twisted metal or physical attacks with the lights. In any case, I’ll be avoiding the Pilliga and whatever lurks there.

  11. Wow. Psycho or not its hard for someone to have that kind of a breakdown over something they made up. Whatever Bongo saw scared him and it even gave me the chills. Looks like I’ll be sleeping with the light on.

  12. that was pretty scary!!! but i couldn’t really understand bongo without subtitles…….

  13. pairs of hairy legs hanging up? wtf!

  14. i have many pics of a little light , the thing is there are animals there as well they are only a bit scared of it. if u want a look at these photos. you can find them on flickr.. then put in ( thylacine pad) in search window. many times these lights have followed me or my brother, this was 10 yrs ago the light was about 20 feet away on these occassion if u went towards it , it moved away. its only now after using trail cams i have got photos of a light very similar to the one of 10 yrs ago . the photo of the light is at the end of about 80 photo i put up. also i have a avi of something the flew behind me at night didnt see it until i watch the avi nects day. i would love to know what it is , i was thinking of sending some photos to csiro , but i think they will only laugh.

  15. Can you please add options? Maybe Pause and subtitles? Please.

  16. I had to turn it off when Bongo started gibbering in weird falsetto about ‘legs hanging up…oh god oh god” I think another poster likely has the situation correct: Bongo is/was in an institution at some point in life suffering from some sort of inventive delusional state. It’s scary to think that this guy can actually imagine something so terrifying that it reduces him to a babbling psycho. There is no way this guys breakdown is an act.

  17. Wow! Lisend to that at 0500, scared me into turing on the lights in the house!

  18. i don’t even need to listen, but after reading the blogs i know we’ve got the same things in Washington State. I’ve heard countless similar Yeti (bigfoot) stories. They attack your car out on the lonely roads of the reservation. There are many other weird invisible things running around.

    My family’s farmhouse was built on the edge of a field that was an old Indian burial ground. There were always ‘people’ standing around beside us when we were out in the field, but when you turned around they were gone. Inviisible things also followed us around on the farm. We could hear things climbing the fences but never see it.
    I had forgotten about all this 25 years after the family moved off the farm after university. Then I saw ‘Narnia’, the fauns, and it started coming back to me. A guy from my secondary school lives there now, and said strange things happen there, but he won’t talk about it at all.
    My sis and I would walk around in the snow in winter, and hear something follow us. When I would backtrack to see what it was, something would knock me down. We would find ‘goat’ footprints in the snow leading up to the fences, where the tracks stopped and reappeared on the other side of the fence. That was part of the clue of what it was. Later, my gran who could see all sorts of supernatural stuff saw it one day, telling me she just saw a faun, and ‘it wasn’t the deer kind’ she said with disgust. She sounded worried that it had seen her, but wouldn’t talk about it any more than that. I’ve got a million stories about growing up out there, but just haven’t written it all down yet. I would lke to hear if anyone else has a modern ‘faun’ story.

    • I seem to recall there are many strange stories from the east that deal with goat-like prints in the snow and weird things in the woods. I lived for 12 years in northern Arizona by the San Francisco Peaks, which were once the burial grounds for many of the tribes around the area. That was a creepy place to say the least. But no regular reports of hoof marks, perhaps because we all assumed it was the local ranchers using the land. What do you suppose made the marks? Humans or something that was bound to the area to protect it from being disturbed? Very curious.

      • Really…a faun…you think you saw a faun…are you sure you didn’t just conviently make this up after seeing that movie. I’m sorry if that’s rude but i find that just a bit out there. The indian ghosts however do sound more possible.

    • You should tell your stories to Wes at Sasquatch Chronicles

      • Hi Les, I always wondered what happened to this comment! I just now Googled it. I’d write more online, but people such as Chao-ski above cause me to back off. And I didn’t see the faun, just the tracks, and the proof of all the times we bumped into, or tripped over the the thing. He was small, super strong, but a slow runner on those little back hoofs. And tt doesn’t matter how many witnesses saw the the ‘hairy little man,’ which was quite the phenomena while I was growing up. The witnesses related to me are dead now, and I have no proof. I do think that we will see more of these Bigfoot and other nephilim such as fauns, and God knows what else. These various types of creatures have been described over thousands of years, but the ‘scientism’ of our day says that these things don’t exist. And when these beings have the ability to cloak themselves with invisibility, how can we every prove it to the thick headed non-bellievers? I wish that we could weed those people out of the group, but sadly, they always creep in until they expose their ridicule of those of us that have had to live with our fearful experiences our whole lives.

  19. I agree that Bongos story is pretty bone chilling, although I find it strange that he decided to spend the night in the car instead of letting the guy he asked for the nearest gas station give him a ride. And then there’s the part of the yowie bringing him back to the car, eh what?

    But yeah, extremely intriguing story and very disturbingly told. I wonder if it was one of the best prank calls ever, if Bongo just believed it had happened to him or if it really did happen to him. For once I really do hope the truth lies within the two first suggestions, preferably the very first.

  20. Amazing story. I try to have a healthy dose of skepticism when I hear these things, but it becomes more difficult over the years, having seen enough strangeness myself in Northern Maine. Hopefully, Bongo gets well some day (though given the length of his stay, I find that doubtful, sadly) and he can share this story in more detail. As for me, I’m staying away from remote stretches of forest. Thanks for the story.

    • I think these people are doing some kind of drugs ? Maybe taking Acid Trips LOL ? I’m really Sceptacal of all these people that clain these things have a little something wrong with thier Brains . One can short of a 6 Pack ?Or maybe they have a full 6 Pack but lack that little plastic thing that holds them all together ?

      • Yeah who knows, mate? Could’ve been drunk at the wheel, wrecked their truck, difficult to explain to “da buawsse” so cooked up this story to save his hide.

