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Sep 192011

Dashkin is coming along. When I return from my little adventure we’ll apply some finishing touches and get the beta out there for testing. In the meantime, here are our Kickstarter backer credits. If you’re one of these people, check to see that we’ve spelled you correctly. If there’s any problem, please drop us a line through Kickstarter so we can fix it ASAP.

[swfobj src=”/dashkin/credits.swf” width=”600″ height=”300″ align=”center” allowfullscreen=”false”]


 (btw, yellow names are those backers who chose no reward)

The other rewards are slowly coming together. Plushes are packaged up ready for post, the BCA FX Course is in full swing, the prints and digital rewards are on their way. Thanks for your patience and again for your fantastic support.

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  1. Could you get rid of my Middle name? I don’t think it’s necessary. 😛

  2. Didn’t realize there were so many donors! I think the FX Course alone boosted the final amount by about 5K if not more. I’m so excited to finally get to play this game soonish.
    And yes my name is spelled correctly.

  3. Wow, this list is a bit hard to search. You could put it on the page so we could CMD+F through the thing.

  4. yeah siiiiiiick, love how my F***ed up name is top of the couldnt do without list:D:D:D:D:D

  5. My name is traumereise, but could you put my full name instead? (Christopher Schutte)

  6. Looks perfect. Just wanted to say, “HOPE YOU’RE FEELING BETTER!!”

    /sending positive energies

  7. Couldn’t be prouder of my support of this project. Just wish I could have done more

  8. did sean get my note? add Greenlee Studios to James Greenlee / Greenlee Studios?

  9. Looking good. Can’t wait to see this thing completed!

  10. Seeing my name in there is just awesome. Btw, have you sent out the personalized emails yet? I don’t seem to have mine.

  11. Don’t know if this is the proper place to mention this, but I was interested in an update on when the digital rewards for the kickstarter get sent. I know there was a delay due to your surgery, I am just checking in to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

    • No you didn’t miss anything. I got out of hospital 2 days ago and I’ve been slowly getting back to work. I’ll be ramping up the kickstarter and Dashkin stuff from this week on.

      • Ah, well I am glad to hear the surgery is over with and apparently went well, no rush I just wanted to be sure. How does it feel to be on the cybernetic front of human evolution? Has your artificial valve gained sentience yet?

      • Just got the email with the link to the backgrounds, they are amazing and well worth the wait. Finally, something worth using the windows 7 slide show background feature for…

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