Moving a castle

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Apr 282017

If you’re a member of the FX course or an otherwise regular castle visitor, you may have noticed some things have changed in the past few days.

My Dashkin collaborator, Kirk Sexton (aka ambientenergy) has taken some time aside from the game to help me move the site. As anyone knows, when you roll a huge old castle to a new meadow, some things rattle loose and fall from shelves or out onto the ground. As far as we can tell nothing has been lost, we’ll just need to collect some of the bits up and put them back on their shelves and hooks over the coming days.

Right now the main thing missing is my body of early animation work; that is, BiteyCastle movies and Brackenwood movies, particularly affected are embedded Newgrounds movies and raw Flash movies. Flash is increasingly a problem as most browsers no longer support it, so I’m in the process of converting whatever I can to video. Unfortunately it looks like some things may be too broken for the new site (two particularly heartbreaking examples are the old Brackenwood forum and the 30 shorts project). We’ll see. Anyway over the coming days I’ll be updating these movies one-by-one. Fingers crossed, everything will be back in place in the coming week (or so).

FX course members, you shouldn’t notice too much different but please let me know if you see anything out of place.

Dashkin update

In other news Dashkin is making great progress. You can catch me and Kirk both streaming our work on the game. The most exciting stage is happening right now where the prototype is coming together with an absolute ton of rough Bitey, fatsack and prowlie animation responding to player input.

We both stream very frequently so follow me on my Twitch channel and Kirk on his to get a notification whenever we go live. Drop in, ask us questions and watch us work! And don’t forget, as always, the Dashkin devblog is alive and frequently updated.

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