  21. Well, sounds to me like a scathian of sorts. Powerful creatures, and not to fairly attractive, difficult to describe, terrifing in person, and poorly tempered. Poor Bongo came into contact with what I consider a beast amoung beasts. Never seen one in person but they’ve been explained to me as tall creatures that can rear up on hind legs to ten feet in height. They have powerful gouting jaws, and a neck that hoods out like a cobra. They usually romp about on all fours and have a difficult anatomy to explain. Best one I’ve heard is thier bodies are large and carved with vents, or slits down the “rib” area, long arms made for walking on, and shorter hind legs for hind support. Covered mostly in fur, ranging in color, but a common reference is black fur, or charcol colored fur. Thier eyes also reflect light much like a cats, and the can easily run 40-45 miles an hour, not quite sure what that clocks in as Km/hr. but I’ll tell you it’s fast. As I said never seen one, and I’ve only heard reports of them inhabiting forested regions. Although I remain skeptical as to if they are real due to the inconssistancy of reports. But yeah, keep an eye out for Scathians.

  22. Oh man. That sounds like a mega bad experience. I mean i haven’t ever come across a situation like that before, the fact that this dude is still in that psychiatric ward really worries me. Also nearing the end of the interview and every time he tried to explain what it looked like he seemed to begin to panic. Horror movies pfft who gives a crap. Hearing this however will most probably keep me up at night. Hope the guy gets better, not that its likely but still.

  23. i suspect he is psycho. listen, there is crazy shit in this world, iknow. but most of these people have some kind of attention-needing, self-centering, self-justifying psychosis that involves serious problems in their earlier life

  24. Won’t be surprised if it is a remnant of some lost giant tribe; even in America, they have unearthed bones of giants 12ft in height..neanderthals were driven to extinction by homo sapiens and these beings could have survived because of Australia’s isolation

  25. A very chilling story.

  26. where this place located? this story was really nice and it is interesting to read! i”ve been reading this site for many times and mostly of my friend was amaze by this story. were fun of reading creepy stories such like this one.

  27. Just wanted to share my story. My boyfriend and I broke down in the middle of the Pilliga in a BDouble last weekend we were there for 17hrs in total just before sunset all electronics went in the truck so we pull over on the shoulder (not much room and no power steering made it interesting) the truck was covered n fuel something went bust on the block….. sadly we didnt hear or see a thing… not to say there wasn’t and we just slept through it all because we had no no idea of the history of the pilliga hauntings and yowi’s till some days later when we returned home, every noise we figured it was just just the truck settling we probably would have spooked ourselves stupid jumping at every sound if we had know the stories before breaking down…. In the next trip through (which are all at night) I will film and take picks who knows something may get captured by the lens.
    I am open minded when it comes to stories cause I wasn’t there I cannot judge . Either way bongo story is pretty awesome real or fake its convincing and gives you a scare. Isn’t that what stories are all about??

    • fantastic, thanks for sharing! I agree about Bongo’s story. Whether it’s real or not, it’s pretty obvious to me that HE believes it’s real.. either that or he’s a masterful storyteller and actor 😀

      Thanks again for the story and I look forward to anything else you can tell us. Strange though that all the truck’s electrics should fail in the middle of the Pilliga. It’s a pretty common thread in Pilliga stories that things to go wrong on that stretch of road.

  28. One of my good mates worked in a cattle ranch right in the middle of it all for a few years and although we are deeply honest with each other he refuses to say what happened there and has broken down in tears when I have pushed for answers. (hes the kind of bloke who does not cry easily)
    Definetly something spooky there :O
    P.s Adam dont stop, youre amazing 😀

  29. ……..o man holy@#$%

    • well sorry bad choise of words i was afraid of leaving my chair and going to the bath room that was RIGHT NEXT TO ME!

  30. i don’t have the nerve to listen T.T

  31. I drove through the Pilliga a couple of weeks ago, in daylight, and the forest looked great. I’ve been through the Pilliga many times over decades, and it’s always ultra-scarey at night. This stretch tends to have more stories of phenomena that any other stretch along the entire highway.

    It’s easy (and lazy) to dismiss Bongo’s story for whatever preferred alternative. But, he is not alone! Many other drivers have had a frightening encounter with something inexplicable along the same stretch. I hope I never get stuck in the Pilliga at night. Bongo saw something that genuinely unhinged his grip on reality. It’s the first I’ve heard someone say they were taken by something!

    Bongo has been in care ever since the event. Some of you think that means he was nuts before he started driving. Some think its due to what he experienced on that trip. Isn’t it fickle that we can’t tell the difference? So I reckon it’s a good starting point to presume a person is telling the truth, then find the facts to support that, if possilbe.

    The Pillaga is being explored to mine coal-seam gas – methane. Maybe the Min-Min lights have been balls of methane igniting under certain freak conditions? Violent shaking of cars/trucks could be due to freak weather events, such as willy-willy’s (dust-devils, dry tornados), with atmospheric instability; or possibly minor seismic events.

    As for the rest of Bongo’s story, remember this was back in 1978, perhaps he was taken when he went to pee, was drugged and escaped back to his truck? Outlandish altered perceptions are common with drugged victims in shock. Intuitively, I feel Bongo is telling us the truth as he remembers it. Are there any unsolved missing persons in the region? Could the Pilliga have been a hideout for someone, with reason to scare people away?

    • i believe in him and what he saw his lucky he dident die of fright like the two security guards at erea 51 they have something on the base so horrifying 2 men died from encountering it so the pilliga sounds a bit like the skinwalker ranch in some way and horrifying things seen on that ranch scare people to death , as for the rumour of hikers being torn to bits up and down the eastern coast of queensland by yowies , even though its been kept silent by the authorities and the military , and all the stuff about decapitated heads and body parts of victims found dates back decades is something you be sure of happened in australia by yowies

  32. i listened this at daylight with some lights turne on, so, what would heppen to me now?

  33. i listened this at daylight with some lights turned on, so, what would happen to me now?

