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Oct 092012

Ever get that thing where your finances don’t reflect how busy you are? Like somehow the money doesn’t seem to justify working your eyes to the bone? Yeah me too. Story of the independent professional in the 21st Century huh? It’s a good thing I love what I’m doing, for the most part.

Here’s what is.


Sean and I are working well as a team but occasionally in our day-to-day schedules, reality rears up flailing its claws at us. This generally means our daily working hours are split between Dashkin and other work that pays our bills.

These days the most frequently requested info is a Dashkin release date. OK sure we could just throw darts at the calendar but even in the home stretch, I’m not comfortable announcing a release day. Dates have a habit of raising expectations, increasing stress, reducing quality and launching shit into fans.

Instead of a release day then, I think a progress bar makes a perfect alternative. I used to do it for my Brackenwood movie projects. So from now on, each time I post about the game I’ll update this progress bar. The following meter is based on our estimates of how much work remains to be done.


Have you ever wanted to learn animation? Or are you an animator who wants to learn FX? For beginners, 2D FX is an ideal start in animation. For experienced animators, it’s an exclusive and rare skill in the repertoire.

The biggest and awesomest 2D effects animation course in the whole wild Internet is now officially in its second year. Today we have almost 400 members so if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to animate 2D FX, join the community of members learning FX and making a splash (heh).

Each week’s lesson consists of reference study, exercises, video demonstrations and assignments to help you develop your 2D animation and FX skills.

Scroll down the signup page HERE to see some of the member testimonials.



One year on from the Kickstarter campaign and my Halloween heart surgery, rewards are still in the oven. Right now, as well as the FX course I’m working hard writing BCA Flash Chapter 5. It’s all about FX and filters in Flash. If you pledged for this reward, it’s on its way!


I’ve been doing some 3D animation for two separate companies. One is a 3D element in a 2D show, the other is 3D monsters and some 2D elements in a 3D game. I’m using Maya for these and in the case of the 2D show, importing the 3D into Toon Boom Harmony.

Apart from those, a few additional projects for me on the horizon.. some probable, some possible:

  • a new D&D
  • a Toon Boom book
  • a music video
  • new Brackenwood merchandise

As always, you can get the very latest news and ask any questions at the following:


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  1. çok güzel bir oyun

  2. I think its hard sometimes with little reward. I’m glad you love doing what you do in my limited opinion I think it makes it easier. Have a good one. Cheers, John

  3. Doing what you love for not that much money beats doing what you hate for a tad more. I am so excited to see the progress bar so high! Yeay!

  4. Do what you have to do, sir. Good to know you’re not dead. That’s all that matters.

  5. Today was the first I heard of the game and whatnot, even though I had seen some of your flash videos on Newgrounds for a while. I must say I’m excited already. This looks really cool, and judging from the quality of your previous work, I’m sure the game will turn out amazing, and I will be getting it as soon as possible. Thanks for all the effort you put into this stuff.

  6. I’d say you are in the most adequate of tracks. By expanding your medias you might find different degrees os success and realization, both on financial and professional fronts. Yours is one of the most beatiful, evocative, proficient, fluent and original animation work I’ve ever seen and there is no way this world could be so unfair that it wouldn’t reflect on the financial success and sebsequent tranquility that would afford the proliferation of your art. Best of luck and thank you so much for your work.

  7. Hi Adam,

    I just wanted to let you know that someone has blatantly copied your characters and made an android game out of it. It’s featured in the Play store and its called Naught. If its not your game, which I hope it is, I really think you should get in touch withgoogle play or a solicitor and sue their hinds off!

    You helped me get an A in my high school exams, I hope this will help you as much as you helped me.

  8. Are you still progressing on that sequel to Last of the Dashkin?
    I know it’s been a long time but still plenty people would love to see it.

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