Dec 192017

My previous post talked briefly about our method for dynamic lighting on Bitey. Well here we are at the of the a whole year of full-time development. The game has become a trilogy, beginning with multiplayer (yes, you play as dashkin against other dashkin!) high-speed brawling ball-game called BrackenSack. The aim being to score points by hitting a fatsack-shaped ball into a goal, while fighting off the opposing dashkin.

Join us on launch day, the 22nd-23rd December on my Twitch channel, when we’ll be giving away free game codes and running a tournament or two. We’ll even have dedicated servers in 3 regions – USA West, USA East and Oceania.

This has been a long journey for me and Brackenwood. If you’ve been following the Dashkin development saga, you’ll know it’s been much longer than just this past year of development. Hope you see you there at the launch of the very first full Brackenwood game.

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