  34. I live in Sweden and me and my cousin found a really weird creature once few years ago, just outside my cousins house. I don’t expect anyone to believe me (my father didn’t and he has been the only one I have told about it) but I’ll tell about it anyway.
    Me and my cousin was outside his house a sunny day and I looked at him while he was playing with his dog when I suddenly notice some weird, white, whip cream-looking mess at the first stair step to his house. It was not well hidden but it was not something to notice that easily either and this mess was about as large as a fist. I walked towards it to take a closer look and saw that the grass that had been in contact with it had died, as if it was poison or something. I took a stick and poked away carefully this mess to see if I could find out what exactly it was when I saw a really creepy thing in there that looked like a thin peace of pink flesh that was a little bigger than a thumb and had almost the same shape as a snail, but was almost flat, without eyes, mouth, legs or nose or whatever that could have made it look like a living creature.
    I thought at first that it was some kind of flesh witch had somehow got there in some way (I didn’t know really) but when I carefully poked it with the stick it moved a little. I got really scared since I know a lot about animals but have never seen anything like this before and I called for my cousin to come and take a look. He asked what the hell that was and I said that I didn’t know but it was something living and poked it again with the stick and it started to move again. Slowly both of us started to freak out and my cousin called my brother since he knows pretty much about abnormal things. He had never heard of something like that before and said that we should capture it in something and freeze it down so he could take a look at it. My cousin ran into the house to find something to keep it in while I kept an eye at it. It started to rain a little but it was still light outside and finally he came out with a half cola-can (or whatever you say in english) and succeeded to get in that creature in it.
    We looked a little at the almost slimy-looking thing in there as the rain fell down and got truly surprised that whenever a raindrop dropped on it, it started jumping! No shit it started to jump! We heard, saw and felt how it was jumping in there and I don’t really remember but I think it stopped jumping whenever we got inside. My cousin took some plast and covered the half cola and laid it in the freeze.
    A week after, when I wasn’t there, my brother visit my cousin and took a look at it. Its flesh-pink uuh “skin” (I don’t know if it was skin but I don’t believe so), had turned into blue. My brother said that it definitive was a spineless creature, but again, he had never seen anything like it before just like the rest of us.
    Sorry this was a very long story but I just wanted to have a chance to tell it. I don’t think I will dare to do it again I don’t want to get locked in like poor Bongo but I’m not as frighted, I just cant believe I have seen all this its like a chock in some way. Really strange things is going on in- and outside my cousins house both he and I have heard, felt and seen creepy stuff there.

  35. Hey I got an interesting story as well but I have actually been forced by friends to never tell another person because of what the repercussions could be.

  36. What ever happened to that Min-min lights story you intended to add?

  37. Personally i think that with all the fear surrounding the pilliga it’s understandable how someone might think something like happened to them, i’m not saying that Bongo’s story is fake just that the human mind is powerful and can cause us to have hallucinations when fear is introduced, perhaps he was attacked by an animal and thought it was something else.

    • The bongo guy had never heard of the Pilliga so there is no reason for him to believe there was anything strange about the place.

    • me and my mates were out at gunnadahh pig hunting and we seen this big hairy man abroidginal disendent we call him the yowie he draged my friends wife from the abondoned house we where sleeping in and our piggin dogs went mental came bakk to the house one with a finger and one a lump of fair we also seen lights they apperid to be small flames :'( makes me tear up every time i tell that story

  38. We’ve been camping in the Pilliga every year for the last 4 years. Just got back from a week out there. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything odd. You can get a little spooked at night when you walk off from camp to answer the call of nature, but that’s to be expected with all the rumours and stories.We’ve driven around IN the pilliga at night heaps of times. Nothing to see here as far as I’m concerned. Just a nice part of the Aussie bush.
    As for Bongo, good actor prank calling after a few beers, the “asylum” he speaks of doesn’t exist.

  39. It would be interesting to see an artist rendering of your interpretation of this creature that Bongo encountered. This story is very captivating, I had to listen to it twice. The first time I thought it was actually “Shape’s” voice describing what had happened, so immediately I assumed this was fabricated by you. But after giving it a second go and reading the comments and even visiting the radio’s site, its evident to me that Bongo is a real person with a real fear that shook him to his core. Can’t say I’ve ever had a similar experience, nor would I want to.

  40. fantastic PR stunt by the radio program!

  41. Had a dream about thing I think a yetti or big foot but who far is that road from the place you saw big foot please let me now thanks Adam

  42. i wasnt to sure about writting this ive only told a trusted few people ”back in winter 1983 i stayed with my unty and uncle up in old eden creek in a old school house it was a great spot no neibour’s just us it had a small river but on the bend of the river which was about 400 meters from the house was a rock cave and in front of the cave it had a rock slate going up to the water edge we used to jump of the slate into the water ,, there was no koorie paintings in the cave my uncle told me he believed it was used as a yowie cave .. and it still may have been used if we weren’t living up there’.. alot of scary happenings took place while i lived up there with them”.. tomuch to write now..3am 1 morning uncle rays mum rung ang shewas screaming and crying that a yowie was lurking out the back of her house and thumping on the back door to get in her house was built like fortknocks i soon found out why,,her name was joycey and her mum lived with her her name was granny , gran was the 1st lady to live in grevilla she was very old, and lived in that same house … uncle told joyce to ring the police as they would proberly get there faster and it was to hard to drive from where we lived at nite time but as soon as unckle could see off we drove to his mums ,,,when we looked around and saw these huge flat foot prints it shook me to know some one tryed to get into there house ..and it was freezing cold . i said gee he must have frost bitten feet ” we went inside to see how nan was , nan said the big man tried to get her dogs nan said thats all he wanted and nan was shaking and crying nan thought her dogs were going to be taken ,, we stayed and had a quick cuppa then unckle had 1more look around with his mum i went out to with them … after we had another look around come on lets go back inside and say good by to nan ,, as we or as i got to the back door joycey yelled out get the gun get the gun it wasnt quite in those nice words” as i looked around at joycey then i saw to her left and just 10 meters in front of her was a big hairy very very hairy cave man looking man he was not a ape looking like u see on doco’s or yowie hunting shows he was not like a person of today but way back in caveman days he had no neck deep sunken eyes my unckle spoke calmly and told us not to move , we watched him and at no time did he look at us , he was collecting lemons from the tree that was on the edge of the bush scrub .. when he got enough he walked over this little hill to the right of him , we talked about what we just saw me and my unckle went up over the hill about 15 mins later but no sign of him , my unckle stayed at his mums for a week while i stayed with my unty up at the old school house ,, the police was called but did not show up as joyce mentioned yowie they must of thought she was loosing her mind ,, but i know different! god love u nan joycey unckle xxx

    • fantastic story mate, thanks for sharing!

