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Nov 292010

Work on the Bitey game is progressing at a decent pace. Sean and I have changed direction once or twice as we figure out ways to accomplish certain things and push limitations of Flash.

One thing I’m learning is that in a game we simply cannot overload the Flash Player with insanely intricate vectors that are typical in my movies. Sean set a RAM budget that’s split between us, so with my share, I can decide where to put fine detail, extra layers, more FX, smoother animation, etc.

Anyway, there’s not much to show besides placeholders, so for now here’s a couple of rough Biteys:

I’m doing all the art assets in ToonBoom Animate Pro, then exporting as SWF which we import directly into Flash for Sean to work with. Why am I doing it this way? Simply because ToonBoom’s colour palette management and rotating workspace makes drawing and animation so easy.. and also because I’ll be recolouring entire backgrounds for various times of day, seasons, etc. Recolouring complex artwork in Flash is a bit of a nightmare.

We’re both working on this full time, so there are more updates to come in the weeks ahead.


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  1. should give a lot of work but I want to see the full game cool, I’m a big fan of you and follow the links regularly live.
    I’m from Brazil my name is David

    good luck and everything good for you!

    you rocks!

  2. What gender will be the game?
    Have you considered doing adventure game, like “Samorost” or “Machinarium”?. It will be really great.
    (If you have never seen them be sure to correct that mistake 🙂 )
    Anyway, good luck. I’m waiting it with anticipation.

    Also waiting for the next academy chapter.
    thumbs up

  3. Nice stuff can’t wait

  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, you kinda have to use cycles.

    P.S. How’s LotD2 doing?

  5. Fun thing, it’s now exactly one year ago you posted LOTD.
    You serious you won’t leave it another two years?

    Anyway, still love your work and would rather see a finished cartoon than an half-assed sequel, so take as long as needed.

  6. I’m so happy to hear about this. I’ve followed all of your movies and I’ve always thought that a game would be awesome! I can’t wait to play it! You both are very talented and I think you can come up with a high-quality game.

  7. What is the likelihood that this game will make it onto iOS devices? An addicting game with such an intricate art style would do extremely well on the App Store.

    Just saying since Adobe released tools to port Flash projects to iOS 😀

  8. awesome cant wait for it! :]

  9. click on sean and then click on new dashkin update! if facebook comes up scroll to the bottom of the page! it says if its out yet there!

  10. whens the game gonna come out? (: i cant wait!!!

  11. wow i just watched all your vids an they are very good cant wait 4 the game im a fan already 😀

  12. what the other david said!

  13. i noticed that no one has posted for a while and i figured i’d leave a little something to brighten your day should you read it.

    i absolutely love your animations and your brakenwood stories in particular Bitey is absolutely an amazing character with a very compelling story and i look forward to seeing more of that story unravel both through more animations (should you choose to continue his story via videos) and through the dashkin game once you have finished making it. i’m sooooo excited to see how the game turns out.

    keep up the amazingness that is your work and i’ll hopefully remember to leave my impressions of the game once its finished and i’ve had a chance to try it. the trailer of it on kickstarter looks amazing so i’m sure i’ll love it.

    don’t overwork yourself and always remember to have fun =D


    • Thanks so much nexx!! It means a lot 🙂
      While the game has slowed to a crawl (they say the last 5% is the hardest) we do hope to finish it eventually. Either way, there will eventually be new movies and a web comic series starting too.

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