Falling up

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Nov 292013

I look up and it’s November? Alright you lot.. where the hell has the year gone? What have you done with it?

It’s certainly been a busy one. I’ve been animating FX on Bob’s Burgers, making backgrounds for a new game, working on Dashkin, writing a book (it’ll be done this month and published early in 2014), creating packs of game art assets and as always, trying to catch up on developing the FX course materials. I’ve let several personal projects slip away and been forced to decline a number of work offers, due to the unfortunate fact that there’s only one of me.

So when the site began falling to pieces in the second half of November, I lost a lot of sleep. Thankfully* now, the site is beefed, tuned and amped up. We’re out of the ditch and back on the road.

* A shout out to Platinum Server ManagementSoftlayer Customer Support and WishList customer service; all of whom worked hard to resolve the site issues in a reasonable time for me. All of this support comes at a price, but damn is it worth it when the inevitable happens.

Harmony 10.3

I realised today that I now work in Toon Boom Harmony full time; at least 65 hours a week. I’m using it for every project mentioned above. Partial exception is the book (writing with Microsoft Word), but I’m illustrating it with Harmony. So when Toon Boom asked me to develop some scene files and a demo video for the new effects in Harmony 10.3, I didn’t even have to get out of the pool.

The result is an hour of demonstration videos and downloadable scene files. Needless to say, I love the new noise and turbulence effects, particularly because caustic refraction is something I’ve been trying to master in 2D for many years. HERE is the series with sample files on the Toon Boom website, or you can watch the playlist on YouTube (embedded below)


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  1. What’s your book called????? What’s it about????????

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