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Aug 042011

BiteyCastle will be undergoing some maintenance over the next few days, throughout which the site may be down intermittently or loading slowly. When we’re done, it’ll be extra super fantastic and there’ll be a few new additions that will ripple your face with awespasms.

Be assured that in true Bitey style, the Dashkin game has lost no momentum and the new Kickstarter backer rewards will coincide with the new stuff on this site when we return.

You can’t wait but you must!
In the meantime, I’ll post updates as regularly as possible on Twitter and Google+


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  1. You know, I’ve been continuously checking, watching, and anticipating the next best thing that you come up with. I’ve been doing this ever since the Yuyu was your latest flash video :). It becomes hard to remember how many years ago that was sometimes hehe, but I can’t help but be ever thankful for the one friend that stumbled upon your website and knew how much i would love to see it. All these years I’ve watched your videos develop and thrive as I watched them with joy. Though, not once had I ever thought that I would be able to do anything like make a first comment since that was an option.
    Well here it is :D!
    I wish that there could have been more that I could do. Like that Kickstarter bit that I read about just a few minutes ago. I am proud to say that I have been a fan of your works from day one, and have shared them with as many people as I could (3. I can remember reading a response you made to an older comment posted by a much older fan speaking of the much older site speaking of the creatures and only telling stories. I had only wished, after looking into the link you posted, that I knew what she was talking about before hand lol.
    Anyways, as I’m sure you can imagine, you have many more “silent” fans every moment of every day, and we all anticipate your next move with great joy and antsyness.

    Don’t you ever stop what you’re doing.
    You’re an amazing person with an amazing mind.

    • The Yuyu huh? wow that’s about 6 years 😀
      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for sticking around since 2005! Messages like yours mean more to me than you might think. *tear*

      • Super Special Feelings Explode From My Face Currently!!! 😀

        You really are one of the best. Keep it up (3

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