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Feb 272011

I must put in a good word for Ajar Productions who have created a Flash plug-in called SmartMouth. Even though I use Flash less and less these days, I know what a time-consuming pain it can be to manually synchronise dialogue with animation. If you’re a Flash user, you’ll value anything that saves time, alleviates ►►

Bitey Light

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Jan 012011
Bitey Light

Anticipation is building for the upcoming Bitey game. Here’s a few images showing various times of day in one environment (open grasslands). Again, all the art is being done in ToonBoom Animate and then imported into Flash. Currently working on creatures. Estimated overall progress is something like |||————————–| and we are aiming for a March ►►

That Time of Year

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Dec 252010
That Time of Year

It’s been a big year and it’s all but behind us. Looking back I’m a little disappointed that I only worked for other people. I’m lucky to be working on quality assignments with incredible people but my New Year’s resolution will definitely be to prioritise my own projects. After all, that’s why I left a dream ►►

Nov 042010
Legends: we're announced!

Mum, Dad.. sharpen your weapons! The official announcement from Bioware and EA2D is that Dragon Age Legends is coming to Facebook. Gamasutra posted the announcement just hours ago and 1up has revealed that by playing the DAL Facebook game, you’ll be able to unlock items in the highly anticipated Dragon Age 2 (XBox, PC) when it’s ►►


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Aug 102010

Alright so here I am back home after a fortnight in the US where I attended my first Comic-Con. I finally met face-to-face and partied with friends from ToonBoom, Ghostbot, Wizards of the Coast, Amplifier, Newgrounds and The Behemoth, all to whom I’m grateful for showing me the town and drinking me under the table. We ►►

17 years

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Jul 132010

Anyone here 17 years old? Today is the 13th of July, the 17th anniversary of my animation career. As a kid I hated school. I hated being a little fella craving acceptance from footballing kids who detested non-footballers. I didn’t want to pretend to like football or cricket, but wanted to be accepted for who ►►


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Jul 042010

Some of the best scary stories I’ve ever heard have come out of the Pilliga Scrub and this one beats them all. Listen to this terrifying phone call in which an old man tells of his harrowing night, alone in the Pilliga.

A long time coming

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Jul 042010

So whaddya think? Smells lovely huh? If you know me, you know that a site overhaul has been on my to-do list for several years. And yet, it’s only been 4 days since the ball finally got rolling. I’ve made several attempts over the last couple of years, waving cash under the noses of friends ►►


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Jun 252010

To complement EA/Bioware’s gritty RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, EA2D created Dragon Age Journeys. It’s adventure role playing with turn-based combat in the fantasy genre (spells, swords, monsters, etc.) Built with Flash, it’s free and played directly in the browser. EA2D is a division of EA Games. They took Daniel Stradwick, a hugely successful indie ►►

DnD Illustrations

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May 282010
DnD Illustrations

At the end of last year I completed some illustration work for Dungeons & Dragons’ latest ‘The Player’s Strategy Guide‘. As it’s been published now, I’m allowed to show the stuff I did for it. The book is full of incredible work by other artists too, so it’s a huge honour to be sharing page ►►

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