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For specific help topics, please see “Help” section of the forum, where you’ll find answers for:

Feel free to PM me via the forum if you have any specific questions, suggestions or feedback.


How to cancel

Note – cancelling your subscription will not cancel your membership. If you cancel payments, you’ll stop seeing new articles, but you’ll retain access to those articles you already have. If you resubscribe to the course, you’ll pick up from where you left off and simply start receiving new articles. If you need a reminder on how the course works, here’s the intro video again:

If for any reason you want to cancel your membership (i.e. delete your entire account and lose all access to the course articles), feel free to email me or PM on the forum.

[IMPORTANT] Subscription Terms and Disclaimer

Please remember that this course is a subscription! It will continue charging until you cancel and it remains your responsibility to cancel at some point. With hundreds of course members, it’s currently impossible for me to keep track of each individual member’s progress. However if it should come to my attention that your subscription has remained active beyond the end of the course (currently 14 months), I will in good faith make an effort to manually cancel that subscription. Otherwise, any over-payment by you will be deemed in advance of new course content developed in the future.

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