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Jul 012011

Dashkin Progress

UPDATE 2016: In 2015 I made the difficult decision to cancel the Dashkin game. Full story HERE. On the bright side, this allows me to continue working on the animated series.
UPDATE 2017: I’ve announced a new Dashkin game is in development! Check out dashkingame.com



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  1. i wish the world would just sponsor you already and realize, the genius of your imaginative possibility, never stop reimagining and letting grow the world you have created in your mind, you get better at what you do every second, i have been a silent follower for a while now and simply wanted to share feeling and thought from one dreamer to another.

  2. Wonderful voice acting! I love gravelly voices 🙂

  3. Maybe ask Armor Games or these guys? http://www.arcadecabin.com/

    I don’t know, I’ll keep looking for some people :O

  4. maybe you could use the people (FORGE Animation) that I told you about a few days ago as sponsors? Tell me what you think 🙂

  5. To state the obvious, why not try and get it on steam?
    Looking forward to it.

  6. Man this is gonna be so badass, I’m crazy excited to play this. I may have passed out a couple of times while watching that so I’ll watch it again. ^…^ You said this was gonna be the year of the dashkin, and I was fretting a bit until I saw this, now I’m sure this is Bitey’s time to shine.

  7. Would something like Kickstarter.com work for you? I know a lot of projects that have been successfully funded thru them (Bill Plympton is using it for an animation but they support games as well). I’m sure with your following and all the loyal minions you could get the word out and probably get this done. The best thing is if it gets funded then it’s all still owned by the content creators.

    It’s worth looking into.


    • I’d like to second the suggestion to use Kickstarter, that place is just a dynamo of money generation.

      The worst that could happen is absolutely nothing, and the best that could happen is getting massively overfunded. I’ve seen overfunding happen to multiple interesting projects.

      Seriously. Kickstarter. Do it.

    • Thanks for this suggestion guys. Yes it makes a hell of a lot of sense to do it through Kickstarter and we’ve been looking into it. The only small stumbling block is that I’m in Australia, whereas Kickstarter is for US citizens only. If we go down this route, it’ll probably be through a proxy in the US.

      http://www.indiegogo.com is the International equivalent so that’s another option we’re considering.
      Thanks again 🙂

      • Ooh that’s so annoying, I hadn’t noticed that US-only thing before! They accept international pledges so I just erroneously assumed it worked the other way. I’m Australian too, I always hate getting bit by the US-centric attitude on the “global” internet these days 🙁

        • yeah it’s all good though, Sean is a US citizen so we can still do it under his name. Looks like that’s the way we’re going too, so expect an update soon 🙂

        • Hm. Well, I’m pretty sure that Newgrounds is a mainly-US sight, and I know that Tom Fulp is a US citizen. With the amount of views and popularity of your videos, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ton volunteer himself as a proxy…

          just saying.

  8. So diseased productions isnt working with you on the game now? Man that sucks, especially for the fact that diseased productions made many amazing, and great games. I hope you get a good sponsor soon enough, because id be happy to try out dashkin for once. Speaking of sponsors, Kongregate would be awesome!

    • Adam is still working with Sean (diseased productions). They are just without a sponsor for now.

  9. I’d like to say that I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now and I enjoy them immensely. I’m sorry to hear about your sponsor falling through, but I’d like to say that as I fan, I very much appreciate that you and your team are pushing ahead for all of us eagerly awaiting your next work. Thanks for the great art. I’d also like to add that I’ve watched “Last of the Dashkin” about 5 times tonight.

    P.S. I’m also eagerly awaiting the renewed availability of merch, I’d love to get a bitey t shirt.

  10. Can’t wait for it! 😀 Been a fan of Bitey ever since I sav the first episode on Newgrounds.

  11. personally i didnt liked it. well, it IS good animation. but your previous work was much better. its for both the intro and the music video. all the backgrounds are stunning, but animation is somewhat poor. the arm that takes the stone should have some more in-betweens. the paper part is good animated to show the paper(thats paper right?) but why the heck there is paper in the digital game? and moving inside the paper is not good. the paper should better change one by one, like frames. but i can be wrong. just dont get it.
    in the music video you do too much IK/FK animation while you need some more drawing since IK doesnt give the best results. it was best seen in the scene with the fox. specially the running part. also girls arms are really.. um.. unrealistic. same for the face. thats the biggest minus in the short. but i had a mouth opened when i saw the owl, fox and deer. their animation really rock! the rotation in one scene was just perfect too.
    FX are perfect. the lighting is great.
    dont get me wrong, i love the animation and i wish i could do as good as you(im animator too and use toon boom as well) but that things that i pointed at are not good. my humble opinion =)

    • Thanks for the complements on the FX and lighting but hey guess what.. there’s no IK/FK in the music video. I did that music on a small budget in a very tight time frame. Sure with more money and more time anyone could make it better. Sometimes we just gotta do the work to pay the bills, you know?

      • i know. if you had time and money im sure you would do something really great. good luck with finding a good sponsor!

