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May 222009

As I’ve been getting to know Toon Boom software over the past months and, because the D&D cartoons have been getting bigger and more complex, I got permission from Wizards to do Cartoon #5 with ToonBoom Digital Pro. The software is amazing.. incredible even. This means however, that the D&D cartoons from now on will be in video format, rather than Flash vector. But you’ll immediately see the difference. ToonBoom is very powerful and I’m sure you’ll agree that the quality of Demogorgon is leaps and bounds ahead of the Flash toons.

oh btw, I also got permission to upload the shorts from now on to my own YouTube channel, so I have more control over the quality when it’s on YouTube. Here it is. Enjoy!

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  1. Francis…oh do I adore Francis. I also like how you have portrayed the Demogorgon…two heads, two personalities one potent temper. Classic.

  2. The best one.

  3. That kind of tikhinng shows you’re on top of your game

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