Bitey of Brackenwood

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Mar 272004

Introducing Bitey of Brackenwood.

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  1. Adam sir, greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina, congratulations for this master piece, great work and unusual character…humor… jajaja. cheers.

  2. Hmm….I’ve been wondering why it wont Start here but it will in Newgrounds….when i press play,the Brakenwood Entertainment sign comes up and starts blinking…..But it is a nice series of videos about bitey.Please make more videos like the ones you made.

  3. hmm it is amasing wish i could do animations like that….i got flash cs4
    n sum other stuff

  4. i like ur videos, keep em up, great entertainment

  5. one more thing, i cant figure out the order of the series
    type video 1, or something to help with that

  6. I’ve Wached the entire Series already and and I there’s only one thig wrong with it I CANT STOP WATCHING IT HAHAHAHAHA >W<

  7. So whats the little yellow guy called, my friend and I called it fat sack, so whats its real name?

  8. I know this is a common question imposed upon you by many fans but…do you plan on continuing the bitey sereis? I’m not pushing I’m just curious. Also, if I may, I’d like to take a guess at what happened to the humans and the dashkin. From what I observed in your last Brackenwood flash animation it seemed that the dashkin and humans were allied in fighting against a giant creature. A golum I would guess by its rough, almost rockey shillouete. Then while they were all distracted in the heat of battle, the Yu-Yu swept in and devoured them all. I know you probably don’t need or want ideas for Brackenwood if indeed you are planning on continuing the series but if you think you have gone as far as you can with Bitey, why not his parents? From their meeting, to Bitey’s birth, to their death. It would likely be a short saga yet it might be a good way to close the series once and for all. I have many ideas yet no skill to bring them to fruition. I’m not asking for recognition or even a name in the credits. I just wish to help contribute to a great artists long line of amazing masterpieces.

    A loyal fan ~Linkukun

    • thanks for the suggestions. Yep I’m continuing the series and there’s a lot of untold stories waiting to be animated πŸ˜‰

  9. i love the fatsack. he is cute.

  10. wow…….did anyone notice how bitey is so F@#$ awesome?

  11. bitey sure likes causing mischeif doesn’t he?

  12. ever since I graduated from high school cartoons get more stupid and more ugly. But after a friend of mine showed me this! I was like wow, this is a true master piece. I cryed when I saw “the last Dashkin” and laughed at the other. I love Bitey, you are a genius please please can you put it on a dvd I would so buy it. and if you think about making a film about him, do it please it’s just as good as Shane acker’s 9.

  13. My nephew (an aspiring young animator) showed me some of your work on YouTube. I followed it to this site. You, my friend, are a very gifted individual. Not only is the animation fluent and artistic, the storylines are brilliant! To engage someone to the point that they feel as though they have come home is so rare in entertainment today. I am with the other posters on this…I would gleefully pay for your work. Please… keep up the good work. The world needs it.


  14. I’ve watched this whole series now like 30 times and yet it never gets old, you are very good at what you do and i hope to see the series continue, bravo my friend bravo

  15. ITS VERY COOL…yet sir i can get some pointers…watching it full..:) tnx a lot

  16. OMG. This needs a real Xbox 360 video game or something. I LOVE IT!!!

  17. YES SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I would pay you cash money for one of those adorable, little, yellow, farty, fat peep-things. I love them more than I love oxygen.

    -Lexie Di

  19. Oh, gosh. x3 I love Jiblet so much! I want one of my own!

  20. WOW thank u for that genious series..
    i loooove bitey. he is just like me.. sometimes..
    and pleeeaaaasseeee go on with that great work.. stories and animation are damned good

  21. Omg! I felt so bad for the poor little yellow thing in the end! It looked so sad!
    That being said, your animations are quite impressive. The subjects on a lot of them, however, are a bit crude for my taste, especially the ones from your 30 days shorts. But you are very good. I don’t know if you’ll actually respond, but out of curiosity, did you get any formal training (ie, art/animation school) or did you learn everything you know on your own?

  22. I love your awesome series! it looks gorgeous! keep up the great work!

  23. love the serase cant want for more episodes! (>.<)b!

  24. poor little fart monster…

  25. I am only 12, and my dream is to be able to draw like that, love the prowlies by the way, I’ve tried and tried to draw them, but their just too hard…… keep the animations coming love the work.

    • try making up your own monster! When I was around your age I would combine animals, and over years of doodling they become better and better. Now 10 years later I can say “I can draw like that!”

      Mind you, a drawing is just one frame, so, to animate like him, times the hours of practice by the amount of frames and that’s the difference.~_~ Yeah, I think that works.

      no way I’ll ever have the focus and patience to be an animator.

  26. Oh wow, major flashback, I remember this coming out on NG and the hype all around it. Honestly can’t believe it’s been 7 years!

  27. That was awesome! I’m going to go and watch your other animations now! πŸ˜€

  28. Brilliant animation. I don’t feel like I can adequately express here what these shorts have meant to me over the last few years. With a handful of stories you’ve created something as magical, rich, and interesting as The Dark Crystal. It’s a fantasy world in which I would love to live and a series of videos I’ve watched and thoroughly enjoyed so many times. I will return and continue to watch them for as long as they’re available (may that be forever). Thank you!

    • Likewise Jonathan! I was just thinking if the word bitey existed (or the spelling of it) as a way to describe something with bite (like dry wine) and it led me to thinking back to my discovery of Bitey of Brackenwood in the early-mid noughties. Once in a while I still think of these animation shorts and I’m so glad I came across them (I really can’t remember how!).
      I absolutely adore this episode and glad I discovered this character back then. πŸ™‚

  29. I used to watch your original Bitey animation in middle school My friend just sent me the link to this website and it really takes me back. Now as an artist I can really say that you do amazing work!! πŸ™‚

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