BWDS 1: Fatsack

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Jun 292016

Almost since the first spark of Brackenwood lit up the inside of my head, I’ve had the idea of introducing creatures in the style of a wildlife documentary, so “Fatsack” is the first in the Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier because the format makes so much sense, mainly because they’re very short; I’m aiming to keep them each under 2 minutes. This makes it easier for me to start and finish each episode but for all the work in between, I’ve found that live streaming the entire process is very motivating for me. I seem to be at my most productive when demonstrating my animation and answering questions. Short episodes also mean more frequent releases which naturally populates Brackenwood with depth and life.


The music for this series is by Lee Darkin-Miller. Fun fact: The BWDS theme was actually created for the Dashkin game world map! As you probably know, the game was cancelled and I always thought it sad that this beautiful work might never be heard. So being world map music, perfectly suiting the feeling of a world overview, I thought it highly appropriate to use it as the theme for this series. Check out his Soundcloud which also hosts some of his other Brackenwood works.

The narrator is A.K. Alfadel who was introduced to me during one of the Fatsack live streams. I think he did an excellent job! Here’s his Soundcloud link.

Don’t forget to follow my Twitch channel if you’re interested in watching future Brackenwood animation live streams.


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  1. Neat! Although one thing I do kinda miss about the old movies is their lack of dialogue (makes them more immersive for me). I hope some of the future movies, at least, will be like that as well!

  2. I’ve known about your work for years and have been checking in every now and then to see what you put out. I love your work. It’s very well done and creative and has always put a smile on my face.

    These animated wildlife shorts are actually a really good idea so I look forward to it but what I’d really love to see and I know this would take a huge amount of man hours, is a feature length Bitey film. Maybe some day.

  3. I bet you get this a lot, but your animations were a huge part of my growing up. The world of Brackenwood fascinated me and Bitey as a character just made me want to latch on to him. A misunderstood loner turned spiteful just resonated with me in that time of my life. I will always be a fan of yours. Thank you for everything.

    -From 12 year old me.

  4. Adam, thank you for existing, and for continuing to exist.

  5. Amazing work, last time I saw your movies, in 2009, i though “Please come back”, now you back with your amazing animation, i going to support on the patreon as soon as possible.

  6. This is so funny about the fat sack. literally!

  7. Does this mean that the Last of the Dashkin will never get a sequel?

    • The story from Last of the Dashkin will be continued in the Dashkin game. I’ll be doing lots of animation cinematics to tell that story.

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