      • Hi there!

        Great story Could you please explain what a Koorie and a Yowie is?
        For us non-Aussies.

      • Mate could reverse evolution cause or the old zoo trailer mixed with other things. The more I think about it inbreds wouldn’t last out there? What’s your thoughts?

    • a ”koorie is a aboriginal person..a yowie is like a bigfoot in america” or a yetti up in the snowy places” thats all i can give u mate ,, sorry for taking so long havent been back to this site ” take care kind regards larry….

    • gday thomas are u talking to me ,,larry” if so we were just behind the house and the hairy man was about from unty joycey 10meters even less , but from the road 20 meters maybe add 1 or 2 meters,,,, i went back up there about 12 months ago to show my family where i stayed for awhile grans n joyceys house has been taken down no ”house,, i was very sad to see it gone,! i couldnt get my head around that it was’nt there.. all the grass has grown high,, i couldnt even see the lemon tree , i couldnt go onto the property as the farmer had put a barb wire fence around it .. just stared for a while.. i wanted to go up to the old school house but again was’nt aloud up there as hippys bought the land and my unty said it be to dangerous to go up as they were growing u know what” so just have to look at old photo’s and be contented with that..

  43. Reading through some people’s weird phenomenons, the old folks would prob kick my ass for telling as most people don’t believe it. But in the mid to late 80’s my parents were driving down to near Canberra to visit family, now back in those days there wasn’t any of these bypasses etc. Anyway they were driving somewhere close to Kyogle and out that way, where there’s big trees on eitherside, they pulled over to stop as dad couldn’t holdon to a call of nature, so they decided to have a quick cuppa aswell, and they both said they kept hearing these weird growls and scrurryings sounds in the trees, which got louder and closer, at which point they both said it souned like something was actually scratching the side of the car and growling, both of them cr@pped themselve’s and jumped in the car and locked the doors, and this part they both swear on their lives and us kids 2, that when dad turned on the ignition there was two red lights in the back window and they both have even got pretty distressted saying it, but the speedometre read 666, and they freaked out and sped away to the nearest town and rang family freaking out over it. For along time I thought it was just a laugh, but to have some family members say they remember mum and dad ringing up in hystericals over it, i though sh*t that’s pretty freaky. And the only reason I believe it, is my dad is never the emotional sort and family said he was freaking out aswell.

  44. hello richard,, like my uncle said maybe we are the scary ones ? as they were here be for us ??????

  45. well heading back up to my only siteing of the hairy man” i always feel a worried feeling in my stomache when i go back there,, the house is not there as it burnt down a few years ago.. then after i share the facts with my two very good mates,,’ we are heading up to the mountains to sit and have a listen we have all the nite gear , no fire , and a recorder and a nite vision camera” ,, ive had chest pains just knowing what i saw back in early 80’s still could be there , different place but seeing one there must be more? i am excited but fearful to. ” well i hope to come back with something and if we do i’ll report it in’.. and just returning i will be happy ! and im sure the fellers be feeling the same….

  46. well myself and my brother in law and his brother went up to the border rangers on saterday nite and yes we did make contact in hearing a yowie yell just like the same ones u hear on the yowie hunting shows and on the internet” not only did we hear the cry or yell but so did 2 owl spotters as they both came scurrying out from the walking track very quickly” did u hera that they said ” yes we did hear it ,,the yells lasted about 1 minute it gave the three of us a great blood rush ,’hearing them ….the 3 of us and the two other men talked about it for a little while then they left,, we stayed for atleast 2 more hours but there were no more yells we tried a few different places befor we headed home ” but all togeather we had a great nite and a aswome experience,, and i surrpose a very lucky one at that..i think we may of blew the chance of hearing any more yells as we hit the trees with wack boards that we took up there and after we did that everything went quiet” but atleast we have learned by our mistakes. we will plan another trip up that way soon again,, kind regards larry allen.

  47. I’ve been camping in the Pilliga since the 1980s’. One very strange thing about the place is how quiet it is it must be the quietest place I know. Back in late 80’s I heard a story from an acquaintance who goes there for pig hunting. I don’t remember the exact details because it was a long time ago but they were driving through at night and saw something like a Yowie which scarred the crap out of them. Now they will never go alone and only with fellow hunters and guns. I’ve been back there on my own a few times since and the last time was about 2004 or 5 and I was camped a few kilometres off the road half way between Kenebri and Narrabri and one morning I woke up at about 3:30am and heard something walking around. I just stayed still and listened. At first I thought that it was probably normal wild life but it seemed to me to be like human foot steps. As I don’t carry weapons I decided that the best thing to do would be to just lay still and be ready for anything. Fortunately what ever it was went away but I wish I had a look. At one time I thought it might have been an aboriginal but if it was I probably would not have heard anything. When daylight came I couldn’t even find foot prints other than my own so I will never know what it was. I thought of setting up trip wires with tin cans for the rest of my holiday but later thought that it would be a bad move in case it was something to be feared and I wouldn’t want to provoke trouble.

  48. Hate to break it to you guys (and myself), but this story is fake.

    There is no “Happy Day Stay Retreat”, nor has there ever been one.

