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Aug 142011

This site is currently being overhauled so you may see missing bits, some slow loading times, etc. When it’s complete, you’ll see a few changes, but best of all I’ll teach you FX animation!

In the works there’s an ongoing 2D FX Animation Course, but for Kickstarter backers, there’s a special deal. There’s only 2 days left in the campaign so rush over HERE to check out the details.

And now the personal explanation:

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  1. Just switched my pledge from $5 to $39. Gah!!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for the lessons!

  2. alas now that i met you, w3 xchools seems easy, ill sign up maybe next year, and as for your courses, i would if i could, on the forums, looks for me, i got an interesting harassment email and i want you to talk to EYE -GreenleeStudios

  3. I’ve subscribed. How long does it take to get the stuff?

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