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Nov 052005

LittleFoot is the story a lost baby morrug. Alone in the Brackenwood grasslands away from the protection of his mother, he encounters Bitey, the cruel wild dashkin.

This movie is part of a kind of trilogy:

  1. LittleFoot
  2. The Yuyu
  3. Waterlollies

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  1. lol. i liked the part when the baby morrug hit him with the rock. i think it is amazing. can’t wait to see the other two videos.

  2. Aaawwww… the baby morrug is soooo cute. I love this!!!

  3. I do not remember how I met your work, took a while, but I think fantastico!
    I am of Brazil, the Internet is a best!

  4. at 2:56 the spider goes like “what a douche”

  5. HAHA me and Bitey do the EXACT same quiver slow movements ect. when we see a spider LOL XD P.S AWESOME VIDEO’S

  6. Hey Adam

    Love your work its AWESOME.You should really sell these as toys like the Fatsack The Baby Morrug ect.

    P.S I’m going to be Bitey for Halloween LOL I know don’t laught at me im not as old as you think LOL >U<

    • I thought they were called Bigfoots, but I guessed you changed them. Lol, and I agree you could market some of these as plushies.

      • They can be called both if you look at the top Adam says

        “LittleFoot is the story a lost baby morrug” so yeah I thought the same thing . 🙂

  7. What happened to the original video? The one where you could pause and scan the screen for secrets that hinted at the Yuyu? I remember there was one bit where a mouse over revealed a hole in the rock.

    • I had to remove the Flash version of the movie because certain parts of the site-locking code were failing, making it unwatchable. There’s always the Flash version of littleFoot on Newgrounds though, which you can right-click to pause, zoom, etc.

      btw, the complete list of littleFoot secrets is here.

  8. I have been watching the Bitey Castle videos all day and I am in love with them! I adore Bitey and his adventures and, I know many people probably say this, but I wish Bitey was a TV series or a movie as I would DEFINITELY buy it! My favourite video has to be LoTD.
    I love your animations and I recently got some animation software. Sadly, my dream of making animations as good as yours will not come true as I am terrible at it lol
    I love the way you’ve created your very own world with all the different creatures and if it wasn’t copyright, I’d be writing books about Bitey by now!
    I hope you carry on making your animations and, of course, the Bitey series (as it’s obviously a favourite for most people) and I will eagerly await the next video.
    (I am so making this website my homepage)
    Shadow Tenebrae

  9. bouncy bouncy bouncy 🙂

  10. How is the music/soundtrack done for your videos? I was curious as to whether you do it yourself, or get it from somewhere, I wasn’t sure. Anyway, I must say that I’ve seen most of your work, and (you probably hear this a lot anyway) are an excellent flash animator. I’ve not seen anything that can compare to what you create.

  11. i think bitey is so cute and all he really needs to not be so cruel is love his is so alone

  12. I remember these videos from a while back, and at one time i wanted to learn the language that the yuyu are using, anyone know what its technically called?

  13. I love your creations. Not only technically proficient and way ahead of their time, but show such a deep love of the natural world and it’s mysteries. You are really an enchanter and a wonderful story teller. Thank you!

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