    A shame, as this still is one of the scariest stories I’ve ever heard.

    • Maybe not, but consider that just because there’s no Google result, does that mean it doesn’t exist? Just a thought 😉

      • does it matter if it is real or not, what if that not its actual name but his getting told that, thats what its called. you can hear the truth in his words.. i believe every word this man has said, it is a horrifying expierence for this man, true or not…

  49. The thing to remember about the Piliga is that not only is it the home of the Yowie, Min Min Lights and the Princess, it is also home to hundreds of Feral people

  50. when i was like 8 – 10 years old my dad used to go log carting out in the piliga. till this day i still believe it and im now 21, i was driving the “bush ute” as we called it, taking it to grab some desiel for the bell logger for my old man, and while i was driving i swear i seen a tall dark man walk across the road, it wasnt like a proper human walk it was more hunched and big stepped walk. being so little and a girl i pretty much shit myself, i broke down in tears grabbed the desiel UHF’d my old man and told him and of course he didnt believe me, but talking to the men who fell the trees about it they believed me, even having there complete concentration on a tree while cutting it with a chain saw, they said heaps of tall dark beings have caught there eye, and they used to camp out there and they would never talk about what happened at night…

    My fiance also told me a story of himself, he went pig hunting out there one night and his ute got bogged out there, ( when i say bogged i mean theres no point in even starting to use a shovel thats how bad it was), he said he was stuck out there for 3 days slept in his ute with it locked with his rifle sitting on his lap with a bullet up the spout, he said he heard what sounded like massive trees falling down one after the other but the next day when he’d go for a little walk he couldnt see anything that had fallen or could make the same sound….

    both me and my fiance will never go back out there unless we were with a group of ppl with everyone having there own rifle fully loaded and ready use at all times.

  51. cobbity-turned off camden valley way onto cobbity rd abt 3.30 one morning and saw a big black shaggy dog dragging a dead pony across the road.I knew I was gonna hit it(8t truck)so just put the clutch in and hit the brakes.the ‘dog’ saw me out of the corner of his eye at the last sec and jumped backwards and stood up!I coasted passed him at abt 15kmh and a mtr or less away.My head was about 8.5 to 9ft off the ground and its head was only a foot or so below me.had red eyes,black skin,black shaggy hair,none on face.looked desparate and scared,thinking back.frigging stunk,too!Was a bit stunned,I think,afterwards.I just put her back in gear and kept going(like I’d just missed a roo or wombat)wasn’t till a couple of k’s down the rd it really sank in.(heard bongo live when heading out back of warragamba couple of years later,drops got done in record time,let me tell ya!)

  52. Its annoying that when I look up more Pilliga stories all I can find are this one and stuff about Yowies.
    I’d like to hear more about the Min Min lights (Only have heard one story in a forum) or some of the other seen and unseen attackers that supposedly hurt people in the Pilliga. Stories of the Pilliga Princess from people who ran into her. Weird experience and sounds that people have when camping there overnight.

    It sounds about as dangerous as The Bermuda Triangle, yet everything I hear is secondhand or a “friend of a friend of a friend”. I hate that! I want to hear the real deal.
    Adam do you know where to find any real good stories of this place firsthand? You seem to hear a lot of good stories =p

  53. Bongo sounds like actor if you ask me. and not so great of an actor. i could be wrong but to me he just didn’t sound believable. especially towards the end. also he provided very little detail.

  54. Bongo is not making this up – as in he truly believes what he is saying and he is genuinely terrified by it. I would be very, very interested to know if he is a Vietnam (or any war) Veteran. My dad is a vet and I have had a lot to do with war veterans. Bongo sounds about the right age to be one. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder could be an explanation. Abused children also do this – their minds are so horrified that a big, scary monster is actually less scary than reality.

    All I know for sure is that the poor man is NOT a “psycho” (what a horrible and immature term) as some other’s are saying. He has definitely experienced something horrific. I just wanted to give the old man a hug when his voice started to really tremble.

  55. I recently wanted to look at a vintage Thames Trader truck that was in the town of Pilliga and was looking online to see if any info about the truck could be found via Google.. but got side tracked with the stories of the Yowie and as I live in Tamworth and work in Gunnedah after moving from Sydney about 1 and 1/2 years ago begin asking of few of the local truck drivers about the Yowie and was very surprised that most truckies I spoke to knew someone or had an experience to talk about.. one guy a now transport company owner I have dealt with for the year and a half I’ve been in the north west told me when he was driving a cattle crate (livestock carrying semi trailer (B double) with two trailers and a top and bottom deck) said one night he was carrying sheep with another truck up to QLD from VIC.. they had stopped for the night about 60Km north of Coonabarrbran in a cleared stopping area in the Pilliga, and during the night he had felt the truck shake but thought nothing of it until the morning when both drivers had walked around there trucks to check tyres etc.. when he noticed blood on the side of the rear trailer close to the back and found that a sheep had been almost pulled through a 100mm gap in the slats that make up the sides of a livestock create on the to deck of the trailer that is some 10 feet from the ground, and on closer inspection noticed the head had been ripped of the sheep… he also told of someone he knew that had stopped in the same spot in a Holden ute but just as he was going to sleep had the passenger side door ripped from the vehicle and as he still had to key in the ignition started the ute and drove to Coonabarabran with out stopping and said he would never travel the road between Coonabarabran and Narrabri ever again… he also told me that in the last year 2013/2014 people had put motion detecting cameras and trip wires at the same cleared area on the road side.. from what he said it would be the Yamminba rest area or the Piliga rest area which both can be seen on Google Street view… I see trucks parked in the Pilliga rest area and no trucks in the Yamminba rest area and from what he said I think the distance from Coonabarabran fits the Yamminba area best… around -30.723207, 149.524312… just trying get some mates together at the moment that would be up for an after dark drive through the Pilliga forest one weekend soon.. will let you know what happens if I make it back. :p…

    • Hello Regg, I would be interested in your drive through the Pilliga I’m in Victoria and love the stories. Regards Doug.

