Dec 022016

Most weekends I stream my current projects on Twitch. In December 2016 I conducted a couple of Q&A Toon Boom Harmony demonstrations, aimed at those Flash animators who wanted/tried to learn Toon Boom but never quite clicked. This stream covered almost all the basics, but there are still many features to see. One thing I didn’t get to demo here was frame-by-frame animation and the “tradigital” workflow, but I do that on Twitch almost every weekend anyway, so drop in and check it out. You won’t need a Twitch account to watch, but you will need one if you want to ask questions in the live session. If you do have a Twitch account, don’t forget to follow me so you get notifications when I go live.

If you have friends, colleagues or anyone else who you know has struggled with Toon Boom, bring them along! I will solve all of your problems, and if I can’t, I’ll conduct a future live stream entirely in formal attire.

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  1. just quarter the way thru and have learned more than in all the tuts have tried to watch. Very easy to follow. Cheers-k

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