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Mar 142011

Work continues on the game and today I released the another sneak peek in the form of a single frame from one in-game cinematic. In this scene Bitey studies a collectable item he picked up in the level.

I’m using ToonBoom Animate Pro for the cinematics, then we’ll be embedding them as video into the game.

Something else that’s been keeping me very busy is the marketing side of things. For the first time ever I’m attempting to promote a Brackenwood project beyond a Woodenblog progress graph and a NG Alpha. After just a week, the Dashkin Facebook page has over 320 subscribers, people all over the world and the net anticipating this release.

Download this banner by right-clicking THIS link.

If you want to help me out with the promotional side of things, please feel free to direct anyone you see, like or fear to the Dashkin Facebook page, the Dashkin Twitter feed and/or download the above Flash banner and post it wherever you like.

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  1. Whoa, Adam I’m so excited about this 😀
    I can’t wait for the newest episodes, this game, and the feature film xD

    Everything that comes from Australia seems to be great 😀 And that’s why I love AU 😀 (Emily Rodda’s also awesome, and you too).

  2. Are there gonna be any speech in the game? Are Lemonee appearing? 🙂 I hope it has a decent story and that it is transfered to the Xbox Live Arcade, PC/Mac and eventually DS someday.
    Adam, I just wanted to ask you, if it’s still okay for me to be the Danish dubber of the series?

    • It’s unlikely there’ll be any speech in the game but thanks again for the offer. I’m not sure how translation services work but assuming that if the series is properly distributed at some point in the future the distributor will have translation contacts in various countries. You should become one of them 😀

  3. hi 🙂 nice work!
    i add Bitey Castle banner on my blog, i dont know how to dl flash banner.

  4. All I can say is WOOOOOO! I’m so stoked for this game. I’m hoping it’ll work on my Mac, but if it comes out for 360 I don’t care how much it costs. It’s mine. Yoink! I’m so excited! 😀

  5. holy crab that’s awesome. Amigo, I just love your skills. Kind of wish you still had your beard though.

  6. Gonna do my part 😉 Way to go! Screenie looks absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Oh snap man i cant even wait, not only is it going to be an epic game, but there are also epic clips between game play. Gonna be Legendary Friend.

  8. hello adam i watched all your videos all your tutorials and what can i say you are awesome.

    ty adam you helped me alot!!! and i am so wating for the game 🙂 .

    sorry for my bad english :).

  9. your screen shots are gettin me pumped man! any chance i get to run over some prowlies in this?? …just sayin. not a deal breaker if not. : )

  10. What happened to Effects tutorial :'[

  11. Hey Adam. How is progress on the game going. Are we still scheduled to see something released in a weeks time. Good luck, I hope everything goes well 😀

    • I made an announcement today on Facebook about our expansion of the game and how it affects our April 3 date. Looks like we’re delaying by a few weeks but it’s for the best 🙂

      • Yes I saw that. You have to be very sneaky to get any news past me (I am obsessed). Since you were asking for people to recommend things for you to show, I would love the gameplay footage and maybe some more information on the story or background of the game. I know you can’t release too much but that would be good. Also could you please save livestreams to the online library I would love it if I could watch them continuously 😀

        • I completely agree. Mainly, any pictures or, even better, videos (O.o) would be amazing.

  12. The game looks great, I wait impatiently for it and other future great things of yours.

  13. From the few screen shots you have on this website I have to say that this game looks like it’s going to be perfect, I’m just wondering when it’s going to be released.

  14. Hi Adam, i’m a great fan of your work, i follow your steps since the first bitey chapter, you create an awesome world full of magic 🙂 Can´t wait to see the game and next chapters.
    Oh, i put a link in my blog to your web and animations, is in spanish, all i say is that your technique with flash is awesome, a little bit of the story and a recommendation to visit your web, hope you don´t mind
    C ya

  15. Olá Adam! sou do Brasil, adorei seu trabalho, sou animador iniciante, gostaria de saber em qual software você fez os episódeos do bitey, é tudo tão harmônico, as cores são agradáveis! Parabens de verdade! gostaria de saber também se não existe algum tutorial seu na internet explicando mais sobre animação!
    até mais!

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