Apr 022019

Like the episode before it, this one was made live on Twitch over a number of weekends. I built the scenes in UE4 and exported the backgrounds as still images. These background stills were then brought into Toon Boom Harmony where I did all the animation. Everything that moves, from characters to waterfalls and FX are all 2D frame-by-frame animation. Even the digital treatments, like refraction and particles use hand-drawn elements.

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  1. You’re a wizard.

  2. Grab ’em by the prowlie

  3. It warms the cockles of my heart to see you revisiting the Brackenwood.

  4. please please make more of this and bitey and all that you do!! i found many of your videos years ago i was very little . but i have always had it saved on a web page tab to go and watch them again. i was 11 or so when i saw these vidoes and they are so funny and entertaining, im 26 now and still a big fan . please keep making :]]]]

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