  12. We’ve waited too long for this. We don’t deserve this. You shouldn’t have told anyone about dashkin until you know you can finish it quickly. Disapointed.

  13. I’ve been a fan of the Brackenwood series for years. Its absurd that people are complaining about not getting a game to play, FOR FREE. its a slap in the face. anyone who says “you shouldnt have told anyone, blah blah, dissapointed.” is just an unnapreciative jerk. Im an independant game developer myself, working with a small team of people. we dont have sponsors either so all our work is completely pro bono until we can get products out. Dont listen to them man. your soooooo far above that in talent and creativity. your work is amazing and speaks for itself. Keep fighting the good fight brother.

    • that means a lot, thanks Evan! I’ll keep fighting man haha! Good luck with your projects too, it’s tough without the sugar daddy sponsor, for sure.

  14. I keep forgetting that everything in this site is commentable on. I love the intro. The narrator’s voice is great. Really sounds appropriate for Brackenwood. The game is gunna be great. I can’t wait to play it!

  15. Can´t wait to play the game! 🙂
    I´m following your stuff for some years now, more or less regularly. Your url is one that pops up in the back of my head from time to time, never needed to put you on my favourites or anything. I keep coming back because whenever there is something new to be found on your page it´s time to escape reality and enjoy some wonderfull minutes. And all of that for free! Don´t take anybody serious who criticises you for delays or “demanding” something to be released. You are awesome!
    I took the opportunity to back you on kickstart to give a tiny little bit back of what you gave to me over the past years. Keep up the wonderful work!

  16. REALLY looking forward to this!

  17. The narrator seems a bit mumbly sometimes but i love the feel of this intro, dark and gloomy to contrast the speed and colours of the game, LOVE IT

  18. This looks brilliant. I’ve always loved Bitey. I’d totally pay a fixed price to play this game without even knowing what the end product will look like, that You’re doing it for free is awesome.
    Waiting too long for this? Who cares man, good things come to those who wait. Even greater things come to those who wait for something from Adam!
    And that music, is amazing, especially the last part. Is there a download link to the whole piece floating around anywhere? Cause I’d love that on my iPod!

    • Nevermind, I totally just gave You 45 of my English Pounds over on kickstart so I could get the whole soundtrack 😀

  19. All I have to say is good job on all your anim it all look good and I get lost in the fantastic would of you guys. and I make games my self but not with flash I might have to get into that but if you need any help just ask on skype im unholylite on youtube im kingextoke look me up if you need any gamemakeing needs andthat means any one add me if you like to collab on anything.

  20. I must say say that since I’ve discovered the Brackenwood series I’ve fallen in love with it! The fact that you’re making a game sounds awesome, would love to see a movie on the big screen some day too! Ever thought about selling maybe the soundtrack for your series? Could help fund your new game also! 🙂

  21. Only just discovered all this, but it’s wonderful. Have hugely enjoyed the last half hour watching months and months of your hard work flash past. Really charming animations; many thanks for them. Sincerely hope your continuing efforts work out brilliantly.

  22. Hey Adam, I’ve been a big fan of your animation for years and would love to see you continue to animate for as long as you can. I’m looking forward to the Dashkin game, sorry to hear about your problems with the sponsor. Anyways, I’m willing to donate some money to the cause, it wouldn’t be a huge sum (I’m an animation student myself) but, I’m sure it could be put to good use.
    Get in touch and let me know what you think.
    Thank you kindly for the entertainment over the years, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours

  23. Hello Adam I’ve been a long time fan from the first shorts from when I was in middle school, please keep up the good work, and please don’t stop doing what you’re doing you and your partners have so much dedication and potential to your work. You put quality, time, effort, and most importantly love into your work. Good luck with your future, and god bless.

  24. Why is this not a full length yet? Disney would have to watch their back.

  25. This needs to be a tv series. Or an official movie, it would kick the crud out of most junk shown for kinds today. Voiceless humor of Bitey and the creatures inhabiting the forest can be enjoyed by everyone anywhere. Thanks for going through the time to put this all togeather for other’s enjoyment.

  26. Can’t wait.

  27. Great, i can´t wait to see this movie. I love your weird movies :)!!!!

  28. are there some plans for a large movie about Bitey? Please, do it!!!!

  29. Good luck to ya!
    can’t waite to see what happends next
    been a long time fan my self
    an i egerly awaite for your next bout of awesome!

  30. Good luck u guys I have followed u since the begining and I know the awesome job u do so I really hope u get a new sponsor soon keep on the excelent job!

  31. Kickstarter?

    Love your Brackenwood series… heck, your other work, too. Been watching since… well, not the very beginning, but possibly a year after the very beginning.

