Bitey Light

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Jan 012011

Anticipation is building for the upcoming Bitey game. Here’s a few images showing various times of day in one environment (open grasslands). Again, all the art is being done in ToonBoom Animate and then imported into Flash.

Currently working on creatures. Estimated overall progress is something like |||————————–| and we are aiming for a March 1 release.

In order: day, night, overcast, dusk, sunrise


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  1. Looks awesome! Sounds like this’ll be in SWF format… will we see a droid app game too? (=

  2. I’m more excited for this than the prospect of an Arrested Development movie… and this far more likely to happen.

  3. I really want to know if this game is out yet. If it is, please reply to this comment and tell me where you released it. Oh, and by the way: I got to this website from the game Fancy Pants. Brad Borne (the creator) says that your work amazes him. Your designs are really cool!

  4. will this be on newgrounds when its done or just on your site?
    looking awesome btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Major Win!!!
    I think the artwork alone is amazing, but with game play it will definitely be insanely fantastic. Considering all those animations of Bitey’s actions (tumble, run, etc…), this game will be mind combusting. Also, excellent choice on the game type. Platformers are by far my favourite and the style suits Bitey really well. Looking forward to March. Out of curiosity have you found a sponsor?
    Until then keep being Awesome!

    • We’re preparing a demo level especially for potential sponsors. So to answer your question, we don’t have a sponsor because we haven’t gone looking just yet.
      Thanks for the feedback ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. looks great!,
    funnily enough my birthdays the first so it’d be a perfect present ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Love the artwork and scenery. looks like a side scroller.
    what genre of game is this going to be?
    adventure would be nice.. any idea of attacks for bitey?

  8. I would love an android app of bitey, it would be a great way to spread the word about brackenwood, even though everyone of the millions of Newgrounders know you by name.

    Also, very nice artwork.

    Oh and recorded live streams are great, I really appreciate them.

    • Android is definitely in our sights, especially considering we may not need to actually port to that device for users to enjoy it as a Flash game in the browser!

  9. This will be great I do know this, and will make my boring friends buy – which means you are going to have to charge for it! you had better considering the amount of work that goes in to your erm well work. I have another idea also, I would buy either digital downloads or a disc with a collection of your brakenwood stuff, by Son likes it just as much as I do, and i dont want to simply rob a poor quality flash animation from newgrounds or you tube.
    I hope you had a new year , and looking at your artwork is making me jealous as animate keeps crashing on me ever since I went Win 7 64 bit, and have been trying to use *cough* animรฉ studio (fiddly using a stylus) and pencil (basic as). I will never use flash, it just doesn’t make sense.

    • current plans for this game is as a free Flash game, so there’s no charge to play. Thanks for the suggestion of a Brackenwood DVD compilation too. That’s an old one.. something I’ve wanted to do for many years but never got around to. Perhaps one day when I’m rich enough to actually have it packaged, marketed and distributed properly.

      Good luck with Animรฉ Studio (I hear it’s quite difficult to use).

  10. Is this built on top of a framework, and if so, which one? I’m interested in the technical details of how most Flash games these days migrate over to PC/Mac/iOS/Xbox360.

    • it’s a special built game, so there’s no pre-existing framework. When/if it comes time to port to console and/or devices, my guess is that it’d be rewritten from the ground up, perhaps with more features that we’re unable to do with Flash.

    • Considering Adam is no programmer, I’ll answer this.

      Flash games run in a virtual machine (Flash player), translating the Actionscript language into native machine code, therefor Flash runs on every platform which has Flash player.

      iOS migration can be done using Adobe Air for iOS, but I’m pretty sure it’s very slow and I don’t think many people use it.

      Xbox 360 doesn’t support Flash at all, those games are rebuilt from the ground up, using either C++ or C#.

      Those PC/Mac games that are made with Flash (like Machinarium) are pretty much like the iOS version, they’re exported using a specific way so it includes Flash player and the game into a standalone executable.

      So, in short: PC/Mac games are exported from Flash, iOS and Xbox 360 games are rewritten entirely.

  11. Awesome artwork! Even with vector graphics your drawing looks so realistic.

    One technical question: what’s the best format to export from Toon Boom to Flash?

    Thanks and keep the great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. It looks lovely
    I personally like the day and overcast atmospheres the best ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will be lurking around your site until March the 1st
    till then good luck with all the work yet to be done/finished

  13. Looks fantastic love your style of work. Question: will this make onto newgrounds? I know you have a massive fan-base there just waiting for more of your work to appear.

  14. im looking forward 2 it!

  15. aaaaaaaaaa, wow. This is really looks awesome.

  16. I have been following this website and brackenwood stories for years now. I’m desperately and patiently waiting for the game. The graphics are so beautiful in all the stories that I am excited to see the same in the game. I hope this game becomes just as popular as Angry Birds (if not more) so that everyone can recognize you talent and dedication. Thank you!

  17. Looks beautiful mate, bloody beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. dude, those backgrounds are awesom, even for you. (and thats saying something)

    btw, any word on bitey academy, the special effects one?

  19. Looks good. I’m a bit surprised you all didn’t go with Unity which in addition to other benefits has performance advantages and iOS compatibility (Apple acceptance), but congrats regardless. Its wonderful to see your creation moving into a new media

  20. will this game have an end or is it one of those you play to rack up as high a score as possible?

  21. hey am new to writing commets and i dont wanna mess this up but i love the vidoes and storys you guys make, the game looks amazing . i was thinking maybe you guys should put this game in a console or a console acarde so people can play it in hd or online with friends

    • haha “you guys”. Even though it might seem hard to believe, all of the work you have seen is done by one god of a man, Adam Phillips aka Chluaid.

      • really, i never new that, so all of the animation is done by one person? that is just amazing. to be honest am in a lost of words

        • That’s only sort of true, Adam does the bulk of the work.

          All of the backgrounds, character animation, and a lot of the effects are Adam, but there’s also a certain amount of programmed effects, usually bug swarms and the like which are done by somebody else under Adams instruction. Somebody else is programming the game too.

          The music in the early ones was made by Adam, but lately he’s been getting help from elsewhere with that too.

        • I like CHEESE!!!!!

  22. Hey Adam,

    First time writer, long time viewer, and I just wanted to say that you have definitely inspired to start learning all about Flash and Animation.

    I first discovered Bitey one bored day on Newgrounds while I was browsing through the animations section, I found Bitey of Brackenwood and instantly fell in love. From there I began drawing once more and began creating fantastic and fun characters, so, I’ve recently decided to team up with a friend of mine to begin work on a series of flash animations and Flash games.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your work, it has been a great inspiration.

  23. is alredy march 6 and tame hasnt ome outyet ๐Ÿ™ aaaah well, it worths the waiting…

    • Um… nope. It’s still February.

    • In well I can’t remember what vid but It said 2 b continued… You know there was a witch at the end… Oh ya the last of dashkin …I think But it wasn’t continued ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Oh well ๐Ÿ™‚ Bye people :mrgreen: .

    • Ya it is worth waiting wait is the 6th one the one that comes after the last of dashkin? oh well guess i’ll never know. But it’s march 30th. BTW ๐Ÿ™„

  24. Did the game come out yet? It’s April 3rd and I have no idea… xD

  25. when will this game release!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m losing my patience………………… i soooooooo cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Does anybody still go on this site?

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