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Feb 032003

 As with nightShift, this is another true story told to me by my father. Once again, it’s a story he heard from workmates around the fire at morning tea time. In this case it was a young fellow telling the story of his hitchHiking nightmare.HitchHiker and its sequel got me a lot of recognition long before Brackenwood came along. hitchHiker 2 won me my very first major award (Flash Forward, New York 2003) and inspired me to do bigger and better things with Flash.

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  1. lol

  2. Hi there!
    I just wanted to tell you that your flash stories are awesome! the first time i saw your animation was only few weeks ago and i was blown away, its incredible! (blackenwoods).
    i wanted to ask you a few questions:
    1: when are you going to do another 30 days 30 shots?
    2: what is the end of the story of the hitchhiker? how did it came back (since it based on a real story i asume the young fella got back home somehow.
    3: how hard is it to learn how to animate and animate in toonboom? (since i consider it as a carrer alsow)
    thank in advance,
    Ofer Hilo

  3. AGH! No ending?! *sigh* That’s really good, though. Good story and good animations.

  4. That was awesome.
    anyway what happened in the end?

    • He was chasing him with the knife because he thought the smaller guy saw something and was trying to catch up to him so he could help. You hear him say something like “You’ll be safe with me, I mean I’ve got me knife.” =P

  5. geeze. i would be really freaked out too. i probably would have just sat by the fire a while and head strait out. not fall asleep next to the guy. but at least he had good intentions even though he wasnt the most… popular or friendly lookin.

  6. That taller guy reminds me of my stepdad. Y’know that kinda biker look to him and the fact he carries around a weapon of some sort, but anyway if you do hang out with bikers or people like taht you learn the difference between good intentions, being kinda creepy or actually wanting to kill you.

  7. So the end meant that the boy will end up like him and the older guy is not really a bad guy?

    now that’s how to tell a story with a great joke, wow..
    ‘ and I got me knife..’
    things are never as they seem!

  9. This was so good. I find myself imagining the worse when approached by random creepy strangers too. Sad. I just discovered you! It’s gonna be a long night!

  10. That was absolutely stunning. I had my doubts about your ability to make a worthwhile serious film, but I now realize that you are possibly one of the best artists I have come across in my life. I am truly amazed when I watch this video. It has wonderful voicing, with the biker’s voice fitting him perfectly. Also the fact that the main character doesn’t speak gives the story some real depth to it. Once again, I thank you for your contributions, and I truly wish you the best of luck in life.

  11. I love watching these at night. You have real talent, mate. the sounds! god the SOUNDS! every time he imagines the biker killing him, its so intense!

  12. Hey, I had a few questions about you, the author, and a few questions about Toonboom. Uh, I guess the first thing is that, do you do this animating thing as a career, to make money, or just for fun?
    My second question is that it seems you make some of the best cartoons online. Did this come from experience or superior animating program or both?
    My third and final question is that me and my brothers are considering making animated videos just for the heck of it. Would you recommend Toonboom to us as a first time animation program, or should we use a different one?
    Thanks, please email me back the answers w/ the email that i input above.

  13. This shows that you never should judge people on how they look.
    The lil’ old grandma with her dog was waaaaay more suspicious then the friendly biker.
    But that’s just my point of view =P.

  14. The first part won’t show up for me.

  15. Got here via Armor Games. Beautiful work!

  16. Sooo when is number three coming up i would love to see the difference in your skill, from then to now with the same characters 😛
    But then again i can’t wait for you to get that dashkin game up and running so to speak 😉
    By the way, welcome back and congratulations on the new ticker, modern science is pretty awesome 😀

    Oh yeah Merry Christmas :}

  17. i first found you via a staue of a prowlie in fancy pants two. your work is amazing, each and everyone of them is something that i find myself coming back to again and again. i cant wait to see what you do next man!:D

  18. Wow, I was unlucky enough to be holding a sharpened pencil in my hand while watching part 1. When the man’s head popped out from behind the bushes, I jumped and accidently stapped my hand with the pencil. Painful as hell, but I’m laughing now. Great ending

  19. Hey man. I first discovered you on newgrounds, years ago. Not really sure what it was, either that halloween thingy with the newsreport or the first bitey short. However: I fell in love with your work, watched every bit a couple of times (especially bitey) but eventually I lost interest. Since then I checked back once a year or so, watching the latest bits and then falling into some moments of nostalgica watching the old ones again too. Long stories short: Thank you that again there was something new to discover. Keep up the good work!

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