    • Ack! There already IS a kickstarter! And I’m 9 months too late! I totally would’ve backed this…

  32. Brackenwood series made me dream… I mean it.. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  33. Awww..i just turned as a dashkin fan just now.. I run across the series from a horror series and i love it…i love the graphis and story.. I just hope you cntinue making such productions…:))

  34. you are a true talent sir and have inspired me for much of my life

  35. Hi Adam,

    Have loved and shown your work since the very first episode and remember waiting for that download bar to hit 100%, hehe. I was wondering if you new about the Online Kickstarter Funding Scheme. You may want to look into it. Your fan base and the quality of your work, I believe, is large enough to fund your projects directly through the kickstarter process. Look it up, hope it helps.


  36. Try a kickstarter campaign.

    • thanks, but your suggestion comes 15 months after this article was written and just over a year since our Kickstarter campaign was successful 😀

  37. Have you thought about publishing it on steam? There are a large amount of indie games on there, and I’m sure dashkin would be able to get good sales on there.

  38. Привет, арестант! Хочу заполучить бесплатно твои видеоуроки. Выложи в сеть, не будь не честным гонд…. м.

  39. me encanta esta animacion <3.

  40. I absolutely love Bitey and all of Brackenwood, and I’ve been following you in silence for years. And I shall continue following you for many more years to come, no matter how long any of your work takes. It makes the waiting worth it. Hopefully one day soon you’ll find the sponsor who meets all your needs. And who knows, maybe Dashkin will end up as a game app for iOS?

    Please keep up the good work, and try not to run yourselves ragged. Health and sanity comes first after all.

  41. Hi there!

    Why don’t you use one of the crowd financing options out there? 🙂
    Free the consumer and the creator. Free yourself.

  42. Could you not contact Valve ( read Steam ) and have them back you? They are one of the biggest portals for Indy games, and you would get ALOT of marketing and publicity. Also as stated by Simon, paying a fixed price for the game is no trouble. If it where possible, and you could launch it from steam, at a price of say 5euro`s ( 7,5 dollars ) you would probably have tens of thousand purchaces, and the backing to continue this great work

  43. Nothing to see here…..dead stick floating in a pool of broken dreams and unrealised hopes………RIP Bitey

  44. hey I’ve been a big fan of the brackenwood series from the start I was wondering when your feature film would be coming out?

  45. keep it going and we can help eh old man an son

  46. No more Bitey? 🙁

  47. Kickstarter something already so we can give you money and let you keep doing amazing things. It’s been like, 10 years since I first saw your work and I think it’s a tragedy there’s not more of it.

  48. May it be on a game or on flash series or on a film, I’ll keep rooting for you guys, I’ve been following the series from the first post in Newgrounds.com and I love the character and the world of Brackenwood. I’d love to see more of them. Great work deserves great retributions!

  49. I have to admit i like Brackenwood, I actually love the story about Bitey quite a lot and for almost 7 years now, and i’m 22.Even after all this time it still has a refreshing feeling and it’s a true eye/ear candy with it’s style and coloring.
    I support/admire your work and hope you’ll mange to have more time to make more animations about Bitey even though i’ll have to wait more( i’m already having blue balls after all the waiting).

    P.S. If you have a kickstarter please show me where to throw my money.I would love to help in any way and so would your fans.

  50. One day I hope I can bring Bitey to the Big Screen (with your permision of course lol).

    True is I have been visiting your site for the last 9 years, I think, but I fell in love with your animation the first day. Your story looked fresh then, and continues tol do today. The lack of dialogue in the Brackenwood series gives it an aura of originality and encourage people to visually interpret the scene sequences they are watching. I hope if someone ever does Bitey into a movie they follow the style you have use to animate your character.
    That said I trully love your site and even thou this is the first time I’m posting I want you to know I’m a huge fan of your work (I even I tried buying some biteycastle shirts back in the day lol).
    I humbly believe you should keep working on your pearl and fully develop your Brackenwood story. Add a background story to the The Dashkin and more depth to Brackenwood. A full story line if you already dont have one. Trust me when I say the world will love Bitey. Nine years after I’m still Adam Phillip’s Bitey!


    • Even though most characters haven’t been shown to speak, there are still charcters who are able to. Adam even created an entire constructed language, Sarus, which is spoken by the YuYu and which the vanished people of Bitey and Lemonee Wee adopted for universal communication on Brackenwood. I assume Lemonee Wee, and probably the Auld Sage, still talks this language. In fact, the narrator in The Last of the Dashkin is supposed to be Lemonee 🙂

      But yeah, there’s a certain charm about the wildlife making their noises, and so much feeling and thought being conveyed through faces and eyes, like in Bitey’s case. You know, the Dashkin are an intelligent race, and he could be taught Sarus. I’d wonder what a Dashkin would sound like speaking that language. Or English for that matter haha.

    • EDIT: I forgot to add, I’d totally help with bringing it to the big screen too. That’s why I’m contributing to the Patreon now, and why I’m encouraging Adam like you, and sharing everything I can about the series and him and his work on various medias and websites. And in real life too 🙂

      We should make some cards and posters to put around in our local areas and cities and stuff! With a link to the website, to the Patreon etc.

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