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Oct 042011

The BiteyCastle Academy 2D FX animation course is now open! The place is all warmed up with almost 140 members (update: 300), throwing back tankards of piping hot secret knowledge nectar and churning out their effects assignments.

It’s $24/month for a course that animators would elsewhere pay through the nose. In fact, if you’re a passionate animator, you may have indeed paid big $$$ for a workshop that, I have no doubt, you wished went for longer.

For $6 a week (!!) at BCA FX , here’s what you get in your first month alone; bearing in mind that each of these articles is packed with instruction, illustrations, examples and videos and several assignments to choose from.


 By month 2, you’ll be ready for something a little more advanced with 5. Water Ripples, 6. Flag Motion, 7. Impact Dust, 8. Droplet Splash. On top of all this, of course, you get access to the BCA FX forum where animators of all experience levels are helping one another, sharing their work, reference links and software and animation expertise.

Incidentally, you may remember Shape, the big fella from hitchHiker 2. He dropped in a couple of days ago and did a guest lecture, belting out this quick 12-minute dust animation demo.


In case you were wondering, to turn BiteyCastle Academy into a membership site I installed a WordPress plugin called WishList Member. Being a plugin, it’s incredibly easy to set up and if you’re interested in creating a coaching or tutorial site, I cannot recommend it highly enough. On top of that, the technical support and training videos are better than anything I’ve ever dealt with. Thanks Ryan Allen for putting me onto it.

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Now available at Newgrounds!

Bitey Shirts

The Brackenwood shirts are back up in a range of sizes, colours and designs. Check em out on the NG Store, thanks to the hard work of those excellent people at Newgrounds.

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  1. 2 Shirts coming my way! 😀

  2. Hey Adam, great work, but I just want to ask a question. Is the Flash section of the academy essentially going to be replaced by the FX classes?

  3. I was wondering if this workshop is “assignment enforced”? I would love to just listen and watch the lectures. At the moment I have no time to really participate in the project assignments. Is it possible to pay the fee and still be a fly on the wall without any repercussions?

  4. I love you :)! You sure make this world a better place.
    I wanted to take an animation course in the weekend, but I was sitting in a group of noisy children (15 or so, while they told me it was a fitting course for adults too). So that didn’t go all to well. When I get refunded (they are a bit unwilling to do so) I might follow your course in stead!

    Anyways, I’m also waiting for some shirts, it takes them some time to arrive in Europe.

  5. I’m following from a lot years ago. 🙂
    And I love the idea to learn FX from you… But, I have a little question about.
    Is it a classroom course? Like for example Animation’s Mentor. I ask it, because I’m in the other side of the world for you…
    Also… I want to do it that, but, I’m not sure about this little question. 🙂

    • it’s not a classroom course, it’s more like a correspondence course. We have 170 members right now from all over the world, so your location isn’t a problem. You’ll get weekly articles with videos and demonstrations, but on the forum I will help you with your assignments and offer critique on your work to help you improve.

  6. Sorry if the answer to this question is obvious, but – if we join the course during later months, would we have access to the materials from the first month? My crazy schedule means I can’t participate right now, but I would love to learn some of the lessons you’re teaching. I get the feeling that if I joined later on you’d be doing very high-level effects, and I wouldn’t be able to keep up.


    I need some mead to drink while I’m animating…

    • haha, he was drinking meat, not mead (“tastes like steak”) but you’re the second person to think that 😛
      and don’t worry man, everyone starts at lesson 1 when they join, so you’ll get the first article immediately when you sign up, and a new one every 7 days. You also retain permanent access to everything you pay for, even if you cancel your subscription 🙂

  7. I forgot to ask…do I need to know or own or use Toon Boom in order to make use of the class/teachings? Sorry for the dumb question. 🙂 I primarily use FLASH at the moment.

    • No, the course is centred around studying the physics, design, animation and treatment without being software specific. It’s structured to be just as useful for Flash animators as it is for illustrators or 3D animators 🙂

  8. Hey I think I payed but Think paypal might of turned it into an echeque or something o.O? “You just set up an automatic payment profile to Brackenwood Entertainment. Here’s the information:

  9. I’ve got my Bitey shirt on right now. It’s awesome! I’ve even gotten a few compliments regarding how cool it is! Good stuff

  10. I’m getting an error 404 for the class link http://bitey.com/2011/08/bca-fx/

  11. hey. I’m an aspiring artist and animator. I just payed for the first month (and most definitely not the last) month of courses with paypal. I just payed today, so it may just take a small amount of time to activate, but its either not allowing me to access the courses or I cant find where the articles are located. Could you tell me how to access the courses and if there has been a problem with my payment? thanks

    • Hey Bobby, thanks for signing up and I know it’s been solved now but thought it worth replying here for anyone else who has similar issues. Make sure you click the link in your confirmation email. That’ll finalise the registration process and you’ll be good to go 😉

  12. I clicked the confirmation link in my email.. But I can’t find the first tutorial anywhere! Am I missing something?

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