      • Doug,

        From what I’ve read on the net and herd from other truck drivers I’ve spoken to since posting my story.. seems that most sightings are in April/ May and September/ October which fits with a comment I got from a local after talking about going for a look said, ” it’s too hot for Yowies now” (early March) and looking at the average temps 6 to 28 deg now are the same Apr May and Sept Oct either side of summer and we were still seeing 38 deg days in March.. So I’m planning the trip sometime in the next two weeks and only have one willing friend to come with me so will let you know how we get on in a few weeks time…


    • it’s me again and have been into the Pilliga East State Forest a few times since my post with no issues or encounters.. BUT on a hunting trip last weekend with two other people that had not been into the forest before. We stayed two nights in swags and I’ve been in several times but prefer to head back to Narrabri to sleep. Having the two others and them wanting to stay the two nights I did, and on the 1st night at 3:20am we were all awake after hearing what sounded like an Ape noise with grunting and noises that none of us could compare to anything we had ever heard.. When we spoke about it in the morning we couldn’t describe the noise or even anything like it, but one of them said it sounded like something from one of the new Planet Of The Apes movies. We heard nothing the next night but I’m not staying deep in the Pilliga Forest again! We are all very experienced hunters and would know if it was any kind of animal that would be out in the Pilliga.

  56. Does anyone know BONGO`S real name? Why is there no pictures of his truck if it was trashed where are the pictures? And why does BONGO lie about Happy Valley Day Retreat or whatever he calls it there’s o such place! I think BONGO might be just a local ACTOR. Can anyone answer any of my questions?

  57. A couple of years ago a mate and I had a week camping and dirt bike riding all through the Pilliga, we camped at different locations each night and being aware of the areas reputation had us a little worried, but both being ex Australian Army and having two large dogs with us, this is what happened to us, on each night we had a fire and the dogs on long chains, on our first night we cooked up some chops and hit the swags, during the night both dogs went beserk and we got up had a look around but nothing about no eyes or movement etc, in the morning we checked out the area and found some very large dog prints in the sand about 20m from our camp, tracks suggest 2 or more dogs, probably lost pig dogs.
    During our trip we had no issues except on one afternoon we followed an overgrown creek line on the bikes and came upon an area with vegetation out of character for the area considering how dry it was, we had stopped for a break, there was very thick overgrown vegetation and the area was quiet, no birds, roos and we felt like we were being watched, so we scun out of this location quick smart as it may have been some ones drug area, on another night we did hear a loud groaning and heavy thudding sound some distance away, in the morning we checked it out and found a very large gum had fallen over, apart from that we had no dramas camping or being harassed, but the one issue that I did not feel happy about was at times in certain areas was how quiet it was and the feeling of being watched, so if we had that feeling we moved up the track and made camp else ware, not hard to do in a million acres, 7 days and 6 nights and no dramas, maybe those big dogs kept our bacon safe I don’t know, one highlight was what looked like a rocket in the northern sky that eventually went out of sight and we had no radio reception for a while, we finished our trip one the eastern area of the Pilliga and had a beer at Baan Baa then rtn to Moree as had to rtn to duty.
    Have travelled from Narrabri to Dubbo on many trips both for work and pleasure, stopped for family BBQ in the bush on side of road out of view from cars/trucks and I still fear that the greatest threat to yourself and family is from other persons with bad or drug affected intentions, hence I keep close eye on my family when travelling.
    When in the Army my sister had trouble with feral dogs killing her goats, she had a property backing onto the Wollemi Nat/Park near Jerrys Plains myself and a mate hiked up into the hills over several days to have a look about re dogs, saw what looked like normal dingos and some large cross bread dogs, one area we came onto was on a dry sandy creek but had no water on surface but water about 400mm deep, this area was uncomfortable to be in, no movement birds etc, smelly rotten meat, found strange garden in creek but was not GVM, well defined tracks out of creek to what was what appeared to be a camp/bedding area in grove of heavy timber, very messy/smelly with carcasses of what appeared to be remains of wombats and roos, first thought was some weirdo opting out, however when area checked out no human rubbish, cans bottles/fire etc or even defined footprints except large undefined in creek bed, left area and kept to ourselves for worry of ridicule.
    Some time later I had an association with a fellow soldier who had been part of some remote training in the Singleton range Wollemi area and did advise me that part of his training was solo operations in this area and he was briefed about the potential compromise of being confronted by large hairy creatures during this exercise, he at the time thought that the Army was joking and that it was simply a psychological component of the training to place these troopers at a mental or fearful disadvantage, however they were issued with orders if this was to occur, but according to him it did not.
    Have also resided in the Glenn Innes district and frequented the country east and experienced uncomfortable solo trips cutting firewood, one was when I had stopped for a brew and felt as if I was being watched, went for a walk up the gully armed with a bit of fruitcake and coffee came across a dam that Forestry had put in for fire fighting and found some very large fresh solo dog prints in the mud, went back to my woodcutting and just on dark the bloody navara would not start, as it was a new battery just fitted I am thinking relays fuses etc, then went back to the KISS method checked bat/term bloody loose, so did not have to spend a night unarmed in hairy man country.
    In closing as a middle aged man who works shift work I tend to go bush a lot by myself as normal people work during the week and this is when I tend to go away mid week days off, being solo except maybe for one dog I tend to be very switched on out bush, this coupled with my past military training and other training I think I am more observant in the scrub than most, maybe to my disadvantage as I am always looking listening and smelling when bush and maybe tend to pick up on things the average joe would not, an aboriginal bloke I was doing some training with once said to me, if you have the senses for it and it don’t feel right get out of that area and camp at another location.
    I feel there maybe some truth in the hairy man and I have spoken to people who claim to have seen him, all my time in the Australian bush I have not, but I feel something is out there and it may not be him.

