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Jul 072010

Here’s something we haven’t seen for a while. Good old BrackenSack, the first and only Bitey game. I recruited a good friend, Daniel Kerr from the Brackenwood forum and we’re both still very proud of it. The high scores were hacked early on and even though the security holes have been filled, I never got to promote it as much as I’d like to have.

It’s a few years old now but no less playable, so I think it easily deserves a resurrection in the shiny new place. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to embed the game into this page (it uses some funky programmy component loading) so for now, you’ll wanna play it on its own page. Enjoy and please don’t forget to leave your feedback here!


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  1. Ha ha! I never played it before, but I have now! Very amusing. 🙂

  2. i wish that the game where about run and run!!! let me know if you are interested!

  3. Why not submit it to armorgames or some other game site to help promote it?

  4. for embed code, just use:

    • haha, I’ll mail the embed code to you, as it’s trying to execute here in the comment section.

    • Thanks Wolfos but BrackenSack uses a special multi-layered anti-theft system that doesn’t seem to agree with WordPress. 30 Shorts uses a similar system which is why it’s not working here either 😉

  5. nnnnnnnnnnnice! it have excellent quality (:

  6. You need to stick this on the iphone/itouch app store i’d buy i’m sure others would too. Plus you are making money from it, which means you get to make great animations for my son and I to watch.

  7. that game is pretty fun, hard, but fun.

  8. Great game! Beutiful artwork, smooth animations, and just playing fun!…I guess it’s a bit hard. 🙂
    I’m a huge fan of the Brackenwood series, and I hope to see more of Bitey’s misadventures soon. 🙂

  9. its a fun and hard game ad i hope to see more of ur animations

  10. I love your animations. They’re so beautiful and dreamy. I cannot wait for more Brackenwood.

  11. Oh My Gosh this is so addicting I LOVE it .You Should make some other games Because that would be awesome!!!!! >WW<

  12. poor fat sack

    • I know sad very very sad and that makes me sad if it makes you feel sad to piost a comment sorry post not piost.

  13. i dont know why but i just cannot stop watching your show its amazing i love it and i cant wait for more games and episodes

  14. oh sweet, you purged the haxx’d high scores so i’m back in third place after all these years.

  15. I’m a big fan of your work. I recomended you to adult swim, but who knows if they’ll read my message. I’d like to see work like yours replace cookie-cutter anime. I think you and the guy who made Elysian Tail should do some work together, your styles are slightly similar.
    -All the best,

  16. He’s making another game!!!! cool eh? yeah it is I know. But I do love this one because IT IS SOOO ADDICTING!!!!! more addicting then…then something that’s very addictive like…like oh i give up but it is very, very addicting

    Oh and I LOVE BITEY i know i’m a freak say it, scream it because I do not care at all so tell me, reply to my comment because Bitey is awesome and lonely and probably sad and that makes me sad so bye.

  17. This should totally be a mini-game in the dashkin game! It would be awesome!

  18. It’s really fun tbh. I love Bitey and even though it is a little hard, I enjoy the game a lot haha
    The concept is funny xD

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