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Oct 262002


A true story told to me by my father. No, this didn’t happen to him. It happened to an old workmate of his, who told the story one morning at tea break. If this happened to me, I’d never have told anyone!

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  1. lol nnnnnnnnice one!

  2. lol, I was waiting the whole time for something really scary!

  3. Ha-Ha this was soooo funny, and sadly something similar has happened to me before.

  4. lol .. Suspense was really nice

  5. lol !!…..guy u no well

  6. the dude actually looks like you

  7. i thought it was about a monster hahahahahahahahahaha

  8. OMG, I kept waiting and waiting, enjoying the building of suspense. The toilet paper was so funny, but the “splut” as it hit the back of his neck was priceless! The timing, waiting as things rolled through his mind… that was too funny!! Well done, sir… WELL DONE!

  9. hahahaaha… when I first saw this, I thought this character look exactly just likes you…

  10. …………………………………..WTF! LOL

  11. omg that was great

  12. LOL the squeak when it hit the back of his neck and the pause before the scream was amazing! I kept waiting for someone or something to jump out at him. Nice work, I’ll be laughing for a while after this!

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