  58. I am a long distance truck driver and on Sunday the 11/5/2014 i was on my south out of Brisbane,i got to narrabri at 1:00am Monday morning and the shell roadhouse was full and no Parkes available,so i thought pilliga no 1 parking bay which is 30k sth of shell roadhouse,i pulled into the parking bay i was dog tierd jumped straight into bed,the time was 145am ,i left the windows half down enjoyin the cool air i crashed out, at exactly 3:05am i was woken up to the whole cab shaking violently ,this lasted about30 seconds then it stopped,then i felt banging in under my feet and i thought somebody is breaking to my left toolbox on the side of my cab, i jumped straight out of bed flicked the lights on and there was not a sight of a car or truck around at all.. At first i thought it was a prank and the next day i was tellin a mate about it and turns out same thing happened to him ,same time same spot same as i described,i don’t believe in ghost and crap but whatever is out there its strong as the cab shook that hard it was like a football team were doing it, i couldn’t smell anything but i remember you could hear a pin drop, there was no sound of footsteps if this helps,

    • I am a long distance truck driver and on Sunday the 11/5/2014 i was on my south out of Brisbane,i got to narrabri at 1:00am Monday morning and the shell roadhouse was full and no Parkes available,so i thought pilliga no 1 parking bay which is 30k sth of shell roadhouse,i pulled into the parking bay i was dog tierd jumped straight into bed,the time was 145am ,i left the windows half down enjoyin the cool air i crashed out, at exactly 3:05am i was woken up to the whole cab shaking violently ,this lasted about30 seconds then it stopped,then i felt banging in under my feet and i thought somebody is breaking to my left toolbox on the side of my cab, i jumped straight out of bed flicked the lights on and there was not a sight of a car or truck around at all.. At first i thought it was a prank and the next day i was tellin a mate about it and turns out same thing happened to him ,same time same spot same as i described,i don’t believe in ghost and crap but whatever is out there its strong as the cab shook that hard it was like a football team were doing it, i couldn’t smell anything but i remember you could hear a pin drop, there was no sound of footsteps if this helps,

    • Sorry mate, that was me, I drank a bit too much, and when I realized I was trying to get into the wrong truck, I snuck away quietly.

  59. We are a couple of pensioners who recently camped in the Pilliga Forest, in ignorance of its history.

    This is a copy of the email report sent to our family on the evening of May 7th, 2016.

    “We are currently camped about 1 km east of Pilliga Rest Area No. 2, 27 Km south of Narrabri. [It’s location is listed in our Camps book and it is also easily googled]. The main Rest Area is beside the Newell Highway, which has wall to wall B Doubles roaring through day and night so the noise is deafening. Normally we would never stop anywhere near this type of [rest] area. However, we have discovered the trick of using the rest area designation as a licence to use any bush tracks which run off it for camping purposes.
    The only downside is that we are camped on our own in the bush on these occasions and thus a tad vulnerable to any boogymans. It does not worry us however because we have the doors locked at night and retire with the van ready to start and go if we were ever concerned by the appearance of any Pie supporter types! The other security tactic we use is to let someone know where we are on this type of occasion because in a worst case scenario we don’t want to become the mobile home version of MH370”.

    I can just imagine the invective that will come my way, however, I should add for the benefit of those who are compelled to use this road that one other ‘security device’ we use is prayer.
    I recall an old missionary saying that on arriving in a missionary region, he was advised by frightened locals that there were terrible evil spirits residing there. The missionary’s gleeful response was that the locals need not be fearful any longer because they could now have the protection of the Holy Spirit.
    In our case, the proof is in the pudding and we had a comfortable night. Nevertheless, in respect of the above stories, it would be foolish and imprudent to tempt the yowies/spirits by camping there unnecessarily.

    • Am I the only who noticed that this email report was dated 2 years into the future?

    • yes always loved pulling into that beautiful forest with the van to sleep overnight….so peaceful….it had a calming sense on us and the beautiful clean floored forest was a joy to walk around in ….yet know and respect and believe the horrors of many others

  60. Happy Days is located in Victoria in Tinamba. My friend recently scored an internship at the facility. It doesn’t mean his account is true or that he’s even actually there, but it is in fact a government sponsored rehabilitation clinic.

    • Re; Kelly’s tip about a rehab clinic in Tanamba, Victoria

      After a bit of a search, I’ve discovered that Tanamba is a small place and I can’t find a rehab clinic there

      however, near Tanamba is Maffra in Victoria and it does have a rehabilitation clinic which is called Mindscape (which could be Happy Days renamed)

      Here are some links to same:

      If you click the link and scroll down the page, you’ll see the Mindscape clinic complete with phone number and address http://maffra.net.au/mdb/

      If you click this link it will take you to a Google map where you will find both Tanamba and Maffra https://encrypted.google.com/maps/@-37.9830917,147.0701828,11z

  61. Hi evry body, 2 yrs ago headin from brissie to orange on a plough purchasing quest. My box trailer decides to blow a tyre at 7 30 at night 40ks shy of coona. Quickest l ever changed a tyre. Heard tonnes of stories from genuine people about the piliga, with no reason to lie, running brissie to mexico in younger days, that was the one part of the sleepers hwy l would refuse to stop
    I swear l have seen the princess along their and she’d been long gone b4 l ever made a mile through there. And ufo sightings, l hate the shit hole !!!! Cheers

    • Great stuff Scotty, thanks for posting! At some point I hope to make it out that way again and at least talk to some locals; maybe even drive the road at night.

