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Jun 252010

To complement EA/Bioware’s gritty RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, EA2D created Dragon Age Journeys. It’s adventure role playing with turn-based combat in the fantasy genre (spells, swords, monsters, etc.) Built with Flash, it’s free and played directly in the browser. EA2D is a division of EA Games. They took Daniel Stradwick, a hugely successful indie game designer/programmer and myself, an angry little goblin, and they built a team around us. I’m responsible for all the art and animation, as well as some design.


Chapter 1 has been online since late 2009 and has received favourable reviews (you can also play it here on Kongregate). We are currently working on the next bit which we hope will be announced in a matter of weeks.

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  1. Wow, somehow this escaped my notice, funny, i live in edmonton, bioware is my favourite company for gaming, and i remember all those years back when you first released bitey, as I was a fledgling in flash and in awe, and now two of my longtime heroes have joined forces… awesome.

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