  62. I saw something bizarre on a property at Baan Baa that backs onto the Pilliga a few months ago. I was pig hunting with some mates and we came across a lamb in good health, next morning where we saw the lamb it’s head was torn clean off. Not like what a dog or fox would do. Later we went into Narrabri for a few beers at the golf club and told a few people what we saw and they all seemed reserved about talking about it but said it was the yowie. Another mate said he was in the pilliga hunting one night and stopped his ute under a tree and saw blood dripping on the windscreen. He got out and saw a kangaroo strung up high between 2 trees and he refuses to go back since. Also I have seen the min min lights on a remote sheep station at Carinda NSW. Another bizarre evening

  63. There was a time I was travelling with my dad probably around 1992 I was around 22 years old by then and we just got into the Pilliga and he decided he was going to have an hours sleep. So he stopped in a cleared area off the road and went to sleep. This was right around 5pm overcast nearing dark. Anyway for some reason I was really curious about what was in the scrub so I jumped out of the truck and started wandering into the bush in a direct straight line just to make sure I didn’t get lost. After losing sight of the truck I thought no just stay put and I sat down on a branch and had a smoke. I never saw anything unusual but I was quite jumpy and I tell you what, I didn’t hang around too long, it was the yowi stories that did it. No joke, my dad told me about sightings of the yowi back in the eighties and they were scary especiall when told at night. And to realistically think that there is something real out there factor in the old circus trailer that used to be at the truck stop (any local old timer should verify it) and factor in if something escaped from the circus and factor in the possibility that it did something unholy to something or someone or visa versa which resulted in something big hairy ugly and aggressive. Mate I’m running in my sleep. Anyway I got back into that truck pretty fast and stayed there. Now my dad wouldn’t say he saw anything unless it literally opened the door on the truck and introduced its self and that never happened to him but he did hear a few stories right from the early eighties. I went through the area in 2013 around 2am Friday morning but experienced nothing but at the time the princess and youwi were the last thing on my mind.

  64. Although there are many things in this world that remain unexplained , and I’m sure I’ve experienced 1 or 2 , there’s one thing that no longer exists in Australia- long term mental health institutions. Hospital wards do exist, but since the early ’80s it has been government policy to hold patients during the acute phase of their illness and when stabilised release them into community care in halfway houses , with family etc. although I am far from a sceptic, it’s always paid to check the details.

    • I’m from Gunnedah and know of this person and he is in a nursing home and under full government phychiatric care to this day. Don’t get me wrong, i think it’s great your doing your homework. But been poillitically correct to argue a point, in this instance, puts individuals off that have genuine sighting. Just a word of advice you can have for free: research doesn’t only involve a google search you might be better off asking actually I’m not going to tell you that bit. Put it this way The black fella clans roamed the warrumbungles for thousands, of proven centuries in harmony with the land. Now them bush fires that ripped through there a few years back and the Dick head bureaucrats spent millions on a inquest to try work out who to blame and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Well at the conclusion of the inquest that cost millions, Not 1 Tribal Elder had been asked for there advice. That’s stupidity. Wouldn’t the best starting point for advice be to ask the fella who’s family has been living there for thousands of years. If you get my point good if you dont I’m always available to talk but if you don’t get my point and you don’t want to call me to explain than youll just keep going through life missing what’s in front of your eyes

  65. My story isn’t a weird thing like a yowie or something like that. But it still freaked me out.
    When I was 13 I was camping on a property just south of baradine on the southern side of the pilliga. As is usually the case with a freaky occurance it was bucketing down rain. In the middle of the night i woke up to the sounds of some thing moving behind my tent. I looked behind me whilst still laying down and i just see this massive shadow from a pig no more than 10 feet from the tent. At this point im shitting myself thinking holy crap that thing is huge. It must have been at least 3 foot at the shoulder and 7or 8 foot long.
    It stops and looks straight at me or at least that is what it looked like it did.
    A few sleepless hours later i finally hear other people getting up so straight away i get out of the tent, and tell them what happened and they were like yeah yeah, sure it did.
    Bit I’m still freaked out and tell them lets look and see if there are any tracks near the tent. Sure enough about 8 or 10 feet from my tent are a set of massive pig tracks still in the mud. These things were huge the impression in the mud were 3.5 inches across and about 5 feet apart. This guys face just goes white. Hes an experienced pigger and says he’s never seen tracks like this from a pig its just too big.
    Later on that day the farmer came for a chat and we let him know what i saw. He said he’d heard of a big pig around the area but he didnt think it was that big.
    After we left a few weeks later there were stories of a group of piggers that came across a big pig and when the dogs caught upto it this thing killed 4 experienced pig dogs. They said the pig was of a similar size to the one i saw behind my tent.

  66. I love the story of the Pilliga princess and the call from bongo. I often traverse the land from Vic. To QLD with this stretch of road being my preferred route.
    It looks like the princesses grave exists in Coonabarabran cemetery and I plan to visit next week on the way back down. Unfortunately, the fires may have completely destroyed the cemetery. I will let you all know.

    Bongo Call, a great yarn indeed. If it was a prank, this person has a fantastic imagination.
    There’s a very subtle sexualized joke in there.
    Not sure if anyone else has picked up on it.
    This is what makes me question the authenticity of the call.
    Any other places strange/ creepy places along the Newell or heading down through Dubbo and Wyalong way? Let me know!

    • 2 cemeteries located in Coona.
      Register says her grace is located at Lawn Cemetery, no cemetery holds that name in coona.
      1 cemetery is names native grove and the other general cemetery.
      Native grove is the only cemetery and has grass/ turf, whilst general cemetery does not. I went to general cemetery but couldn’t locate the site, i also couldn’t find any tombstone with dates from the 90s onwards, leading me to believe she may be located in Native Grove cemetery about 5km north of coona.
      No time this trip, but will be passing though again and will check Native Grove and send pics and location.

      Happy hunting

    • Howdy.
      Well, on my venture up through this area again as I leave Australia headed back to live in Japan, I found her grave.
      Located in a cemetery heading north out of coona on the left (towards the narrabri/ Gunnedah intersection)
      The grave is no longer the wooden cross as featured, but the local truck drivers have donated for a proper headstone and plaque.
      I took photos but unsure of how to upload for readers.
      It was good to see and appears in good condition.
      Bless her

  67. Feel so sorry for this guy. Breaks my heart.

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